Friday, April 18, 2014

A Good Friday

When you buy new fabric do you lay it out for a few days?  Stack it and re-stack it?  Setting it up in different props for picture taking?  By the time I get done playing around its usually starting to fray.  Sigh...sad but true.    It's been so long since I've purchased from the LQS, well any fabric for that matter.  Limiting  purchases to only "Needed" fabric.  Today I found a NEED!  The closest shop is the The Back Door specializing in civil war reproductions.  A small section dedicated to brights.  The sad thing is that they rarely carry the whole line of fabric.  And they're scattered, sorted by color not by line of fabric.  So you really need to know the line in order to find them.  No precuts in the brights either.   The mission was for an older line called Delighted.  They had quite a few of the fabrics from that line but..... some new lines made my little ole heart go pitter-pat.
Another idea has been bouncing around in my head that uses hexes so grabbed up the Hex and More ruler.  The MORE sold me.  They had two other hex rulers but they only cut hexes or half hexes and one of them only went up to a 4.5 hex.  The Hex and More ruler goes up to 8.5 and can cut a variety of shapes, giving me MORE designing options.   After an hour in the shop I decided to GET OUT OF THERE!  So much stuff and so little money....BooHoohoo...
Stepping outside the shop I realized the birds were singing louder, the sun was shining brighter, a little pep in the step, a good day, a Good Friday indeed!

~ Lea Anne ~

 Follow the links in her post for the rest of the quilt!

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  1. HI, yes I fondle it for a while!
    Can't help it!

  2. I have been eyeing the hex and more ruler too.

  3. I save so many smallpieces and I have vowed to organize. I love that little pp tiny block. What an inspiration.
    Don't you just love quilt shops closing :( :)
    Oh You are so cool. I love your blog.

  4. see why you could not resist these fabrics. Hexi and more looks a bit complicated to me, I have a range of individual hexies but as I usually work with 1" have not really taken advantage of the others, maybe that can go on the very long "to do" list


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