Sunday, June 1, 2014

Remember that field of Daisies?

I found it!  Well a pasture full of daisies, weeds and lord knows what kind of critters.  I'll not be running through it but it sure was picture worthy.  Now if I could just take a good picture.  Noon is not the best lighting for pictures.
These were all taken at Gramps place.  As you all know he passed last year and we are just now getting to the clean up an sale of the property.  We have one more clean up day scheduled for later in the week.  After awakening this morning coughing from all the dust and mold, I'll be glad when this clean up is over.
 The auction will be June 14th, if you're in the area and like old junk here's a link to what's available.  I stress the word JUNK.  Most things have seen better days and no longer work.
Some of the items like this old wringer washer, still work( well it did when she parked it).  I can remember Grannie doing her wash and complaining of wanting an upgrade.   I'm not that old, only 45, so grannie used this while others had modern appliances.  I can also remember using the chicken shed for an outhouse.  That would have been in the 70's.  
These old washtubs are almost like new.  I can see them cleaned up and loaded with quilts! 
 All of the indoor pictures were in the cellar.  Girls you never seen so many jars (hundreds) of old nasty home canning, food still in them.  My grannie died in 99?  No one has canned since then, and no one has cleaned up the canning mess either.  What a mess we had.  So unless the jars were valuable they were tossed and not emptied.  See the red arrow below?  Its pointing to a crock full of pure lard that has been sitting since before grannie died!  YUK!  Moldy and orange colored.  We had to dump it in the pasture.   I know you're wondering why they had it in the first place.  Grannie made her own lye soap.   I suppose she was preparing to do just that.  Her illness came on sudden, and was taken to the hospital, never returning home.  Gramps remarried, but his new wife was a city girl.   And in the 14 years that they were married I don't think the ole gal ever made it into the cellar.  
 Several boxes of old canning jars in good canning condition.  A little soap and water will make these like new.  All of this mess embarrasses my mom.  Not me, I didn't make the mess.  And I sure don't live this way.   It's not hard for 40 acres and a large home to get more than he could handle.  

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Bless you for helping with that! I can only imagine what my kids and grandkids will say about my sewing room....

  2. at least its getting a good clear out now xx guess you wont be rolling down the hill either? lol x

  3. want one of those washtubs for a pond in my garden, shame you are over the pond. I am sure lots of these things will be welcomed by others, enjoy the day, certainly a lot of hoarding went on here!

  4. I am drooling owner the wastubs and the machine!!!! Seriously want!!!!

  5. I love old junk. And I love a good auction of old junk. Might have to trek up your way & check it out.

  6. Looks like you have your work cut out for you. Hopefully it won't take too long to get it all auction ready.

  7. Goodness those are the kind of jars that go for almost $20 each in antique stores around here.


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