Friday, February 13, 2015

Fabric Friday

My goodness what a week it has been.  And it's not over yet.  Let's start with the good news.  Mr. Podunk made the top of my list this week because he bought  these!!!  The sweetest fat quarter bundle of Pam Kitty Garden.  If you love Pam Kitty as much as I do and you've been putting off buying them now is your chance.  Westwood Acres has the bundle at the lowest price I've seen and the shipping was free.  Not only that they threw in a mini charm pack FREE!  

More good news, my daughter and grandbabies are coming in for the weekend!  YEAH!  So I'm having a big party tomorrow with all of my kids.  It's a rare occasion to have them all them in the same room at one time. This will be an extra special Valentine weekend.    
Now for the bad news.  
Mr. Podunk also made the top of the bad list by letting my dog Lobo in the house last night.  Normally that's no big deal.  He's a German Shepard and stays outside unless the weather is bad.  We either let him in the laundry room or the garage if he's muddy.  Yesterday evening Lobo decided he would like to play with a SKUNK!  Oh yes my dear quilty friends, he was sprayed and he doesn't smell like roses.  Even though he was only in the house long enough for the smell to reach my nose.... my house stinks!  What on earth was that man of mine thinking?  So I grabbed the rubber gloves, tossed the dog bedding out the back door, and the dog.  Mr. Podunk should consider himself lucky, I wanted to toss him out with the dog.  Today I'm doing everything I can to get the smell out of the house.  It's not as strong this morning as it was last night but you know its like the old man that won't take a bath.  You can smell him but he can't.  Maybe if I change tomorrows menu to something with a lot of garlic or sauerkraut it'll cover the skunk smell.  Oh well it'll still be nice to have the whole stinking family in one room.

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. Yay!! for the fabric bundle. BOO for the dog smelling like skunk. Maybe putting a big pot of oranges, lemons, cinnamon sticks and cloves on your stove and simmering it all day would help? Enjoy the time with all of your children and grands! How wonderful.

  2. Well the skunk is awful, but the SWEET fabric bundle has to make up for it. I am SEW jealous!!!!! XXX

  3. Skunkey doggy cleaner....Called the local groomer and this is what she recommended.
    •1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide (this is the kind you find in the first aid section of your average grocery store. It’s very cheap.)
    •1/4 cup Baking Soda
    •1-2 drops of liquid dish soap (optional)
    •2-3 drops lemon essential oil (optional–but adds extra deodorizing power)
    •Rubber Gloves (optional, but highly recommended…)

    Put on your gloves and gather everything you will need. Once you mix the ingredients, the solution must be used immediately, so there won’t be any time to go searching for the dog.

    Worked great. I had the smell stuck in my nose but neighbor could not smell it when I had her over to sniff the dog for me. (now that's a good neighbor and they don't even sell insurance !

  4. My nephew went to school after a skunk had sprayed his dog. No one would sit with him. :-(

  5. Here's a test for Febreeze! Makes me glad I don't have a dog. Sorry this happened to you. (Did the fabric get purchased after the dog/skunk incident?) Some Valentine gift.

  6. glad you will get to spend time with your whole family, a treat i know

  7. You are a lucky girl......

    well ok, mr podunk is somewhat in the dog house...... but.........
    he bought a fantastic bundle of fabric,
    AND you'll have a whole family gathering....
    what more could you ask for for Valentines Day???
    certainly better than flowers or chocolates!!

  8. Oh, how awful! Does the fabric get him out of the dog house? LOL

  9. Yeah for all the good family times and for the pretty fabric. Hope you were able to get rid of the skunk smell before your family showed up.

  10. Phew...sorry about the skunk smell especially with a busy day planned for tomorrow. Your DH does deserve lots of love for buying all the wonderful fabric!! Look forward to seeing what you make with all the goodies!


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