Wednesday, December 27, 2017

~ Finishing last years En Provence Mystery quilt ~

   Hello sweet quilting friends!   The temperature outside is a very chilly -2 but indoors I'm trying to keep things sunny and warm by working on one of my most colorful UFO's.  This is Bonnie Hunters  Mystery quilt, En Provence.  This was my first attempt at joining in with a Mystery quilt along.  I did okay until it came to the borders.  The units were pieced and the body of the quilt was put together but I just couldn't find the time to put the borders on.  So that's my goal for this week....get this top completed and maybe on the quilt frame.

The mystery is over but the pattern can be purchased here.   Below is Bonnie's finished quilt.  

 I always follow along with the clues for Bonnie's mystery, but had never tried to make one.   This years mystery quilt is called On Ringo Lake, you can find all the clues up to this point here.  If you join Bonnie's Facebook you can get some great color inspiration,piecing help, as well as other quilts her followers are making.  My decision to make it or not will come after the big reveal.  The fabric has been pulled and purchased, but I'll not be using the suggested colors.  Last year I chose to go completely scrappy as suggested by Bonnie, but if I do it this year I'll be making mine with 4 different fabrics. 

I really love the super scrappiness of this one but cutting for it took FOREVER.  Mr. Podunk thinks it's very does he know about quilting?!

This one depleted my PKM and low volume stash so I've spent most of the year replenishing them both.  Not an easy task when it comes to PKM since she and Holly no longer make fabrics.

I hope to see you in a couple of days with a completed top.  Send me some scrappy mojo vibes....I'm gonna need all the help I can get!

Thanks for stopping by my little spot in Podunk!

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Lea Anne, yours is one of the prettiest En Provence quilts out there. I just love your fabric and color choices. There are a lot of pieces for sure, but it's going to be beautiful when you are finished.

  2. WOW! That is a beautiful scrappy quilt! Using scraps does involve more cutting, but so satisfying being able to use up so many scrap pieces too, so I suppose that's the trade off. Your quilts are always gorgeous Lea Anne, so I know you will get it done and the quilting will be fabulous. I have never done a Bonnie Hunter quilt and only one small mystery quilt. Not knowing where certain colors will be drives me crazy, because if I knew, I might change the positioning of some colors.

  3. THat is beautiful - Go go go!! Gt that EnProvence done - i love your colors

  4. This is absolutely beautiful! I think I might like your color scheme better than Bonnie's original one!

  5. Your quilts are always beautiful. I wish I worked as fast as you! 🤓

  6. Your quilt is beautiful! I love your color combination. I too have followed Bonnie's past mystery, and this year I am sewing On Ringo Lake-I haven't kept up though. It will be a wedding give for my son's friend. I have to see if I have all the clues for En Provence, and I'd like to make it for my other sons friend who is also getting married this year! Can I steal your color combination?!
    Happy New Year!

  7. It's so lovely, Lea Anne, a wonderful use of all those PKM fabrics! I am still dithering with Ringo Lake, but I'm trying hard now to wait for the reveal before I do something rash. :D

  8. The colors are so bright and fresh. -2 degrees😬😬

  9. Your En Provence is beautiful from a distance but oh my! Those closeups! GORGEOUS! Sending you good "finish" vibes. I'm trying Bonnie's mystery quilt for the first time this year. I keep seeing all these beautiful creations and wishing I would have jumped in. It is fun to be doing something along with so many others.

  10. Good luck. You are so close to finished. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

  11. Your version turned out beautifully! Finishing with Bonnie's borders is a challenge. I though I'd never be finished making 4 patches! Good luck!

  12. Your quilt is just beautiful my dear.
    Happy New Year.

  13. What a lovely quilt...gorgeous!


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