Friday, February 6, 2015

Cabin or Spring fever?

Happy Friday!  We made it through another week.  That means only 5 more weeks till spring.  Whoohoo!  Just thinking about all the glorious spring colors makes me all giddy inside.  The little crocus's should be peaking through the snow by the start of next month.  We've already started planning for this years veggie garden.  Planting will start next month with spinach and lettuce in the hot bed.  With all the preparations for spring there's been neglect of the Studio.  It seems spring fever or cabin fever has made it's way to Podunk.  Side effects are doing anything but sewing.  Even though I'm not physically working on quilts my mind is twirling with ideas.   As I flutter and flit about the house there's always time for a quick peek at the explosion of color from these two new love birds.  They look so young and innocent as they do their ritualistic bashful courtship dance.  It occurred to me since they have so much character they needed names.  Instantly I knew they were Daphne and Delmer.  Who knows why, they just seemed to fit the whimsical feel of this quilt.

 Hopefully the afternoon can be spent working on the rest of the block.  In an effort to make things a little easier a design change was necessary.  The leaves in the red circle will be the same as the leaves at the bottom.  Not much of a change but at least there won't need to make more templates.  

Do you have "The Fever"?  Now I'm no doctor but I hear tell that a good dose of quilty inspiration is the best thing for "The Fever".  You can find a pretty good sized dose over at Richard and Tayna Quilts Friday Linky.

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. Spring fever? Last week I bought a Heather plant and 3 packets of exotic flowers... all perennials to plant for Halloween. I'm hoping the Heather can be trimmed for slips to start more new plants, too. Oh yeah. I've got it b a d. (or should that be badly? Lol) Of course, the plant multiplication goes on year round. It's a virus here.
    Love D & D, just right for those two.

  2. No Spring Fever here yet, though we have a fair measure of cabin fever.

  3. I've already started thinking of my spring bulletin boards for school! LOL


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