Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Starting a new quilt

A friend asked me to make his wife a quilt.  We first talked of design and then of price.  Non quilters are always shocked at my price for making a quilt.  It blew his mind what I'd charge, but he quickly changed his tune and told me price is no object, just make it!  Okay, so now I wish I had told him more.....LOL!  He's a good friend so charging almost seems wrong.  So here's what I'm working on for the week.  Hopefully it'll be done by early next week.  There's two more customers waiting in line, one I'll finish this week and the other I'll start after I finish MY QUILT.  Remember my Summer Romance?  Theres not been a stitch put in it for 3 weeks.....bummer. 

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The scavengers hunt

During my trip to my daughters this month I became a sewing machine repairman.  She had 2 sewing machines and neither worked.  With a little oil and elbow grease they soon were purring like new.  I'll have to admit one of the machines gave me quite the workout.  However with the help of the handy dandy Internet she's up and running. Singer 2000 Athena.  First of its kind, and probably the last.  In order to wind the bobbin you leave it in the bobbing housing.  Very strange but efficient.  After figuring out how to use it I loved it! 

 Anyway my daughter expressed a interest in quilting while I was looking through a new quilt magazine.  There was a quilt she loved in an advertisement.  Do you know how hard it is to find a pattern for a quilt that isn't being advertised?  The advertisement was for sewing room furniture.  Well long story short, once again I went to my personal library(internet) and after about an hour I found a blogger that had made the pattern, e-mailed her, and she gave me the wrong publication for the pattern.  But the most wonderful thing happened while at the half price book store.  Yep you guess it, I found the exact pattern I was looking for!  What are the chances of that happening!?  

This is the pattern my daughter liked.  Not my cup of tea when it comes to style.  But I'm willing to get any new quilter going!  So I put together some fabric from my stash.

Can you believe it all fit in this bubble envelope!  It took a couple of tries, where there's a will there's a way!  She has no idea that I found her pattern and that its on its way.  The last time I talked to her.  I told her I couldn't find the pattern.  She's going to be so suprised!  Now if she can figure out how to put it together.  For the first project its a doosy!  Thats what momma's are for!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

What do I do with this? Do you want it?

I often buy grab bags of fabric online.  You know you're placing an order and its all you can order for $5 shipping so I try to make the best of it and get a suprise.  It's a good way to work outside your comfort zone when it comes to fabric.  Theres always a piece I love but would have never bought.  But this thing here, Uggg...Yuk I just don't care for it at all.  My dear sweet man says file it in the round filing cabinet, but its FABRIC!  So if anyone out there wants it, I'll be more than happy to send it your way.  Please!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Another happy customer

The unveiling was wonderful.  She loved her new quilt.  See her big cheesy grin! 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just checking in...

Yep I'm still working on the Sunbonnett quilt.  The binding and label are being attatched.  I had to take a short vacation to my daughters last week so it put me a little behind schedule and now I'm playing catchup.  I'll deliver it friday a week ahead of schedule!  Yeah, but lets not get too excited because we know what happens when we get over confident, any thing can happen.  So I've been taking my time trying not to screw up, the quilt is needed by the first weekend in July for a Baby Shower.  But sometimes you just need to get away and thats what I did!  This was the first time I had been to her new to her home.  She was so excited for me to come for a visit.  And wouldn't  you know it I didn't even get a picture of her!  I did get some cute pictures of my granson Hunter after he stripped his cloths off  in lightening speed to get in the water sprinkler, but due to him being naked I thought it best not to post them here.  Gives me a reason to go back soon, to get more pictures, with his cloths on of course!  LOL...

I've had some time for a little internet surfing and checking in on bloggers and  If you know me then you know I love Erin Russeks blog.  Hop on over and take a look at her wonderful little pattern she's giving away.  One Piece at a Time   She has an amazing eye for color and design. 

And check out this little cute but not free pattern over at  .  Another great designer that I love to stalk!  She also has some cute quilt patterns for sale

And I found this also while wandering around the internet. Its by RJR fabrics and its a FREE pattern!  you can get it  here .

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Stars pattern for you!

As promised here's the Summer Stars pattern I designed.  Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.  I've not made the pattern yet, the pattern is for the gals I'm teaching to quilt. 

You can download the pdf file here Summer Stars .  We'll be using PRINT YOUR OWN 2 1/2" PAPERS  to make this pattern.  Any technique to make 2 1/2 hst finished (in the quilt) will work. 

Another freebie for you!  Cute little pin cushion over at Erin Russeks site, One Piece at a time .  Her patterns are just amazing.  You can find her patterns here and here.  She also has a BOM that is free each month.  If your an applique lover like me I'm sure you'll love her site.  So go on over !  What are you waiting for?!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Hand Applique finished FINALLY!

My fingertips are celebrating its finish.  Now to get the machine piecing done.  I'm liking this little gal so much, another one for me may be in order!  Its on the long list of "gonna do's". 
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Busy week!

My baby is now an active member of the general popluation and productive member of society...well lets give it a few months.  He's still working his part-time  high school job and frantically looking at his options.  Procrastination was his major in high school so we'll just have to wait and see where he lands.  Even though there's no real plans for college he is looking into a tech school which makes me just as proud.  He did some vocational shooling while in high school, so he can use that to get a decent job if nothing else.  The leads are starting to come in he just needs to pick which option suits him.  Good luck to my little Trevie!  Momma loves ya!

After the graduation festivities my mom and I squeezed in a quick walk of a small local quilt show.  Pioneer Women quilt group hosted this.  Most of the quilts on display were hand quilted.  Heres a few of my favorite....
hand pieced and quilted, GORGEOUS!

Hand quilted

 And heres what I'm currently working on.  I got a call last week for a baby quilt.  They wanted it by the first weekend in July.  Its kinda short noticed but I accepted the challenge.  She wanted just one sunbonnet sue on the quilt surrounded by whatever my little ole heart desired in the colors of yellow and  lavendar.  So me and my EQ program spent one whole day designing 50 different quilts for her to choose from.  And then the next day I went searching for fabrics.  Lavendar isn't something I have tons of in my stash and neither does the local shops.  It was quite the challenge but heres what I found.  Luckily I alrady had the book.

 And my progress so far....624!!  HST's!!!  Makes 156 pinwheels...of course she choose the most difficult and expensive to make.  Thats ok, I can charge more! LOL!  I'll be a little absent from posting to my blog and reading all of yours while I get this thing together.  And I've also a trip planned to my daughters in the middle of the construction.  So until next time.....

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