Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Dig

Late last week Missy blogged about needing some help making some simple blocks for a Prayer quilt.  Before getting my blocks made, she had a follow up post mentioning she thought plaids would work nicely for these blocks.  Well I've tons of plaids in yardage but also knew the scrap box had a few usable pieces.  See the fabrics intended to used BEHIND this cute pile that will go in the "using now" scrap boxes.  
Might as well sort everything while digging.  I don't ever want to do this again. It's time for separate boxes per color.  
The arrow below is pointing to 
miscuts, cutoffs and forgotten orphan blocks.  These will be added to a different scrap stash.  Somewhere in this mess is a box just for making quick little quilts from leftovers with stitches.   
 White takes up most of the 2 large scrap boxes and then blue coming in second.   I've been collecting yellow and blue scraps along with fat quarters for about 2 years.  The intention is to make a quilt (designed by yours truly) with bluebirds.  Maybe next year and offer it as a  free BOM here on the blog.  Anyone interested?   It's tons of applique, 12 blocks surrounding a larger center applique.  
Almost done sorting by color, next will be sorting by size...Ugggg...what have I started!  These can wait until the prayer blocks have been made and mailed.

~ Lea Anne ~

Today's freebie from Sewsweetness
Click here for pattern

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  1. Count me in! I love bluebirds and I love everything you do! WooHoo! XO

  2. Have fun playing with them!!

  3. I would love that as a BOM, but would need tutorials on how to do the applique! I've done one applique and it was with frayed edges. :)
    Thank you for making the blocks!

  4. what a good job sorting eben if they are only in colours and not sizes but you are half way there. Bluebirds sounds a great idea but as the above comment I have not done applique yet

  5. Bluebirds and Applique are two of my favorite things! And I love the quilts you design, so I am in! Good for you for getting your scraps organized. I need to do that, too, but.... maybe next week.... or next month... or....:)


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