Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Sticking It To The Cats ~ Sneak Peek

Have I become a crazy cat lady?  They aren't real cats, just cat quilt blocks.  Does that count?  How many cat blocks have I made?  Does test quilt block count in this equation?  I'm going to say test blocks don't count so there's six cat blocks.  Here's a peek at my newest quilt block.  Any guesses on what you think it might be?  The red is a clue to the theme, Christmas.  The next three after this one will also be Christmas themed.

So....How many cat blocks have I designed and plan to make?  Only 16,  with ideas for ....well a few more.  In my defense we must look at what it takes to make a good sized quilt.  Twelve is the industry standard for a basic quilt.  Two of the blocks I've designed(so far) and made are much larger than the others.  Designing more blocks is totally logical since we need 12 quilt blocks to make a standard quilt.  And if a quilter wants to make coordinating pillow shams, table runners, wall hangings and who knows what else, they need options.  You can't make the same quilt block over and over, everyone knows that.  

 So yes, I think I've officially hit the crazy cat lady standard.  And we won't even talk about my thoughts on making a new series of appliqued cat blocks.  It's not a definite plan but its being discussed by me, myself and I.  They can never agree on anything.  Now that's crazy.

While they hash it out lets move onto what's going on in the crazy cat lady quilt studio.  Lot's of cute fabric.  I tried only using fabric from the scrap basket but everything I liked didn't have enough scraps.  So it was time to dig into the yardage and fat quarter stashes.  The pink is from Lakehouse Drygoods, the green is by Kristyne Czepuryk for Moda.  And the background(B) I have no idea.

Here's another peek/clue of the next block as I prepare for the video making.  Labeling the pieces for the videos isn't easy.  The little labels were designed by me a few years ago.  If you would like a set they are free here,   It's in a Windows Microsoft Word document format so you can edit them.  Change the font and color to anything you like.

These have worked great for me over the years since I rarely made quilts with little pieces.  However some of the cat block pieces are smaller than the labels.  For my videos I need a  different way to label the many pieces and the tiny pieces.  If I were the only one seeing them it wouldn't be an issue, I don't mind the mess but I'm trying to look a not so messy.   Sure I could buy little stickers preprinted with letters and numbers.  I've seen them  and talk about sticker shock!  LOL!  I won't mention any brands but I will say when you add the word QUILT to any product the price rises.  

So being the thrifty old Crazy Cat Lady that I am I decided to see if I could make my own little stickers.  A quick trip to Amazon and TADA!  Stickers!  They have stickers as small as 1/4".  These are 3/4".  The price $7.95 for 1260 stickers.  Quilt stickers $9.50 for 250 stickers.  Of course there's a little cost in the ink to print my own.  The company has made it really easy to print.  You just go to their website download the template for your sized circles add your text and print. Here's a link to the stickers I purchased

Adding the letters to the template only took a few minutes. It was much easier and quicker than I thought it would be.   I think the next time I'll make the font a little bigger.  Maybe even use colors!  Pretty stickers!

Then I began thinking about waste.  It seems wasteful to use the stickers more than once.  So I pulled off the waste part of the sticker sheet. 

Now I can use my stickers then put them back on the sheet all willy-nilly if I want and they can be used again.  I may only get 2 or 3 uses out of them but it adds up over time.  I know.... more crazy cat lady behavior. 

In my head, in my dads voice I hear...
 "A penny saved is a penny earned"  
 "Waste not want not"  
"Pinch a Penny till it screams"

A coupon clipping crazy lady I am not.  I like a good deal but I don't won't to spend too much time getting a good deal dads voice

"Time is money"

Mission accomplish.  My design boards look a little less cluttered and I feel good about spending a little money in order to try to make money.  And the icing on cake will be if others find it to be a helpful tip too.

Until next time....

I hope you find time to stitch up something sweet!

~ Lea Anne Brummett ~
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  1. Brilliant. But your red flowers are way too cute.

  2. Great tip about those print at home stickers. I didn’t know you could get labels that small!

    1. I was shocked to find the stickers. They had stickers as small as 1/4"!!

  3. I love the idea of the stickers being preprinted on the computer! I recently used some colored dot stickers that I had from when I retired from my job in 2017. I wrote letters on them and used them to mark my pieces. Your idea is much simpler and looks better!

    1. I would have done the same thing. If I had other stickers I would have used them.

  4. You are a girl after my own heart. Use it until you can’t use it any more. Once they’re no longer sticky, I would probably reuse them with a dab of glue stick.

    1. I too could see myself adding a little basting spray to the back of them. Funny how we spend so much for fabric but everything else....not so much.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Wonderful post...and I'm loving the cat blocks!!!

    1. You're Welcome! It's so much fun finding a way to use the simple cat face in so many different ways.

  6. I was taught to be miserly, I would not waste the non circles that you took away, I would cut squares from the "waste" and use them as well.

    1. Waste not want not, great idea! I thought about using them to trace circles onto fabric for making circle applique. Like you I hate to waste. I did use part of it to hang the sheet of stickers beside my machine.


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