Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Threads of Love quilt tutorial 1

Before getting to the block assembly here's a few notes to keep in mind. 
  1. The yardage is estimated by a design software, it's rounded up by me to allow for mistakes.
  2. It is suggested that you make the spool block first, by doing this the gray and white scrap pieces  from the spools can be used for the center snowball block.  Of course more than just the scrap pieces will be needed.  
  3. All seams are a quarter inch.
  4. There will be 4 or 5 tutorials.  Spool block, snowball block, sashing pieces, and finishing borders.  There will not be a binding and backing tutorial.  The binding and backing HAVE NOT been included int the yardage requirements.
So let's get started. 

for the entire quilt top
  • 1 yd of white 
  • 3 yds of gray
  • (48) 5" charms or 1 charm pack plus 6 more charms
  • (24) 5" charms assorted by color in groups of 3
  • (8) 2.5 strips white sub cut to (32)2.5 x 9
  • (6) 2.5 strips gray sub cut to (32) 2.5 x 6.5
  • (64) 2.5 gray squares (cut from scraps first, then one strip at a time until you reach 64(or you don't care about scraps it takes (4) 2.5 strips)

For my quilt I used  "Scrumptious" by Bonnie and Camille charm packs.  I also added a little from their "Marmalade" line.  

Pick 24 charms grouping in 3's.  
 Cut in half making 2.5 x 5 rectangles
Sew together in groups of 3 and press seams open.  There will be a total of 16 sets of three
add one 6.5 x 2.5 strip to each side, pressing towards the gray
For the top and the bottom of the spool you need (2) 2.5 x 9 white  and (4) 2.5 gray squares.  Marking the gray squares from corner to corner.
The picture show white but its gray.
Stitch on the line from corner to corner like shown below and cut off the corner excess and press towards the gray. 
Attach your top and bottom and press those last two seams open.  The back of your block should look like this with out all the fraying fabric.
And the finished block. Only 15 more to make. Next week we'll make the little snowball block pictured below.
As always if you have any questions or find any errors feel free to contact me. 

~Lea Anne~

I'm linking up with Connie today over at Freemotionby the river , there's always lots of free tutorials so hop on over, maybe they'll be a last minute gift idea!

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  1. This is a great quilt! When you sY CHARMS, THEY ARE 5" SQUARES, RIGHT?

  2. What a great block. Hope you are keeping warm.

  3. hope you get lots taking part in this challenge, afraid I will have to pass this time

  4. What a beautiful quilt and great tutorial!! Love the fabrics you are using! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  5. Hello! Are there more tutes on this cute quilt? I'm almost done with my cherry blocks I'm doing from your other tute. Love your ideas!!!! Amie :0)


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