Thursday, October 4, 2012

Italian Meatballs

Okay so your not gonna find any meatballs here today, it was just a teaser.    But I did find it funny that while having a post funeral pitch-in today they served Italian meatballs.  And let me tell you my family is anything but Italian.  Most of them come closer to Hillbilly.  Oh and the funeral was one of those sad but expected kinda things, we all had a good time, strange I know.    Anyway....while reading another blog today it was mentioned that she chose a certain fabric because it reminded her of Tuscan pottery.   Well of course that sent me into google land.  I now know why she loved Tuscan pottery so much.  I've seen many quilts that mimic this style.  What an inspiration....

Oh my goodness...the ideas are flowing for some more applique!   Talk about quilting out of your comfort zone!  Hope you found some inspiration!

Until next time....


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