Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm sorry girls but yep theres more cutting!  These are your light color.

And with your dark pieces measuring  2 7/8

Now grab those little squares that are 1 7/8 , you should have this many pieces
Now get the 1 7/8 piece squares and the light triangles and do this to all
Using the pieces we just made you need to add the other light triangle like in the picture below, do this with all 4 units. 

Okay we're gonna add more to this little cutie, its important to make sure you have a flag at the top I've put an arrow pointing on step one of this picture.   Do this to all four.


Almost girls hang in there. 
We're on the home stretch with these little boogers.  Watch for your flag again waving at you, 
Shew we did it!  Time for a break!!!!! Pin It

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