Monday, August 2, 2021

Choosing a Quilt Border Fabric

Border?  No border?  Red, green or yellow?  Large print or small print?  Geometric or Floral?  Wide or narrow?  All of these can make or break a quilt.

That's why I love using the EQ program(Electric Quilt).  It's been helping me design quilts and pick colors and fabrics for years.  I started with EQ6,  and every time there has been a new version released I upgrade.  The current version is EQ8.  It took some getting used to the new layout of EQ8 but once I got the hang of it, I love it.   One of the best things about EQ is most fabric manufactures put out free downloadable digital images of their fabric lines that can be used in EQ.   Most of the time I don't download fabric lines unless I'm designing for the manufacturer.  There's thousands of fabrics already in the program, so I pick fabrics in the colors I plan to use.  It gives me a fairly good idea of what a quilt will look like.

My vision for this quilt was a Summery Picnic quilt.  But I also wanted it to be a quilt that the colors could easily be changed for the different seasons or occasions.   The quilt pattern will be a free tutorial on my YouTube Channel.   Here's a few more colorways of this quilt I colored in EQ.  The black farmhouse version and the Patriotic I think are pretty darn cute.  I'd love to make them both.

For now I'm staying with my original plan of  making the Summery Picnic version.  All that's left to do is put on the final two borders.  A quick dig through the yardage stash should produce the perfect fabrics.  Wrong.  There's nothing in there, can you believe it, I need to go fabric shopping.  I need this fabric ASAP so online shopping is out of the question.  The local quilt shop it is.  The Back Door quilt shop had what I thought was the perfect fabric.  I purchased this Lori Holt, Flea Market print.  Cute as can be. 

Most of the green in my quilt is Lori Holt prints.  I assumed they would match the adorable plaid.  The darker green(below) is the stems and the other greens are leaves in the quilt.  Would you look at that, the plaid has a blueish color.  Boohoo.  I don't like it with the other greens.  Now what?

Let's see how it looks with the quilt on the wall.  Umm...Nope I don't like it.  It seems a little to blue.

Maybe if I hang it on the design wall and look at it from several different angles.  Nope, it just doesn't suit my fancy.   I could piece a scrappy border from my small stash of greens that match the quilt but there's not enough scraps.  All I can do is push the project finish out another week.  I was hoping to have this done and published on YouTube last week but this has put a kink in the works.  Such is my life these days.  Have a plan and the powers that be have other plans.  How bad do you you want to meet the deadline?  Not bad enough to put this border fabric on my quilt. 
 Plan online and publish the free tutorial at a later date.  On the plus side I now have a border fabric for a another quilt!  And I have the perfect bundle of fabric to go with it, the Lori Holt Flea Market fat quarter bundle.

Hours were wasted looking online for the perfect fabric.  It was time for Plan C.  Drive to another quilt shop.  We have two more shops fairly close.  About 30-40 minutes, maybe a little more.  What's a gal to do but go shopping.  I'd rather be sewing.  Visiting both quilt shops means driving in interstate construction zones and that's always a hoot.   Ugg...why me lord.  
Well, he must have been listening and decided a little intervention was necessary.  I was planning to go shopping the next day.  While I was plotting my route and day ahead  I received a YouTube notification that SewYeah was having a LIVE fabric auction on Saturday Night.  I've watched this channel in the past and they typically don't sell fabric I like.  It's fun to watch because these guys are a hoot.  Yes I said guys.  Three brothers run a quilt shop in Vegas.  They keep me laughing, so what the heck, let's watch the auction, I need something to lift my spirits right now.

It was my lucky day.  Within the first 20 minutes I spied a fabric I thought might work.  And the price is right.  $6 a yard!  Holy Moly!  Robert Kaufman for $6 a yard.  Sold to the crazy quilter in Podunk!  

It only took 4 days to get here.

Let's see how it looks with the greens in my quilt.  Looks pretty good but is it too busy?

Hmm...I don't love it but I don't hate it either.  Picnic-y?  

It's between the two, I have no other options.  I must choose.   As I do other daily chores I pass the studio and give them a look.  Lori Holt or Robert Kaufman?  Robert is really bold, do we dare go so bold?  Oh Lea Anne just do it, it's just a quilt, fabric and thread.  I mean really, the quilt is pretty bold without the borders. 
 I better sleep on it, let it mull over in my subconscious.  Maybe the powers that be will help me once again.   


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Gretchen Weaver said...

I like the Robert Kauffman fabric, I don't think it's too bold. It's for the binding and I think it will finish the quilt very nicely. Your quilt is very pretty but I LOVE the black version. Do you actually own any black fabric, it doesn't seem like a color you'd use very often. Whatever you decide, happy stitching!

Carolyn said...

Borders are always a challenge for me. What color, how big, etc. I think either of your greens would work, although my preference is the Robert Kauffman. It’s a lovely quilt, by the way.

Tina H. said...

Watch the Sew Yeah Quilting YouTube Fabric sale on Tuesdays...that is new fabric. Saturday sales are destash.

sue keida said...

You'd think after all these years of making quilts I could do a decent border but often they are still wavy UGH!
Can you shed some light on this?
Btw- I think that Kaufman looks great.
Have a wonderful day, Leanne!

Helen L said...

I kind of liked the red checked border. :-D So the Sew Yeah store is within a mile or two of my sister's home in Las Vegas: I've gotten to go there (and spent too much money!). I didn't know about the auctions: I'll have to check them out! Good luck on the decision: sometimes it seems so hard to decide! Your quilt is sure gorgeous though! Hugs, H

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