Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bailey Home quilter Education

Just like many of you I belong to several different online quilting forums and groups.  Before I purchased my Bailey Home Quilter I joined a yahoo group to do my homework before buying.  Well it became my life line.  I'll admit I had buyers remorse for about a year.  The gals were really helpful.  So to pay them back and to help new quilters I've decided to make a few videos on FMQ and Ruler Work with the Baileys.  Its not a bells and whistles kinda quilter but it can do the job.  The current quilt will be my teaching quilt.  If you own a Bailey and want to see how I do things you can find me on youtube just search Bailey Home Quilter and I'll come up.  The newest video will be posted by the end of this week.  I'd like to say tomorrow, but I've an appointment tomorrow that could take longer than expected.  Anyway here's whats on the frame.
 In the first video I'll show you how I FMQ the corner motif and vines.
And just because it made me laugh!
That's how I look when I wake up in the mornings.

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  1. it looks beautiful xx love the picture of the girl wth the hair.. reminds me of my daughter! lol x

  2. Lea,
    Love your funny. I'm very impressed with your FMQ. I have been MQ for 23 years but have always done pantos.


  3. That's great. I don't own a Bailey but will be watching them.

  4. Thanks for the video! How often do you reset your SR? I never got any documentation with mine so I've just been hoping that it works correctly. Hmmm...or maybe I should ask Debbe or Chuck to send it to me.

    Pulling up the bottom thread and then cutting...that would work so much better than reaching (and contorting) under the back. Thanks again. :)


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