Saturday, December 17, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

I've been neglecting my blog due to the holidays being so busy this year.  The kids are coming!  All of them under on roof!  So I've been trying to prepare  for the event.  And its going to be a week early so I was really rushed.  And I still had to keep up with my quilting class that I've been teaching one a week to a friend.  Plus still look for a job.  I'll be so glad to get back into the workforce.  Staying home and sewing is great but having a place to go and feeling like you are contributing to society is nice and very missed.   Any way here's all that's been going on in Podunk!

A quicky to put together and quilt, for the up coming event!

Some of the quilting, it could be better but I was pressed for time. 

Made this instead of wrapping a sheet around the bottom of the tree.  I gave all my christmas decorations to my daughter 3 years ago and never replaced them until this year.

We had  sew a thon!  2 days = 16 hours and ....

We have a top!

Simple quilting, becuase its faster.

And TADA!  All she has to do is put on a binding.
I was so disgusted when it came out of the washer, lesson learned on color stabilizers.
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