Thursday, April 30, 2015

Up with the chickens

Good Morning!  It's another beautiful day in Podunk!  I was up with the chickens this morning.  In hillbilly lingo that means before the rooster crows or before daylight.  My youngest son tells me "Mom you don't get up with the chickens, you're the one that gets up and wakes up the chickens".   No time to waste is my motto.  The good lord made daylight for a reason, and it wasn't for sleeping.  I've always been early to bed and early to rise.  Why would you want to sleep away a beautiful day?   So most days I'm up before the sunshine.

These pictures were taken yesterday evening while we were doing 
"Operation Free Range"
Which is nothing more than teaching Lobo, my German Shepherd, that our chickens aren't for his supper.  He did really well, the real test will be when we aren't watching him.  We've had a few issues with him and the neighbors dogs that like to do their dooty in our yard.   Not anymore, Lobo let them know that's unacceptable behavior.   And he doesn't really like wildlife on the property either.  That's good when it comes to coyotes and coons, but bad when it comes to Bambi and her momma.

All my indoor chores are finished and it's still to cool to go outside.  Looks like I get to spend a few hours sewing!  Yeah!  

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. Beautiful chickens you've got. Where I come from, you wouldn't have a chance in the summer, if you should stay awake during the daylight. In the summer we have daylight from the 14. Mai to 1. August, one long day. Then again we have one long night in the winter. But I won't think about that now. Have a nice weekend! I can spot what you're sewing.

  2. Good for you being up early and all productive. I was up before the chickens today....but went back to bed. :) My dog and I had a little confab the other day after I caught her IN the neighbors chicken coop the other day, after chasing and harassing those poor little girls all around! THAT better not happen again.

  3. I would so love to be able to get up early in the morning, especially during the week when I have to spend most of my day in an office. Unfortunately I suffer from hypersomnia so getting out of bed is very very hard!

  4. i want chickens so bad but with the price of feed and being retired......

  5. here in England we say "Up with the lark". I am nit an early riser, I think I am one of natures owls. When it gets dark I come to life!

  6. Lobo looks like a fabulous addition to the family - good luck overcoming his instincts that the hens are prey - lots of patience for sure! Loved the post about you on the Henry Glass Fabrics blog and had to come over to check out your blog and follow you!

  7. I too am an early riser and early to bed! lovely to have the chickens, such a lovely sound they make clucking away. Lots of other visitors too you seem to get too I am a little envious!

  8. We have a neighborhood rooster (long story), but we are usually up and about before he starts crowing. Comes from living in the big city and having long commutes. It's so much nicer in smaller towns.


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