Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quilty Fun Sew Along Block One

Due to the powers that be not wanting me to quilt yesterday, I made these instead.  Block one of the Quilty Fun Sew Along.
 It only took 6 hours!  Not because they were hard to make. Going with the flow yesterday was all I could do.  It was like bobbing for apples on a white water rafting trip.  Honestly at the time I didn't realize how long or how much I bounced around from the studio, phone, and garage.  Shew!  So glad to get passed the riffles and back to calmer waters.  
 Here's the tools you should never see in a quilting studio.  My "Dolly" wasn't feeling well yesterday.  I tried my best to fix her without any assistance but it was out of my control.  After splicing in a different "on" button and new wire I had to call in the professionals.  My husband and the Manufacturer.  The manufacturer is sending a new part, and hubby brought home a temporary button until the new part arrives later in the week.  
 I bet you think these are hubby's tools don't you?  Nope, all mine.  I've my own stand up tool box full of tools.  Years of living on my own, I learned to fix and do a lot of things for myself.  The only reason I went to the garage was to look for a new "on" button and to find my wire strippers, which were later found behind the seat in my truck. 

~Lea Anne~

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  1. so you are not just very talented with you stitchery but you are a DIY er as well.
    Love your latest piecing

  2. Your block is so cute!! :o)
    I too have a handy box of tools.
    Have a great day!! :o)

  3. I have a set of tools just for me, too, though not as extensive as yours! Wowza!!

    Your block is darling!! I thought it was a fun one to make, didn't you? I can't wait for the next block to come out!

  4. I'll pass on the blowtorch, but I do have my own tool box and tools. I also have my own dolly/handtruck for moving boxes or whatever. Love your block, but I'm not getting sucked in on this one. I'm doing Patchwork Times mystery and may be starting the Bonnie Hunter one at Thanksgiving. Still thinking about that one.


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