Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jingle BOM

Monday night I ran out of thread for the quilt currently being quilted.  So that's a good excuse to go shopping at Joann Fabrics with my Gift card and coupons in hand.  I spent $68 and only paid $39.63 with my gift card!  No out of pocket money.  Of course all of this wasn't spent of thread, although I could have.  I had to pick up some fabrics for the new Jingle BOM. 

Here's what I've chosen so far for this BOM... not sure that I like them or will use all of them.  The red was pulled from the stash.  The yellow and green was purchased yesterday.  Now I need to make a quick run through the scrap box to see whats hiding in there.
Erin Russek from One Piece at a Time has a free BOM, this years is both applique and pieced.  There will be 2 blocks a month, totally 16 blocks,  that way we can have them quilted by christmas. 
Here's the quilt layout.  You can get the starting directions here.

The center block for Erins BOM isn't free but the cost is well worth everything else that you do get for free, you can purchase Miss Kringle here
Until next "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"

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  1. Where can I find the Jingle BOM? Are you doing it, or is it someone else's pattern?



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