Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Red carpet ready!

 I'm taking off the mud boots and painting my toenails.  Shedding the bib overalls and do-rag for my 15 minutes of fame on the red carpet.   What's all the hub-bub about?  I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award, not once but by three Lovely Bloggers!  

I feel so honored to receive the nominations for The One Lovely Blog Award.   So what's this Award?  It's simple, sharing a passion and hopefully connecting the readers to a new blog and friends.  

There's 3 simple rules  if you accept the nomination.
  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Share 7-10  things about yourself that your readers may not know
  3. Nominate about 10 bloggers for this award( you can nominate more or less, its all about fun not the rules)

I'd like to start off by thanking Romona over at Doodlebugs and Rosebuds Quilts.  She's such a talented lady in so many ways.  Not only does she quilt but  can knit up just about anything.  Knitting is the one craft I've never learned and admire those who have the talent. 

Next I'd like to thank Colleen over at FancyFootFarm for her nomination.
I'll admit her blog is farily new to me, how could this be!  Such a talented quilter with hand piecing patience.  What an inspiration to watch her projects come together.

And the last nomination came from Julie over at The Crafty Quilter.  Julie is a quilt designer and teacher in California.  Her blog is jam packed full of inspiration, from tutorials to quilt alongs.

A big ole Hug and Thank you to each of you for nominating my blog!

Now for the second rule of the nomination, sharing 7-10 things about me.

1.   I'm a loner.  Being raised in the country you learn to entertain yourself.  That's where my love of quilting and gardening began.

When I married we moved to the city for about 20 yrs.  It's been nice to get back to the comforts of country living.   Just because I'm a loner doesn't mean I'm shy because I'm not.  As a child and in my early adult years I did suffer from a bit of shyness, but now give me a minute and I'll bend your ear!   

2.  At the age of 20 almost 21 I finally decided to get a driver licence. 

3.  I saw my first(and last) concert in 2008.  Norah Jones!  It was a deer in the headlights moment... Love that gal!  However, the volume at a concert is just to much.  The radio volume I can control.

4.  Five years ago Mr. Podunk took me to the ocean for the first time.  Again I was in awe.  Really I was terrified!  It was a windy day and the ocean was roaring.  Standing there frozen like statue... waiting for it pull me into its depths.   The power was so overwhelming... I couldn't move.   Maybe someday we can visit again on a calmer day.

5.  I love to sing!  In my younger days I was pretty darn good when I passed up the opportunity to sing at the Little Opry in Nashville Indiana.  That's a long story, so I'll just say being a country music super star just wasn't in my cards.

6.  Hold onto your hat because I haven't cut my hair in over 3 yrs until this past weekend.   It was getting so long.  When taking a shower it tickled my hiney!   This sounds a little silly but every time it tickled my keester... it startled me, thinking it was a bug back there.  Yikes!  So I handed Mr. Podunk a pair of scissors and he lopped off about 3 inches.  Do you trust your sweety with your hair?

7.  And last, something a little more negative.  Sauerkraut, I HATE IT.  It smells like a garbage truck.   How on earth can anyone put this stuff in their mouth?  One of the earliest memories I have is when my dad made me eat Sauerkraut.  Begging and pleading, telling him the smell made me feel sick didn't work.  He gave me an ultimatum "Eat it or get a spanking!"  What else could I do but force the foul road kill smelling stuff into my mouth.  It's overpowering rot forced all the contents of my stomach out and all over the supper table.  And then dad began to lets say feel a little ill himself and ran to the bathroom.  He never made me eat anything again.  

Yeah I did it!  I was really struggling trying to find something about me that hasn't already been a topic for ole blabber mouth.

Finding bloggers to nominate is the hardest part.  All of the blogs I follow via blogger, instagram, and bloglovin are worth a nomination.  So I invite you to check my blogger profile for a complete, huge list of awesome bloggers as well as  on instagram and bloglovin.  

My Lovely Blog Nominations are

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Thank you for your kind words Lea. I love your work! It was fun learing 7 new things about you. I'd love to hear more about the singing career that almost was. Hope your dad is recovering nicely.

  2. how good to learn more about you and your life, thanks for sharing with us, your blog certainly needs to be seen by a wider audience, hope you get lots more followers to share your creativity with. I too enjoy Norah Jones but my favourite singer is Chris de Burgh not sure if he is big where you are

  3. Congratulations on 3 - count them 3 - nominations. You deserve it. Love your blog.
    So interesting to read your True Confessions. Love the last one. (I understand your aversion to Sauerkraut, but I do like it. I grew up on it. I think the reason we all have different tastes is body chemistry. One baby loved carrots another spit them out. One hated green beans, another loved them. Our body chemistry starts right from the earliest.)

  4. I agree with you hate Sauerkraut! great to read more about you!


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