Sunday, October 30, 2011

I went to my first quilt show this week!

  And it was amazing.  Well overwhelming is a better word.  How do you take all that in and not get just giddy like a little school girl.  Being so excited I kept forgetting to take pictures.  And when I did take them I forgot to take pictures of who made the quilts.  So being fair to the owners I'll not post your pictures here because I can't give you the recognition you so deserve.   I'll be going to another in 2 weeks and I'll excitement under control and have a little show and tell. 

 Well we'll just have a little quilt show of our own.  Here's what some things I'm working on and some finishes.  I bought this panel from our local quilts shop, but you can purchase it at  they have several different patterns and panels.

 And this is what I made from this lovely panel.  I love the softer colors.  In a few weeks I hope to have the quilt finished that's currently under construction and will match this little beauty.

 Finally after a year this one has made it out of the sewing studio and to its owner.  Every holiday I try to make a wall hanging for my mom to put in her hair salon.   Machine issues and a busy season but this in the UFO pile for quite awhile.  That dark spot you see around the face is just water I used to remove the marking pen.  Patience is not one of my best qualities or I'd waited for it to dry before taking the picture.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Done and Gone!

This was finished  and given to a breast cancer survivor.  I'm pleased with it even though its not perfect.

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