Monday, February 19, 2018

~ Attack of the Scraps! ~

This all started out as a need/want for a new quilt in the spare bedroom.  Then came a shopping trip that lingered for two days.  On the third day I finally finished cutting the pretty blue and yellow fabrics for the simple postage stamp quilt.  I may need to dig in the stash for a few more but this is a good start for a leaders and enders quilt.

Since I'm in the scrap cutting mood why not attack those white scraps that have been accumulating for years?  The box below is what's left after picking out what I could use in this project.

This gave me a chance to try out my new toy the Sizzix BigShot.  By the way Tuesday Mornings has these for $49.99.  I decided on the Sizzix because I can use dies from other companies, and at that price how could I pass it up.  Cutting for extended lengths of time are hard on my neck and shoulders but no pain what-so-ever after cutting for hours using this machine.

Then out of no where I had the craziest idea...... why not attack this basket of scraps on my cutting table.   Oh what the heck, 3 days have already been used up with this scrap adventure, what's one more day?  But that's more...after the basket is empty it's back to sewing!  


~ Lea Anne ~
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