Saturday, August 16, 2014

Here Kitty Kitty

As you all know I'll make a quilt from anything.  Upcycling is a great way to expand the stash with out spending a lot of money.  Joann Fabric's and Walmart fabric isn't out of the question either.  But every once in a while a gal just needs some designer fabric to pull it all together.   So last week the decision was made to finally make a big purchase of  Pam Kitty fabric.  I love Pam Kitty!  There's a   new line available in November,  but I wanted bundled prints from the older lines and I want it now.  It took some searching but I found them. 
  Quite by accident I stumbled upon a search engine that will search several shops for specific fabrics.  Quiltropolis will do the leg work for you.  All I did was type Pam Kitty in the search box and BAM!   A long list of the shops and pictures of what they had.   By the way none of these stores came up in the Google search for Pam Kitty Fabric bundles.
 Who would have thought that I could find so many older prints all in one place!
 Grandmas Attic Quilting had 4 bundles that I quickly purchased.  Since these were older lines I called to make sure that they were in stock.  It would have been a real bummer to get a box with the dreaded "OUT OF STOCK" on the receipt.  
 Grandmas Attic Quilting is a brick and mortar business and online store, it tickled me even more to know I was supporting a small business owner.  And since the bundles were cut to order they were upfront with the fact that some of the prints may no longer be available and asked if they could replace them with other Pam Kitty fabrics....Well of course they could!   Not only was I happy with my order and the free shipping(not sure of the limit in order to get free shipping) they also sent a few little treats shown below.  A Blueberry tea sample, 10 charm squares, a free pattern, bookmark, a catalog and several other flyers about store clubs and news.  The online store also has a monthly give away, just click here for details.
Now I'm on a mission to find just the right pattern for some of the new fabric.  Donna @ Donna's Lavender Nest  has a super easy basket block tutorial that she designed for Missy @ Missy's Homemaking Adventures.  Love the handle! This would be super sweet with some appliqued Posies.  
Oh the possibilities are endless...I think the afternoon will be spent playing with my new fabric.  

~ Lea Anne~

Today's freebie from Pam Kitty Morning

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  1. Funny! I just bought several chunks of Pam Kitty on sale at a LQS...some of your prints look very familiar!

  2. Yummiest.Have fun playing with them!!

  3. some great purchases here and the pattern is very nice, popping over to read about it now. We have Asda here in the UK owned by Walmart but unfortunately no fabrics are sold here

  4. I love those fabrics and you are right, they would be perfect with my baskets, I like the idea of appliqued posies too!

  5. Lea Anne, it's easy to see why you love Pam Kitty fabrics! And nice to know what a great experience you had shopping with Grandma's Attic too.

  6. I love Pam Kitty Morning. Looking forward to seeing what you make with these pretty fabrics ... :) Pat

  7. PKM fabrics are my favorites. When I couldn't find them at the regular online sites, I found many on Etsy. The shipping was more reasonable too. Also, they have FQs.

  8. Have fun playing with your new fabric. You picked out some beatific and bright colors, they will make a gorgeous quilt.


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