Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Scrap Buster Basket Sneak Peek

How do quilt designers come up with new quilt designs?   Is there one specific thing they use as design inspiration?   I don't think so.  I think most of us have a series of epiphany moments.  An idea is sparked.  That spark can come from just about anywhere.  Once there's a spark the fire starts to grow.   This is how it works for me anyway.  My newest quilt design started out as I was doing a review for the new Applipops applique circles templates.  You can find the review here.  The block below is the start of my newest quilt design.

As I played with the Applipops and shared the little flower I made using them, a quilting friend contacted me and said "You should design a quilt using that cute little flower".  The quilty wheels started turning.  We discussed several ideas and then it dawned on me I might have an older quilt block I designed years ago that might work.  The Scrap Buster Basket Block.   You can find the original block made into a wall hanging here.

My little Applipops flower was too large for the block but it inspired me to finally make a quilt using the basket block.  For the last month or so, in my spare time, I've used EQ to draw up several different quilts.  It's a process of "what if I do this" and "what if I do that".  Little sparks of inspiration...epiphanies.  After countless hours of drawing and recoloring I finally have a design I love.

The basket fabrics are all from my favorite scrap bin I shared in yesterdays blog post.  The background, borders and backing will be made from yardage.  It's not a super scrap buster but it will put a small dent in the scraps.  The layout is pretty simple, just two different blocks alternated.

The alternating block is still in the testing phase so I can't share it right now.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have all the kinks worked out.  What I can show you is some of the fabrics I'll be using.  GREEN!  A little green to slow down a the red and hopefully pull it all together.  Red, yellow and green is a very traditional color pallet.  Mine is just a little brighter than what we typically see in the older quilts in this colorway.  

See you tomorrow, hopefully with the alternating blocks.

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Rebecca Grace said...

It looks lovely so far, Lea Anne -- and I'll bet those antique red, green and yellow quilts were more vibrant when they were first made. When I get those older vintage and antique quilts in for restoration, I always discover brighter fabrics inside the seam allowances, where the color was hidden from UV light and didn't fade like the rest of the quilt.

QuiltGranma said...

It continues to thrill me when i see your creativity.

Helen L said...

Beautiful!! I know the other block will be great looking too!! Hugs, H

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