Monday, January 30, 2023

At the Speed of a Turtle

 Hi Quilting Friends!  I've been busy as a bee all weekend with not much to show for all the hard work.  Chasing my tail most of the time would be the best way to describe the entire weekend.  But at least there was some progress. Friday was a total bust.  We had a little family dinner here at the house so my day was spent preparing food and killing some dust bunnies.  It was a much needed visit with the family.  Love and laughter always refuels my tank.  By Saturday morning I was ready to tackle every sewing goal set last week.  First on the list was the reading pillows.  They are finished but need pillow forms.

Maybe later in the week the jammies can come off long enough to run into town.  When you live in the sticks you have to make every trip count.  Right now the list of hair spray and pillow forms isn't enough to persuade me out of my jammies.  Anyway....These pillow were quick and easy to make.  The cutting was the hardest part. 

After the cutting it took maybe 45 minutes to complete the sewing, turn them right side out, press and fold.  The tutorial called for interfacing or batting to be quilted.  I chose neither but added a handle to the top.  This might have been a mistake but I didn't think about it until much later.  Lets hope the kids don't use the handle as an awesome tool for a pillow fight. If they do, at least they are having a good time thanks to grannie.  Pretty sure their momma won't be thanking me.

Next up was to mark my quilt before putting it on the quilting frame.  You can see it in the background of the picture below.

And here you can see it as it is this morning.  I did manage to piece together a backing from yardage.  Progress!  But still no quilting plan.  Well there was quilting lines, marks and tons of ideas I did not like.  

I tried may different rulers and ideas but they just didn't seem right.  You see this is how quilt tops become UFO's.  So last night and early this morning I once again took a little trip down the rabbit hole of quilting ideas on the internet.  A few ideas were saved to a Pinterest board so I wouldn't forget latest and greatest idea.  Crossing my fingers and asking you to do the same.  I need all the good quilting vibes I can get!

Once a good quilting plan is made, this stack of batting will be used to make a Franken Batting to use in this quilt.  Do you make Franken Batting?  

And the binding on this quilt was the last of the current projects.  A whopping 18 inches of progress!  Whoo-hoo!  It's better than none. 

Well it's off to the sewing room, gotta make up for lost time.

Until next time...

I hope you find time to stitch up something sweet!

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  1. I finished a book pillow for my niece this weekend-and just noticed I used some of the same navy blue unicorn fabric! My next niece in line has asked for a pillow too.

  2. I'm sure the grandchildren would find a way to hit each other with the pillow without the handle also!


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