Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's "All wrapped up"

Introducing "All Wrapped Up" quilt top.
This quilt is way out of my normal colorway but I love it anyway.  Adding the the bows to each corner added just a little touch of wow without going over the top.  By appliqueing bias strips over the straight border seams the illusion of curved piecing also gives it a cute little kick.  
 Invisible machine applique with clear thread is the way to go for a quickie project.  It melts right in and can only be seen if you really look for don't look!  The red and green automatically make one think its a Christmas quilt but I think it can pass for an everyday quilt too.
 I've had so much fun making this quickie I think there's some more miscuts that are screaming for stitches.  It's nice to be able to just sew with little thought or planning.
Since my quilts are usually inspired by others I like to share where I get my ideas.   The quilt below is by Jillily Studio and it was the main inspiration for my quilt.  At first I thought I would recreate this at a larger scale.  Oh boy look at all that applique, simplifying the quilt was a must.
The other inspiration was a quilt I designed a few years ago called 
"Spinning Through the Garden"  The blocks are the same but without the sashing.  I had planned to make a similar border on the new quilt and then it hit me again....way to much applique work.   So that's how the ribbon border was born.  Sometimes it's hard for me to turn off the "Create" button in my brain.  So the constant reminding that I was working on a quickie was necessary.
The rest of this post is non quilty related so if you don't want to read a bunch of whining now would be a good time to stop reading.  

Okay I let you in on a little secret about me.  I love to create quilts, and working out of the comfort zone.  But when I'm doing quickies it means something is wrong in my life and I just want to sew without thinking about sewing.  It frees up my brain for the life issuses. 
Well the issue is momma.  It all started over a month ago with lower abdominal pain and trip to the doctor.  Quite possibly the dumbest doctor I've ever met.  He first told mom he couldn't give her anything for the pain until he found out why she had pain(dumb) so he ordered a scan of her belly and blood work, it took a week to get back the results.  After he gets back the results he tells her she has high blood sugar, WHAT?!  We already know that.   Momma asks about the abdominal scan, and the nurse asks "What scan?"  and then says she'll look for them and call back with the doctors findings.  She never called back, so a week later momma calls the office again and the nurse still has no idea where the scan results have been placed and the doctor is on vacation for two weeks. Again she states she'll look into and call back.  She didn't.   So momma calls again only to get a recording telling her the office will be closed for the next two weeks.  No doctor on call?(dumb)  By this time momma feels like she's dying and goes to another hospital and with in 10 minutes they tell her she has a huge mass in her abdomen.  Of course momma automatically thinks the big "C" word and starts worrying.  But at least they give her something for the pain, send her to another doctor, and that doctor sends her for a biopsy.  We found out yesterday that it's NOT the big "C" and she needs to see another doctor for surgery later in the month.  
Now I know you all are thinking I was worried about my momma all this time but really I wasn't.  Worry never solves a thing.   My mind was on the dumb doctor!   And giving him a piece of my mind(since he has very little of his own).  And I've also been thinking about menu's.  You see if mom has surgery she can't cook and dad will starve if I don't cook.  He can't even make toast.  Seriously...he buttered the bread before putting it in the toaster.   This might be a good time to teach dad a thing or two.

~  Lea Anne ~
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  1. I like the appliqued bias strips and the bows very much! Good for you to not waste energy on worry. Best wishes on correcting your Mom's problem!

  2. Glad your Momma found an intelligent doctor! I hope surgery goes well for her and that your Dad doesn't starve!

  3. Your quilt is just lovely! Sending positive thoughts out into the Universe for your mum. Good luck with your dad's potential cooking adventures!

  4. I was sorry to read Mum is so unwell and has been messed about by her Dr resume she will not go back to him. I wish her all the best for the op and yes time Dad leant a few cooking basics, no way can he get away with "you cannot teach an old dog new tricks" who knows he might enjoy it. Like the way you have combined ideas from 2 quilt desings to make this latets creation very nice

  5. I love the quilt and the applique to give the curved effect is brilliant. I might just have to "borrow" that idea. I'm sorry about your mother and hope she recovers quickly, but I definitely think she needs to change doctors and also perhaps make an official complaint about him - after you've given him your opinion of course.

  6. You are a design genius! I love all of your quilts. Hope your mom gets a good resolution of her medical issues. Doctors are very disappointing. You gotta figure, some doctors made "A"'s in medical school and some made a "C" or "D" and barely got by. Your mom is very lucky to have you. So is your dad. XO

  7. your quilt is so very pretty. you are a very creative lady. LOL so funny about your dad. I am sorry to hear about the escapade with your mom. Wow cant believe that there are still doctors out there like that. Thank goodness your parents have you to help them out. You are all in my prayers.

  8. Please please please write a letter about that doctor to the medical board in your state. What your mother went through is NOT RIGHT, and no one else should have to deal with that doctor's incompetence! Whew, I feel better having typed that! As for your dad, maybe you can cook several meals in one day, parcel them out into microwaveable containers to stock his fridge or freezer for the week. Put sticky notes on them that say: "Remove note from container, lift lid to vent, put container in microwave for X minutes." Seriously, sounds like he needs to know not to put the sticky note in the microwave! LOL. Good luck, and enjoy the mindless sewing.

  9. That is terrible your mom had to go through that! If it had been cancer, that doctor would have been responsible for not taking care of it quick enough!

  10. I think it's time for your mom to find a new doctor.
    Your dad sounds like mine. =D Good luck with everything!

  11. Love your finish. It is simple and gorgeous. I'll keep your mom in my prayers. Glad she finally went to someone else for answers. There is no excuse for what she's been through!


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