Wednesday, January 14, 2015

L' Amour quilt

Yesterday was clean the Studio day and finishing up the Peppermint Posie Quilt top.  It's now a top and stored away for quilting later in the year.  Okay I don't know about you but when my hands start fondling fabrics the quilty wheels start turning.  After hours of fabric straightening and fondling a plan was set in motion at around midnight.
I wish I could remember where and when this cute little charm pack came into my possession.  
Charm packs are a great way to see all the fabrics in a line without committing to a large quantity.  They're also a great for a design challenge.
So let me back up a little in this story.  As I cleaned yesterday I was also having an email conversation with Barbara over at Wonttobequilter.  She's working on a scrappy nine patch...SWOON!  I love scrappy and nine patches.  Here's a few quilts I've made using nine patches and scrap 2.5 squares.  

I'm sure if I dug deeper into the picture files I could find more because the nine patch is a go-to block I've made several times.'s a sneaky peaky at my Barbara inspired nine patches from a charm pack.  The nine patches will be set on point with some applique in the body and border of the quilt.  Of course I had to pull some yardage from the stash(shown in the first picture of this post).  A tip for working with charm packs and making nine patches....Reduce the seam allowance, instead of a scant I'm using a super scant so they can be squared up later.
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~ Lea Anne
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  1. That will be gorgeous. I love the 9-patch scrappy quilts.

  2. Looks great! I love charm packs to preview prints in a line.

  3. Thanks for showing your scrappy quilts. I bribed a friend to help me today to press my strips and strings while I cut them. Charms and 2.5" were among those I cut. But I have loads of scrap quilts to make, LOL

  4. Those red, white, and brown fabrics will look beautiful. It's fun how many ways you can use 9 patches in a quilt. :)

  5. Love it, you stay up late to? But my 12 is earlier than yours

  6. Love your fabrics they work well with the nine patch.

  7. I really like charm packs too, 2.5 inch squares is my favorite size.

  8. Beautiful fabrics, red makes such vibrant quilts.


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