Monday, June 29, 2015

Monsoon Monday

Hi diddly-o!  Quilty friends!  Another rainy Monday morning is allowing  me to sew till my hearts content...YEEHAW!  After wading though my fabric stash I've realized there's nothing in there.  Well nothing usable for the current project.  Wah..wah...wah...feeling  like such a cry baby this morning.  So what the heck, just do what comes natural and use what I have even though it doesn't tickle my fancy.   This piece of vintage pink pieced with another print will be my backing for the Boonie Blooms.

And when I say pieced I mean they'll be cut into squares making a large checkerboard.   This quilt will be quilted on the frame so the backing needs to be almost perfectly square.   Squaring up backings is an area I lack proper skills.  Normally I cut, and re-cut, then cut a few more times until the backing is to small for the quilt.  Since I'm better at piecing and cutting smaller pieces of fabric, it seems like the less frustrating way to go.   It'll also lend more time to think about how to quilt this girl.  If the epiphany doesn't happen soon she'll be added to the drawer of  "quilting quandary".

So here's what Podunk looks like this morning...WET!  

My ole watering can isn't getting much love this year.  So far it's working out for the best, I've been so busy trying to keep up on everything that watering the garden would be just one more chore added to the to-do list.   

Well I better run and use my sewing time wisely before the sun pops out.

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. At least with all of the rain your garden is still getting rain! I am making the backing for my quilt, I am going to take your idea and make a checkerboard backing also, but in boyish blues instead, since it is for my husband. I love that pink you are using.

  2. Piecing backings is my least favorite thing about quilting. It's a necessary evil, though, if I want finished quilts. :) We've had a ton of rain here in VA, too, but today is gorgeous. Sunny and low humidity. Yay!

  3. Boy do I relate about cutting the back until it is too small. :( Can't wait to see your finish!

  4. Your checkerboard idea sounds ideal for this far I have not made backings, I have used the front of a duvet or sheet etc but must try and make them then the quilt looks so much better, the last one I did i used some curtain fabric on! Ikea is handy too for backings


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