Saturday, June 29, 2024

Patriotic Quilt Top Ready To Quilt

 Hey Happy Quilty Friends!  I'm super pleased with how this quilt came together.  Cutting the red and white fabrics was the hardest part.  Once they were cut it came together super fast.

Over the last year or so I've been using my floor as a design wall.  It's quicker if I use the wall so I need  to move my sewing table to access the entire wall.  

The sewing table isn't as heavy as it looks.  It glides across the tile floor pretty smoothly.  Within a couple of minutes I was ready to layout the blocks on the wall.

Yep, it's messy but who's going to see it besides me and you?

I pieced it in horizonal rows as I usually do even though my eyes were telling me to sew the star blocks together first.  I'll be honest, if I had tried to piece this in vertical rows I would have messed up the block layout.  Even with the simple design I would have turned the blocks the wrong direction, especially the star blocks which are tilted in opposite directions.  Am I the only one who is directionally challenged?

I also wanted to make sure none of the repeat fabrics were touching one another.  As far as I can tell, mission accomplished.

Now to get this girl quilted before the 4th of July.  Wish me luck!  This year we are having the festivities here in Podunk.  I don't need this to be finished for the shindig, I'm just setting a goal for the fun of it.  There's lots of work to be done before this coming Thursday so I better get quilting.

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Friday, June 28, 2024

Joann Fabric Mini Quilt Fabric Haul

 Hi Quilty Friends!  The quilt fabric diet is over!  I'm proud of myself for keeping my urges under control white at Joann's.   I was a woman on a mission, just get what I need, keep my head down and get out of there.  It was hard but I managed to stay focused and get out quickly. 

So here's my small haul.  Just three pieces.

The blue is a 108" flannel backing for my hubby's hunting quilt.  He wanted it be heavy and warm since they don't always have heat when hunting.  The quilt top is made from old blue jeans, flannel shirts and men's cotton shirts.  We decided to use cotton batting because he wanted it to be heavy like a weighted blanket.

This white print was perfect for my current patriotic quilt.  I could have used the red with white polka dots found in my stash but I think this will look much better.

Ok...I wasn't 100% honest.  This last piece was on a clearance shelf right by the cutting table.  Oh they we stand there waiting for our number to be called.  So what's a gal to do?  It needed love and I caved under the pressure.  Yes, my little cutie, you are loved and can come home with me.  It was too cute and too cheap to leave it in the store.  $3.99 a yard!  So I took what was left on the bolt.   Sadly there was only 1.25 yrds.  There was plenty more cute prints at clearance prices but I was a good girl and left them on the shelf.  For how long I can't say, because I've been thinking about them every since I left the store.  

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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Patriotic Quilt Blocks

 Hi Quilty Friends! These red and white Rail Fence quilt blocks have been finished for a few days. As usual I'm busy busy busy with so many other things.  None of it as fun as quilting.  So when I do find the time to play I can't help but waste time doing silly things like the picture below.

There's more than a few of my very loved Lakehouse Drygoods fabrics in this quilt.  The top and botton strip on the block below are two.  So cute!  The other red is a Moda print from many years ago.  The first white print is unknown to me.  By the feel of it I would say it's not "name brand".  The other white is a Lori Holt Bee Basic.

I miss the good ole days when I could find pretty fabrics for decent prices.  Maybe it's a good thing.  I'm saving money and working from the stash.  However, I am going to Joann's this week.  You know, just looking to see what's new.  I don't need any fabric but I do need feed the quilty soul.  I'll probably stop by our local quilt shop too.  If I find anything good I'll let you know.  

Playtime quickly came to and end.  Time to tidy up the studio then head outside where the veggie garden is in need of a little TLC.

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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Tackling The Red And White Scraps

 Hello Quilty Friends!  It took two days to work my way through the red and white fabrics.  I took breaks often to give my back a rest. Then I had to cut some of them more than once because the universe knows I love scrappy quilts so it worked in a few miscuts.  Awe, how sweet.

I opted to use what I have on hand.  I did not open the fat quarter bundles and did not purchase any fabric.  My friend Judy offered to let me pull from her stash.  What a good friend to feed my addiction but I graciously declined her offer.  I ended up with 19 repeat fabrics.  Once everything was cut, they were separated to make sure there would be no repeat fabrics in one block.  I don't think I've purchased any fabric this year, can you believe that!?

Yesterday and this morning my back has been feeling  much better.  There's some work needing done outside today so I hope to get into the sewing room around lunchtime.  That should be more than enough time to complete all the simple quilt blocks today. If you missed my blog post about this free quilt pattern, you can find it here.

Below is short video this morning for my Facebook friends.

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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Seeing Stars

Hey Quilty Friends!  There's been progress on the current project.  If you missed the post about this quilt you can read more about it on my previous blog post.  You'll also find a link to the free quilt pattern.

Choosing to do the applique star blocks first was a good idea.  It took about 3 hours total to make them.  From ironing the fabric, cutting and stitching the stars in place.  It felt good to see it come together so quickly.  The next set of blocks will take a bit longer since they require more sewing and cutting.  

If you are new to raw edge applique and would like to learn more, I made a video a few years ago.  Just click here to hop over to YouTube to watch the video.

Sometimes when doing applique I use the same thread on the top as in the bobbin.  Due to the price of the finer Microquilter thread, the decision was made to use a cheaper serger thread in the bobbin.  If there were any doubt in my mind that it would cause  a problem, it would not of been used.  I'm pretty confident the SureLock thread will hold up just fine.  I use it 100% of the time for piecing and will sometimes use it for quilting the quilt.

The difference in the size of the thread is very noticeable.  So if you choose to use different weight threads, you may need to adjust with the top tension  I try to always use the same color thread on top and in the bobbin. This helps hide any tension issues.  Of course after the quilt has been washed and dried those issue will disappear.  

Now to tackle the mountains of red and white fabrics!


I bought these scraps on an impulse.  After sorting them by color I realized I don't want or need them.
If you live near Martinsville, Indiana and would like them, let me know.  I will gladly meet up with you and hand them off.  Sorry but I will not ship.  If these are not taken by 6/24/24, they will be donated to the Salvation Army thrift store.

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Monday, June 17, 2024

A Blessing In Disguise, Quilting Time!

 Well Hello Quilty Friends!  It's been awhile since our last chat.  Things have been quite busy out here in Podunk.  Lots of planting, puling weeds, picking wild berries and many other fun in the sun chores.

I'll try to share more on all those things later.  Right now I'm happy to be stuck inside for a few hours a day.  Why am I stuck indoors?  Well two bad reasons that in reality turn out to be a blessing in disguise.  
1.  I sneezed and knocked my back out of whack.  Now I have a hitch in my hip along with some pain and loss of mobility.
2.  The temperatures for the next 2 weeks will be at least 94 with a heat index of 100.

Not my idea of fun in the sun.  That's more like shake and bake.   I'm not going outside after 10 am for the next few days.  The plants can be water early in the morning when the temps are more Lea Anne approved.  

While I wait for the weather to break I could work on one of the many UFO's but I'm feeling the need to start something new and quick.  Something I could quilt on my domestic machine since there's a quilt on the frame that I have no interest in quilting right now.

 So here's the plan....
RED, WHITE AND BLUE!  Designing a new quilt and doing math doesn't appeal at the moment. A  quick Google search for free quilt of valor patterns brought up just what I needed.  Now to pull the fabrics.  I'm thinking scrappy is a good plan for whittling down those scrap bins.

The pattern I choose needs 2.5" red and white strips,10.5" blue squares and some large white squares for stars.  I thought I could find all that I needed in these bins.  Wrong!

I didn't have any blue print fabrics large enough.  A quick dig into the the fat quarters and yardage and TADA!  This is why when making a scrap quilt the scraps never decrease they always multiply.

The red and white fabrics came mostly from the scrap bin but I still needed to pull from my larger cuts of fabric.  Well, I didn't have to until I decided I didn't want any repeat fabrics in the quilt.  Mission accomplished with the whites.  I had to open a much treasured original Bee Basics fat quarter bundle. That's why we buy fabric, right?

Then it was time to dig for the rest of the reds.  Even with digging through the loose fat quarters and yardage I'm 17 fabrics shy of what is needed for no repeat fabrics.  Today I'll start cutting the white and blue fabrics.  I don't think I'll get it all done but it's a start and will give me time to make a decision.

Here's my treasured fabrics cabinet.  I pulled what I could from the red.  What's left in the red is duplicate fabrics and wrong shades of red.  Then there's my backings.  I could get 3 prints from the backings but then I would be adding a bunch of fabric to the scrap bins and possibly making a backing that I can't use in the future.  Now for the top shelf.  There is more than enough red fat quarters in my much loved FQ bundle stash.  Most still have the plastic and ribbons around them.  It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about opening the plastic in order to pull out the reds.  Then I think, why not just open them all and separate them by color?  The greedy side of me says, they are more valuable if you leave them alone.  I told myself I would never open a bundle unless I planned to use them all in one quilt.  Sigh...what is wrong with me!..It's just fabric!...I'll cross that bridge later in the week.  For now I'll cut what I have and let my mind toss around the idea of fat quarter bundle separation.

Let's move onto the quilt I plan to make before I have an fabric bundle separation anxiety attack.
The Stars and Stripes pattern has a free pdf that can be found here.  Scroll down on the page and look to the right for the picture of the quilt in the sidebar.  You'll find the pdf link there.  This picture is not my quilt. It's Suzy's from Suzy's Quilting Room Blog.  The quilt finishes at about 61 x 71.  The size and the simply design should make a for an easy to cut and quick to finish quilt.

See you soon with my progress and red fabric decision.

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