Tuesday, July 2, 2019

~ Searching for MOJO ~

  Today I'll start down a very unfamiliar path in search of my quilting mojo.  In my 30+ years of sewing and quilting this is the first time I've needed to push myself to do what I love.  It's the strangest feeling.  Everyday I read quilting blogs, quilting Instagram post and scroll through hours of quilting on Facebook but I just can't seem to find the gumption to get back in the studio.   Maybe a quick quilt finish will help build up my mojo.  Honestly I don't even have enough in me to design my own quick quilt.  Quilt math....UGG...not going to happen.  This lack of enthusiasm has spilled over into my entire life.  It's been quick and easy meals, very little housework and absolutely no yard work.  Sigh....time to put on my girl panties, stop the whining and buck up buttercup!  Baby steps, just do SOMETHING! So I did, I pulled fabric for a new easy project. 

I'll be using these fabrics and joining The Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt Along by Julie over at The Crafty Quilter.   Her tutorials are very well written and easy to follow and best of all I don't need to do any quilt math. 

The two Elm Park by Laura Ashley charms are leftovers from a Dresden project(UFO).  This line of fabric is a couple years old but if you do an online search you can still find some of it out there.  Normally I use a bright white background.  For this quilt I've chosen to use a cream print to match the background in the charm pack.  

The colors of the Essential Dots #8654 match the charms almost perfectly.  

The slight color difference in the green and aqua shouldn't be notice able.  And if it is.....back away from the quilt until it looks better!

Of course what's a quilt if I don't include a little Lakehouse Drygoods fabric from my stash.  The pattern in this quilt along calls for 2 consistent fabrics, one being the background and the other is the center of each nine patch.  This line has hints of green in a few of the fabrics in the charm pack.  So I thought a green fabric would work best as the center for my nine patches.

Now to choose which green?  I love them both.  I could use them both. The green below is one of my all time favorite prints from Lakehouse.  I have it in every color.  So dainty and cute.

Which green would you choose?

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