Sunday, December 27, 2015

Non quilty Mamma Update

      I wanted to write a separate post just for my loyal readers.    I can't thank you all enough for your kindness, support and prayers during this difficult time.  As you know the battle with cancer can change at any minute.  Let me tell you, it has.  There's been many set backs and changes in her treatments and diagnosis.    
Her last surgery was scheduled for the December 22nd.  They expected the tumor in her hip/pelvic area to be the size of a grapefruit instead it was cantaloupe size.  This caused some issues with blood pressure and clotting so the surgery was stopped then restarted 24 hrs later.  Being under sedation for that long really takes a toll on the body and it's much harder to wake up.  So we're waiting.  Each day she's a little more aware, but is still quite confused and incoherent.  

     Now remember I said things are constantly changing, sometimes for the good and yes, the bad.  With her blood pressure dropping so low the doctors decided they should take a closer look at mamma's heart.  The images showed a mass in the backside of her heart.  The good news is it could be a blood clot, the bad news is it might be a tumor.  They've decided better images are needed after she is fully awake.  Now what does this mean for her?  Well if its a blood clot, her cancer is still a stage 2 Leiomyoma Sarcoma.  Should it be a tumor, she's in stage 4.  The chances of it being a tumor are 1 in 10 million.  We like those odds, it may seem silly but that's good news.  They can treat a blood clot and she'll be fine.  A tumor doesn't have the same outcome, it's much trickier.  Should it be a clot mamma's recovery will still be long and painful.  The surgery on the 22nd took out the tumor along with some vital nerves needed for walking.  Months of in patient rehab will be needed to teach her to walk with out those nerves in her leg.  She'll also need another surgery to fix her colon and intestines, she currently has a temporary Colostomy. 

    I wanted to let each of you to know that mamma tells the doctors the reason she's doing so well is because there's quilters all over the world praying for her.  If I could hug each and everyone of you, I would.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.   We're basically strangers but still you care and that means so much at a time like this.  

Hugs and Blessings

~Lea Anne ~

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Podunk Pickin's # 16

Welcome to another week of Podunk Pickin's.   So what is Podunk Pickin's?  Well it's started out as a day of the week for me to share with my readers free quilt patterns I'd found while surfing the quilty internet world.  Then I thought it would be fun to let other bloggers link up quilting and sewing tips and tutorials from their own blogs and other social media.  After a few weeks I felt like it was only fair to open it up to all my readers.    You can link up as many as you like as long as it's quilting, sewing or crafty related.  It doesn't need to be a tutorial or tip anything you've been working on is welcome!
This week I want to share with you a free pattern from Lori Holt.  To be honest I had no idea this pattern was free until just this week.  It's her latest pattern for her new templates and fabric line Calico Days.   LOVE LOVE LOVE this line of fabric!

 The pattern is called "Bloom".  You can find the free pattern by clicking here.

Lori will also be hosting a Sew along using this pattern.  The details are in the free pattern download.    The pattern is easy to follow with awesome block images.

So now it's your turn to share what's been keeping you busy these past few days.  Anything is welcome as long as it's sewing related.  Of course we love to see tutorials old or new.  Link up as many as you like.  Don't forget to visit the other links and share the love.  You just might find a new and interesting blogger!
By clicking on the Podunk Pickin's image in the sidebar you can see all past Podunk Pickin's posts.  There's lots of fun and free projects shared by some very talented quilt bloggers.

~ Lea Anne ~

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Quilting Podunk Posy Quilt

 While everyone else is putting the final touches on their holiday festivities I'm working on UFO's in my spare time away from Mamma.  A big hug and a thank you to those that have contacted me in the last few days asking about Mamma.  She's doing as well as can be expected given the situation.  She'll have surgery this week to remove the tumor.   Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.  

Anyway.... back to the quilt.  Most of the time when I quilt there's tons of ruler work.  This time I'm trying to stay away from rulers because it takes a lot longer to finish a quilt.  The only ruler work on the borders are the scallops above the Posy and Butterfly.

You can find the free tutorials for this quilt (Podunk Posy) in the tutorial tab at the top of this page.  Later in the month, time permitting, I'll be adding tabs at the top of my blog for each free pattern offered on my blog.  I hope the change will make it easier for everyone to find my free patterns.

Merry Christmas to you all and God Bless!

~ Lea Anne ~
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Monday, December 21, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Strawberry Lemonade is her name!  Isn't she just delicious?  All that's left to do is sew the rows of blocks.  

Lets get in a little closer to see some of those 50 different prints in this quilt.

If you would like to make one for yourself, I made a very rude tutorial here.

I'm linking up today with all the blogs below.

~ Lea Anne ~
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