Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nifty Nines

Maybe I should have titled this Naughty Nines.  There's (141) 4.5" nine patches in this quilt.   So much for a quickie quilt.  Oh well, the finished product will be worth the effort.   And that's the great thing about nine patches, they can be as simple or complicated as you want to make them.
The pattern I'll be making is pretty simple but the quantity complicates it.   When finished it's destined for my Shabby Blue spare bedroom.    A couple of the displayed quilts in that room are more complex, so I thought keeping this one simple would add a nice mix to things.  I was hoping for a WOW factor with applique, but (141) 4.5" nine patches is WOW enough for me.
In my looking for nine patch ideas I ran across a few nine patch quilts worth sharing.  The nine patch is super simple pattern that many beginners like to master before moving on to more complicated designs.   They're a great way to learn that very important 1/4 seam.  Just because it's simple doesn't mean the WOW factor is gone.  Here's the one(below) that tickle my fancy the most.
Normally I like to give credit where credit is due.  But the links to this quilt were bad.  If someone knows the owner of this stunning little nine patch quilt please let me know.  Love, love, love how that simple applique border makes this quilt shine, well....and the quilting!
Ask and you shall receive!  I was contacted by a follower and she have me the details for this quilt.  The Designer is Connie Lancaster, and the name is Baby Nines.  After doing a quick Google search I couldn't find a blog or a copy of the pattern for sale.  
Below is the exact same quilt in all red, simply beautiful!  This quilt picture also had a bad link.
The scrappy quilt below was found at Quilt Story blog.  So comfy and cozy.  Can you see the two different size nine patches?  Let's hope Mr. Podunk isn't reading my blog today because I know he would love one of these for his very own.
The eye catcher below was found at the CactusNeedle Blog.   Love those bright nine patches surrounded with the black HST's.  
If you think all nine patch quilts are easy, take at look at this Blooming Nine Patch found over at Quilt Inspiration.  Surely this is easier than it looks.  From what I can tell it's just nine patches with alternating solid blocks set on point.  
While doing the nine patch search several free patterns and tutorials popped up so why not share a couple of those also!   
Here's nice tutorial found on Michelle's Romantic Tangle.  I've made the this snowball quilt pattern and whips together super fast and is great for a quick gift.
And a great stash busting nine patch tutorial found at Why Not Sew.  It's called Honey Bee.  And seeing how Mr. Podunk is a Beekeeper and I've a large stash of yellows, grays, and blacks in my stash..
 I see one of these in my future. 
Do you have a favorite nine patch pattern?  Care to share?!

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. With those lovely fabrics, your quilt will definitely have the wow factor. Thank you for sharing all those other gorgeous inspirational pics.

  2. SERIOUSLY...I love ALL nine patch quilts and these are all wonderful!! Thanks for this mornings' eye candy!!

  3. Oh I love them all.... I really like that first one you showed with all the white in there too - so crisp and clean! Enjoy your 9 patches

  4. HI, Lea Anne, I used to live in Indianapolis and the first quilt you show first was done by Connie Lancaster, who works at Quilts Plus up on the Northside of Indianapolis. I think she has a pattern for this. I like all the 'samples' you show.

  5. Lea Anne I like those 9-patch quilts. A woman in one of the groups I belonged to years ago taught how to make a really nice 9-patch quilt. I don't know the name of it, but it has 2 sizes of 9-patches. I have a pdf I can email to you of 2 of the quilts that a couple people in the group made. I never did make one. It was on my to-do list, so some day. One of my friends made her all scrappy, but most people just chose 2 colors.

  6. such variety, i have not done a quilt with the blocks on point yet. I do like the disappearing nine a lot

  7. I found that the Baby Nines quilt is in Eleanor Burns book Still Stripping! I love the applique added to the simple the nine patches!

  8. Wow, I'm going to have to pin this post for lots of ideas!

  9. I found that exact Baby Nines in Mc Calls quilts April 2000, thanks for the eye candy!

  10. Lots of fun 9 patches. Thanks for sharing. I just wish there was more room in my bucket list!

  11. Lea Anne Connie Lancaster is the designer of the Baby Nines crib quilt AND the pattern is currently on the website at "Around The Block Quilters Shop". I found it under the quilt patterns category, and it sells for $8.00. Thought you might like to know!

    1. here is the link for the pattern


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