Wednesday, May 2, 2012

8 HST Tutorial

When I saw this I had to share.  Its the easiest way to make HST's.  Now first let me say I like to cut down after I piece for accuracy sake.  So if you aren't one of those that do it's still really easy to do the math on this one.  So here we go the short and sweet....  If you need a HST to be 2" when finished we know that we sew together 2 fabrics that measure 2 7/8.  Now being that I like to square up and cut down I use 2 squares at 3". 

Okay so all you need to do is double that measurement, so I'd cut 2 squares at 6" and layer rightsides together and mark with an "X"

Now sew a quarter inch away from those lines on both sides, like so...

Heres the tricky part, cut an "x" like this first

And now cut on the lines you made and you have 8 HST's!  Isn't this just peachy!  I made 96 HST in less than an hour!

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  1. Awesome! I just wish I had found your tutorial before I made my quilt! It would have saved soooo much time. I did my HST similarly, but only getting 2 at a time.....tedious! I love that the biased edge is sewn before cutting. I'm a beginner, but even I know that sewing bias cut pieces can get messy! I believe I'll have to make another quilt using this technique...and just see how much faster/easier/better it is! Thanks you!

  2. I just found your tutorial and it's perfect timing! I'm fixing to start a quilt that has 840 2" HST!

  3. Love this! I needed something like this for a border to a quilt I'm making- this, I think, will be perfect! Thanks for the tut!


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