Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Spooky Cute Quilt Block

 If you can't beat them, join them.  Sometimes you just need to embrace the facts.  The fact is, darker fabric and muted colors are a trend right now.  I've tried my best to resist the change.  Protesting to anyone who would listen but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.  Oh I don't completely dislike the new style and fads.  The black and white farmhouse look I absolutely love.  It's only because I can add pops of bright happy colors and make it work for me.  That's what I'm attempting to do with the quilt block below.  A farmhouse look with a pop of color.  Someone asked asked me a couple of weeks ago if I had any black fabric in my stash.  HAHA!  Yes, but very little.  Probably not enough to make a bed sized quilt but I do have a few.

The little calico-ish print is a Halloween fabric but it's dainty and doesn't read as a novelty print.  I'm not a big fan of novelty prints but this one caught my eye.  You don't notice the spiders and bats at first glance, it just looks like a cute little calico.  But upon closer examination it's kind of creepy cute. 

Adding the plaid to this project is hopefully going to give it a farmhouse feel.  Now to decide on straight plaid sashing.....

.....or on point plaid sashing.  The plaid was printed straight.  Cutting on the bias makes the fabric harder to deal with but a little starch can reduce the stretching effect of bias cuts.   And then there's the scraps that will be made from cutting on the bias.  Do I want to deal with more scraps?  I do like the plaid on point.  So it's settle, I'll starch it to death and cut on the bias. 

As much as I'm enjoying the farmhouse colorway I can't help but wonder how it would look without black.  It's going happen.   This is my first fabric pull for a brighter version. I was going for a fall feel but I could do any color pallet, it doesn't need to be fall colors.  This is a very versatile block.   

Here I go!  

Down the rabbit hole of pulling fabric!  See you tomorrow!

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  1. Love it, and yes, I agree that the plaid needs to be cut on the bias for that block. Can't wait to see it in your other color pull.

  2. The plaid looks fabulous on the bias! Love that cute Halloween print! May I ask where you found it?

  3. Love the black plaid on the bias, looks great, as does that black too, I find blacks makes those other colors POP!

  4. --WHAT?! No one told me that the bright, happy colors are OUT and "dark and muted" is IN. I'm rebelling -- as long as the Plague persists in disrupting all of our lives, I need to work with the brightest, sunniest, happiest fabrics I can get my hands on! Your block is beautiful and honestly, I like it with the plaid oriented either direction. If you cut it on the bias, it's going to be a bit more forgiving actually because setting the plaid straight would make it glaringly obvious if the plaid was cut the least little bit crooked.

  5. Can you give us the directions for the block? Thanks so mucg

  6. I definitely agree with you on the biased plaid and please tell me where you go the creepy calico print or what line it is? It is so adorable.

  7. great looking block: I like it with the plaid set straight instead of on the bias. Love a black with florals! :-) Hugs, H


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