Friday, February 20, 2015

Got strings?

The last scrap quilt was so much fun why not make another out of the growing pile of strings.  The inspiration for a string quilt struck when I saw Emily's quilt over at Em's Scrapbag.  

We've seen a gazillion string quilts of every shape and size.  How can I make this one my own, make it different, original, a one of a kind?  Nothing lubricates the creative quilty gears like some mindless speed piecing strips of technicolor  fabric.  

Once the sewing began the ideas flowed out of my brain like the curse words out of my mouth when my expensive sewing machine broke earlier in the week. 
(yep I'm still peeved)
One sweet idea after another until...I HAVE A NEW PLAN!  Something I've not seen before.   I've Googled, Binged, and YahOOOOO'ed and not one quilt with this idea.  Now that doesn't mean it doesn't exist ....and I'm sure somebody with better knowledge or skills of searching will let me know if does.  
So what's my plan you say?  
Before I go getting too cocky and spouting off at the mouth, there's still oodles of design elements that need a little tweaking.  So until then I'll show you what I should be working on but can't seem to come up with any ideas.

Oh yes, my nemesis....NOVELTY FABRIC!  UGG! YUK!   My sweet little grandson(Hunter) wants a Spidey quilt.  Well guess what granny had in the stash?   After hours of searching for some type of inspiration, I'm feeling inspired to toss it in the trash can, because you know 6 yr olds are very critical of quilt patterns...wink wink.

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Looking forward to seeing where you are going with your strings. Oh yes, quilting for a 6 year old is tough indeed. I made DD a Little Mermaid quilt when she was 6. I used red as a highlight and was told in no uncertain terms that she had asked for a blue quilt, which meant blue and only blue. Good luck with the Spidey quilt.

  2. I, too, need to do something with my string scraps, so I am looking forward to seeing what you create. My problem is that I have so many different styles of fabric... batik, Kaffe, brights, repro's, etc. and I'm not a super scrappy quilt doer. This might make me bust out of my comfort zone! Have fun with Spiderman!

  3. I feel your pain with the Spider Man fabric. That's how I felt about the "monkey fabric" (you know what I'm talking about). It was like pulling teeth to try to design something with it. It's so weird...I just started a scrappy quilt. Then I got off track and started using my strings to do a Modern Wedding Ring that's made with strings. Well, whatever you come up with will be great!

  4. Now I am wondering what your idea is so I hope you show it soon. I love string quilts too.

  5. My Gracie told me she wanted a pink and purple quilt, can't wait to see what you do

  6. Can't wait to see your scrap quilt idea. Love scrap quilts! So glad I found your blog, such cute quilt blocks.

  7. Isn't there a block pattern called a web made with strings?

  8. I am looking forward to see what you'll do with the strings. String blocks are so wonderful, and become incredible creations!!
    scraps are my favourite!!

  9. Use it for the backing, and you will hardly have to look at it.... but he will love it. The front should be the spider web pattern, too, and NO PINK... (it's what my son in law would say.)
    Can't wait to see what you will do with those pretty stings.

  10. Ohhh!! Cant wait to see your idea! My string tub is overflowing, but they don't inspire me at all. I would love to use them up. =)

  11. Great strings! Make him a pillowcase with it? He can stash his legos and drag them to grammas in it?

  12. I can't wait to see your string quilt, and your Spiderman too. In fact, I'm so behind on blog reading, that you've probably finished them both, posted about them and started something else by now.


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