Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Quilt till you wilt ~ Giveaway winners #2 ~

The holiday season is in full swing and that means quilters around the world are frantically adding the final touches to last minute Christmas projects.  I'm one of those that waits until the last minute to make Christmas projects.   However mine are not Christmas gifts.  These are to be used before Christmas.  So I'm working on them day and night while the laundry and dust keeps piling up.  

One would think  since I probably have hundreds (possibly thousands) of yards of fabric in my studio I would be able to come up with three quilt backings and bindings without needing to shop.  WRONG!  Luckily we have a great new little quilt shop that is close by and I can usually find what I need at wonderful prices.  And things I didn't need, like the striped fabric I searched for at home and couldn't find, so I bought more.  When I got home and started cleaning the studio I found it!  Oh well you can never have to much fabric.   All the fabric I purchased is name brand, quilt shop quality but purchased at almost half the price of other quilt shops.  How does she do it? Such great prices.  I know her secret but since it's a secret I can't tell!  If you're ever in Trafalgar, Indiana you gotta stop by Coffee Cup Quilting and say hello to Claranna, the coffee pots always on!  This shop caters to the thrifty everyday quilter by offering these lower prices on fabric and longarm quilting  at  reasonable prices.  If your new to quilting,  would like to learn something new or just like sewing with friends she has some really great new quilting programs planned for 2018.  

So with my new fabric purchases I'm able to get these 3 quilts finished this week.  Hopefully I can ship them by Friday, no later than Saturday....and if life gets in the way Monday.  The quilt you see on the frame and the one on the wall are finished and needing binding.  The one laying across the frame is going to be quilted today.  Just simple quilting enough to keep it together, kids don't appreciate fancy stitches.

Now for another 2 winners of my pattern Christmas Memories.  Before I announce the new winners I would like to remind everyone....when your commenting on a blog trying to win something you need to make sure you can be contacted by the blogger.  Adding your email address to your comment is always a good idea.  Have you ever wondered why a blogger never responds to your comments?  It's usually because they can't email you.  He exception to the rule is during giveaways I rarely respond to comments due to the high volume of comments.  Last weeks winners were chosen by a random number generator.  Unfortunately it chose 2 names with no contact information.  I wrote a blog post announcing the names, hoping since they followed me they would see they had won.  They did not.  So this week I decided to pick the first two comments that I could contact.

I have sent both of you an e-mail with the pattern attached.

~ Thanks for stopping by my little spot in Podunk ~

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Au contraire (re: you remark about you can never have too much fabric), you CAN have too must and I'm a living testament to that. I purchased with abandon for years, telling myself I was buying for retirement. Think it musta been 20 retirements. I've slowed down in the quilt dept. the last 5 yrs. (since passing of DH) and don't wanna die and leave this mess to the kids! I've been donating bags and bags and bags of fabric to our church quilt group but still have tons more to get rid of (and maybe use a little). UGH

  2. Good luck with your plans. I hope you get the
    m finished and in the post.
    Wish I had a quilt shop near me like yours. It sounds awesome.

  3. Very fun and pretty holiday quilts. Hopefully you got everything finished and in the mail. It always amazes me how fast the holiday comes, even when I think I'm ready for it.


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