Thursday, May 13, 2021

Finished Quilt and Quilt Label Kit

Love is in the Air!  Springtime always puts a pep in my step and a song in my heart.  The long gray Indiana days are behind us and nature is singing a song of glorious color.  Each morning I'm awakened before daybreak by the little birds outside my bedroom window.  They too are excited about Spring and ready to start the day.  You don't need an alarm clock in the Springtime.  Just leave the bedroom window open about 2 inches and nature will let you know it's time to roll out of bed.  Yep, that's right I have my window open.  Not just in the spring.  My bedroom window is open year around.  I like the fresh air, especially when it's cold fresh air.  The muggy summer air isn't as nice but I still like to let my bedroom breathe.  Of course when a nasty ole thunderstorm rolls through I close the window.  Rain in the house is not a good thing.  A good rain cleans the air outside and makes way for another sunny spring day.  Don't you just love the smell of rain in the Spring?

Well I've rambled on about Spring long enough.  It's time to get back to quilting.  The quilt above, Love in the Air, is my latest quilt finish.  It was completed two or three weeks ago but I forgot to show to you.  While I wait for the patterns I need to put a label on her.  I'm not good about remember to put on labels.  For some reason I find it to be such a chore.  Odd isn't it?  So much effort goes into making a quilt and I find the label to be just too much work.  I'm trying to make quilt labels a part of my routine by making and attaching the label before the quilt is quilted.  Making a new habit a habit takes time.  Unless it's a bad habit and they seem to happen without us noticing.  HA!  

To help with my habit making process I decided to make a video about my go to simple quilt label and a heart label made just for the quilt above.  A few weeks ago I mentioned the quilt label kit I put together and some of you showed an interest.  So, in the video I share my quilt label kit along with a link to a free printable pattern for the quilt labels that I keep in my kit. 

 Because I'm trying to boost my YouTube channel the only way to get the FREE printable PDF is to watch the video on YouTube.  Thank you for understanding and supporting my efforts to grow my little business by taking the time to hop over and watch my video.  

Of course  while your there I would be super happy if you would Like, Share, Subscribe and leave a comment.  I'm posting the video here as well but I'm not sure if it helps.   To watch the video here just click the image below.  To watch on YouTube  CLICK HERE

One last thing.  Every quilt pattern I release from this point forward will be heavily discounted for a few days but only for my newsletter subscribers.  You can subscribe to my newsletter by filling out the form in the side bar of this blog.  If you are viewing my blog on your phone, you will need to scroll to the bottom of this page.  Click on View Web Version.  Then you should be able to see the Newsletter subscribe form on the upper right side of my blog. 

This spring has been extra special due to last spring being stolen from us.  Awe...The smell of freedom in spring!


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Gretchen Weaver said...

Love your quilt! I enjoy listening to the birds sing in spring too, happy stitching!

sue keida said...

That quilt is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
I'm terrible about labels! And why? Who knows.
I have, however, gotten better since I became a
Nana. I always make a label now for my little one's
quilts. And now we're having a grandson so I need to
remember that label :)

LA Paylor said...

how fun to see and hear you talking on the video

LJ said...

Thanks, Lea Anne. I'm pretty good about labels for my quilts. I always sew them into the binding and have thought about 'quilting' through the label but am still not sure about that process.

straythreads said...

Beautiful and cheery quilt great idea and habit to get into for the labels

Lori said...

Your quilt is gorgeous!! Is there a pattern for it?

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