Sunday, December 16, 2018

~ This is FLIPPING fun! ~

A little here and there, that's what it took to get all 480 of these tiny 1.5" HST's pressed open.  Since these were heavily starched there was no reason to use an iron.  Sure they aren't laying completely flat but that's really not necessary at this point.

My rule of thumb for keeping the flippy corner bonus blocks is normally 2". It really just depends on my mood.  Sometimes I feel like doing the extra stitching and sometimes I don't.  But 2" and above always gets saved, it's just the 1.5" and lower that sometimes become compost.  I think had there not been so many of these they would have been scrapped.  But 480!  That's a lot of fabric, and really it wouldn't take much to make them into a good sized usable quilt.  If you're new to my blog and need more information on flippy corners you can find it here.

Before I go any farther this is just a reminder picture to show you where the cuties originated.  They are from my On Podunk Pond quilt.  The real name of the pattern is On Ringo Lake but I've no idea where Ringo Lake is and we have a pond on our property.  You can read more about On Ringo Lake/ On Podunk Pond quilt  here and here.

With a little help from Electric Quilt I came up with 3 quilt ideas using as many HST's as possible.  All of  the quilt ideas are larger than a standard baby quilt.  I think all of them could be considered a lap or throw quilt.
For each of these quilts designs I used just white and yellow but as you saw in the previous photos there's tons of color in the background fabrics.  So I'm thinking these would look amazing with scrappy background fabrics in the alternating blocks, maybe even some pieced low volume blocks.

These are just ideas for now.  The little HST's will be stored away until after the On Podunk Pond quilt is finished.  Then I can assess the fabric scrap leftovers.  Maybe there will be enough to make one of these quilts and maybe there won't.   Anyway, this quilt would finish at 60 x 70 and use all the (480) 1.5" HST's.  The block used to make the pinwheels is Majestic Mountain.  Pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

This next quilt uses my Autumn Star tutorial.  I reduced the size to fit my HST's.  

The classic look really appeals to me.  But remember my fabric has much more color so it wouldn't looks so classic when finished.  I'm also playing around with border ideas in my mind.  Piano Key borders would be cute.  But what if I could dress it up a bit like I did with my Promenading Tulips quilt?  <---click there to see it.  That was not easy but it sure does make the quilt!

This quilt as is would finish at 47 x 58 and again use all of the HST's.  More of a lap quilt.  Adding the border mentioned above would make it much larger, I would guess around 10 -12 inches bigger at least.

This last quilt image was  my first idea.  The little on point stars finish at 4 inches and the quilt 
47 x 53.  Probably the easiest to piece.  It too would look amazing with the 3D scalloped border and scrappy alternating blocks. 

However, this one does not use all of the HST's only 448.  So there would be 32 leftover.  Maybe I could find a way to use them somewhere else in the quilt.  Only time will tell of what will become of the itty-bitty HST's.  For now they will go in a zip lock baggy and left in plain view so as not to be forgotten.

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

~ Road Trips ~

So there I was in my jammies drinking my morning coffee waiting confidently for Clue 4 of the Good Fortune Mystery by Bonnie Hunter.  I was ready.  Fabrics pressed, rotary cutter sharp, sewing machine threaded, extra bobbins wound and the iron hot and ready.  This will be an epic sewing day.  Sewing all day to complete this weeks clue in record time.  And then it happened, the moment we've all been waiting for....THE CLUE IS POSTED!!  Whoohoo!  Scroll past the opening statements of the blog post to see what fun is in store for me today.  BAM!  I was rear-ended.  My plans spun out of control and came to a screeching halt as I sat there looking at orange string pieced block units.  UGGG! It's not the color that bothers me(well it is, that's why I changed it to gold).  The strings blocks I was expecting but in background fabrics.  My bundle of golds is not going to work for strings. String piecing requires LOTS of different prints to look right.  I could go the cop out route by not doing the strings and using one piece of fabric for the units.  By doing that I would lose the visual interest and movement the strings give a quilt.  So what's a gal to do but go shopping.  I know what your thinking, YIPEE!  a fabric shopping trip.  No, that's not what I was thinking.  My thoughts are it's too close to Christmas to be anywhere near a store after 10 AM.  Why 10 AM?  Because every procrastinating soccer mom that has been to busy car pooling and baking cookies to do any shopping is going to be out there.   And it's Friday.  The worst shopping day of the week to shop after 10 AM anytime of the year.   But if I brush my hair, throw on some cloths I might be able to get in and out of town before the crazy shoppers.  I was on the road by 8:45.  Joann's was empty, when I arrived.  By the time I checked out the wide eyed, coupon holding procrastinators were stumbling about.

Joann's didn't have much.  I purchased 3 gold prints and 2 really cute 2 yd cuts of red to add to my cute stash.   Total bill $12.45.   BARGIN!  It's now 10:15 AM, the parking lot is full.  3 Gold fabrics is still not enough to pull off the strings for clue 4.

Traffic was getting horrible but I managed to make it Hobby Lobby without being cut off by the frantic soccer moms all hyped up on Starbucks coffee and leftover cookies.  As I walk the parking lot I go over the plan in my mind...Go in the store, don't look around, keep your head down, turn right and head straight to the fabric, get what you need, keep your eyes low, and check out.   Taking a deep breath as the doors opened,  the pungent smell of cinnamon drench pine cones set my nose on fire and my nose begins to drip like a leaky faucet.  My mistake....bringing my head up to sniffle....   Inside the store was all a buzz with shoppers, babies crying and a few dads wondering around trying to find their wives.  The hustle and bustle faded into the background as a warm glow came over the store.  I quickly snapped back into a woman on a mission mode.  Head down, don't look, briskly dodging in and out of shoppers until I made it to the fabric department.  And much to my surprise not one gold fabric.  What a waste of time. Not one fabric tempts me.  As I turn to leave, stepping out into the isle I raise my eyes.  I"m not sure how much time had passed  but the next thing I remember is holding a beautiful shabby chic shelf.   The price of this temptress brought me out of my Hobby Lobby drunken stupor.   $129!!!!  I gotta get out of here!  And just like that I was out of there.  Never looking back....shew that was a close one.

Well as much as I hated to do it, to the quilt shop I must go.  It's noon, the traffic is horrible, and I'm hungry.  I put a new plan in place.  Go straight to the quilt shop get what I need and get out quick.  I've about an hour before my blood sugar will bottom out.  I'm hypoglycemic which means when I get hungry I have to eat or I can pass out.  Normally I get super grouchy before that happens.  Don't worry, I've candy in my purse, soda and peanuts in the car at all times.  The plan works I'm in and out in 30 minutes, get a burger in the drive through and I'm home playing with my fabric by 2 PM.  What a morning.  The day continued just as it started, being side tracked at every turn.  So around 10 PM I had only made half of the required string units.  

All in all it was a good day.  It didn't go off as planned but it didn't turn into a disaster.  That in my book is a good day.  I'm grateful I found what was needed to bring this clue to it's full potential.  Today I'll finish the golden string units...well as Granny used to say...Good Lord willin'.  
Who knows what this day will bring, but I'm ready!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

~ Where did it start? ~

Over the last couple of weeks the topic for many of my posts have been about stitching from corner to corner on a square without drawing a line on the fabric.  While I would love to say this was my creative idea, it was not.  I'm not sure what quilter did it first but I found the method when I found Pam Bono.  Sadly Pam is no longer with us, she passed in 2014.  It was a sad day in the quilting community.  You can read more about her death here.

If you've never heard of Pam a quick Google search is all you need.  Since her passing her style has been imitated by many, including myself.  You know what they say.  "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

She was also the first that I know of to make the The Angler I shared a few days ago

Since learning her amazing little trick it seems to pop up in many of my own designs as well as those patterns I make from other designers.  My current quilt has oodles of "flippy" corners.  Some quilters will toss  the clipped corners in the trash.  I find it hard to trash any fabric.  So I sew another line to make a bonus Half Square triangle.  

The corners on this project are small but still usable in a mini quilt.  I adjust my normal 1/4" to a 3/8" seam between the the two stitched lines.  You can read more about the two lines here.  The bonus  half square triangle will measure 1.5".

Most of the time my bonus HST's are tossed in a basket that sits beside my sewing machine.  This basket is just the tip of the HST iceberg.  There's 3 more bags full of these in every color and size.  Someday I hope to make a quilt with all of them.  Occasionally I'll pull out a few for a quick project.

If you're not sure what to do with all of your clipped corners. I've put together a few of my favorite project  to inspire your creativity.
One of my most recent projects was the Autumn Star quilt block.

The orange HST's were clipped from my Podunk Plaid quilt pattern. 

When designing my Turnabout Tulips quilt pattern, I decided to include the clipped corners in the pattern. The pink pinwheels dancing around the center are clipped corners from the tulip blocks.

The 1.5" HST's are a little more challenging to use in a quilt.  Pinning is very important when working with these small pieces.  There's not much room for fudging!

 The mini quilt above was made using the 1.5" clipped corners from my Promenading Tulips quilt. 

Sweet Pickin's below is one of my favorite minis.  The little basket blocks is made from several different sizes of bonus HST's.

The clipped corners came from my Cherry on Top Picnic quilt.  It's a free quilt tutorial here on the blog. Yep, I love this one too!     There's something about those sweet cherries!  Well I could go on and on about my love of cherry decor, so I'll stop. 

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

~ Hello Sunshine! ~

If there's one thing I could use a little of in my life right now it's a little sunshine.  That is meant both literally and figuratively.   Overcast winter days with no snow are so gloomy.  The grayed landscape makes it really hard for a lover of color to find something inspirational to keep her motivated.   Then you add the stresses of this time of year and it can be a cocktail for a doom and gloom mood.   What better way to keep the winter blues at bay than to add a little sunshine to my day.  The sunny yellow fabrics put a pep in my step and song in my heart.  I can't help but hum a little tune from Annie while cutting and stitching up a sunny day.  "The sun will come out....Tomorrow!" 

Even if the sun refuses to shine tomorrow it'll be sunny in the Podunk Studio.  Last year I replaced the standard warm glow light bulbs with cool daylight light bulbs.  It has made a huge difference in how I see my fabrics.  The idea to change studio lighting came from my sewing machine.  One itty bitty little L.E.D. light was so bright and white.  Why couldn't my whole room be lit with this amazing light.  Well it can!  And WOW what difference!  I can see better, I don't need the stronger reading glasses anymore, and most of all it makes me feel better.  

It may sound crazy that light bulbs can make such a difference but it's true.  The new lighting also helps with pictures.  Less time is spent trying to get the perfect picture, and there's less time at the computer trying to edit the pictures with bad lighting.  They even saved money.  You see, I was considering buying an couple of Ottlites.  Yes, they are amazing little lights, but I've lit an entire room for less than what one of those lights would cost.  I no longer need a small light for handwork such as binding or applique.  Now that's not to say that in a few years I won't need a little more assistance since eyesight rarely gets better as we age. 

The project for the next couple of days will be the Chevrons in my On Podunk Pond quilt.  Its the same block as the mystery quilt I was working on yesterday.    Most of the fabrics for this quilt are from fat quarters or larger.  This makes cutting a breeze compared to the mystery quilt. 

The piecing is pretty much the same.  Again I've chosen not to draw lines.  It's just wasted time when you don't really need to.  This method isn't for everyone but if you would like to give it a try I've written about it couple of times over the last week or so.  Click here and here.

 Squaring up the fabric for this quilt has produced the cutest little pile of scraps.  They are all less than inch.    Most quilters would throw these in the trash or some use tiny scraps for making dog and cat beds.

These little rays of sunshine are going in my skinny strips basket.  They will be used for making rope rugs.  It's a fun little project that has been on going for well over a year.  Who knows when or if I'll stop making them.  I just love the way they look when finished.  So colorful!   If you would like to start one of your own I used this tutorial from Jodi.  

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