Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Another No Sew Day

The only fabric I touched yesterday was the clothing I was wearing and the laundry.  Not my idea of a fun fabric day but we must wear cloths and it's probably a good idea for them to be clean.   

The early part of the day was spent in my office.  There was orders to be shipped, which made me happy.  Not just because it means I made money but because I love my cute bubble mailers.  They cost me a little more than the plain ole manila mailers but I think it's fun for my customers to receive a bright and happy package in the mailbox.   I know it tickles me pink when my online purchases have been packaged with a little extra care. 

I hope someday I can find a supplier with bright red mailers.  Preferably red with white polka dots but for now these light blue with polka dots is he best I can do.  They're cute too but they just don't scream Lea Anne from Podunk Pretties sent this package.  The lady at the post office always comments on my pretty mail.

Today however I don't think I'll get such a nice comment when I come rolling in with this heavy monster box.  That's almost 1000 pages of homeschool papers.  Of all days to run out of tape.  Maybe it's a good thing.  Because the more I look at this the more I start to think I probably should find a bigger box instead of trying to make this one work by taping the dickens out of it.  

So a trip to Office Depot is probably on my agenda today.  Not only for tape but to have a book spiral bound for a friend.  That's what's in the file folder.  An EQ8 manual I printed for a quilting buddy.  I'm also sending her a bottle of Fish Oil supplements.  I bought them because I lack omega 3 in my diet.  Well I guess the only way I can get it is to eat it.  These gave me a horrible rash.  They were about to be tossed in the trash when I told her my itchy situation she said she takes them with no issues.  I'm happy they will be used rather than being trashed.

The rest of my day outside the office was spent on the computer doing techy stuff.  My computer is about to crash.  I'm so hard on computers.  This one is about 4 years old...maybe 3 yrs old.  It doesn't matter her age, she's slowly giving out on me.  So while I'm at Office Depot I'll be looking at new computers.  They say gaming computers are the best but from what I have seen they are also quite pricey.  What's a gal to do but spend money to make money.  The worst thing about getting a new computer is learning the new software.  That's a sign I'm getting old.   Back in the day I loved learning new techy stuff.  It seems these days by the time I start to feel comfortable with what I'm using they go and change everything.  Yep, I'm becoming my mother more and more each day.

All the technology stress is let go and I rejuvenate by taking my girl on a walk.  We both need these walks to unwind.  It's another chance for me to see color.  Color influences my mood.  Without it the world just seems so boring.  I can't imagine being color blind.  How horrible that must be.  But I suppose if you had never seen color you wouldn't know what your missing.

So Khaleesi and I walked 2 miles.  At the top of this hill is the 1 mile marker.  We are about halfway up the quarter mile hill.  It's a real butt burner if you keep a quick steady pace.  Since she wears a fur coat i let her set the pace and today it's nice and slow, thank goodness.

Neither of us are in a hurry, we just want to take it all in.  She sniffs her way through our walk while I search for little drops of color hiding in the weeds.  This little blue flower is smaller than a dime and easy to miss if you are in a hurry.

And these little orange flowers are about as wide a pencil eraser.  So dainty, and with so much detail.  Simple and sweet.

One lonely wild morning glory.  I looked around for more but there was none.   I bet in a couple of years this one will become many.  More than likely completely out of hand.  The wild morning glories are pretty invasive here in Podunk.  Well at least in my flowerbeds. 

The single bunch of red Lilies, nest in the pine trees stuck out like a sore thumb.  I need to get some of these for my yard.  So vibrant, red and yellow my all time favorite color combo.

And a touch of blue to complete our rainbow of colors.  

Yes it was a good walk today.  Mother Nature had refueled my mind, body, and spirit.  She always knows just what I need.

I hope that each of you find time to just be.  To take in the beauty of your surroundings.  No matter where you live, there is beauty to be seen if you just take the time to look.  

Have a blessed day!

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LA Paylor said...

Your color study was so good! Nature and bright contrasting colors. Those mailers are adorable... made me go looking for colorful mailers and there are 7 pages of them on amazon alone! I had no idea

QuiltGranma said...

Looking at what our loving Lord God created, all the colors, shapes and textures really rejuvenates me.

Dorothy said...

I love that eye popping little blue flower against the green leaves. What a wonderful quilt those colors would make

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