Sunday, January 13, 2013

Testing a new method

  Sometimes things just don't work the way they should.  Maybe its me.  The heart flower petal on the left was made using fusible interfacing.(YUK!)  And the one on the right, freezer paper method, much smoother looking, don't you think?  So in my opinion the new method is a two thumbs down.
Of course I made 24 of the wonky ones on the left before I realized how awful they looked.  Even with lowering my stitch length to 1.6 they just didn't look right, oh well live and learn.  I'll find something to do with them.
So I thought I'd share with you my freezer paper method.  You can buy quilters freezer paper that is thicker than the normal paper in the grocery store.  But for me I just layer regular freezer paper shiny side down on each piece and iron it.
Draw your shape onto the paper, cut it out, iron it shiny side down to the wrong side of your fabric.  Remember you may need to reverse that image before tracing to freezer paper.  Don't look at my old dirty iron, the new ones just don't last around here.  I've gone through 3 new ones in 2 years, so old ugly Betty here is here to save the day. 
Cut about 1/4" away from your template, cutting little snips about every quarter inch almost up to the template, leave about a 1/8" space not cut.  
Using a small paint brush dipped in diluted  starch, I paint on the starch around the edge.
Carefully iron the edge down to the back of the template, the starch acts as a glue and also helps the fabric keep its shape as its being pulled away from the freezer paper. 
                     Remove the freezer paper, and TADA! the perfect shape, smooth                            edges and nothings wonky! And that template can be used several times.  How many?  I don't know I've never had one go bad.
 Now you can pin it to your quilt block, use a basting spray, basting glue, or my favorite washable school glue just a couple tiny dots on the back of the applique piece will hold it right where it needs to be and then like magic it washes away.  That's a little Sharon Schambers trick.  You haven't watched her youtube videos I highly suggest it!  Tons of info!
Until next time " Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"

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