Wednesday, May 30, 2018

~ A Quicky Quilt ~ Free Quilt Block ~

Hi! Quilting Friends!  The last few months have been full of work, work, work.  To be honest I get tired of work...who doesn't.  While I love designing new quilts, the writing of patterns takes away from my real love....making them!  So this past Saturday I decided to take a day off from the work part and just throw together something that someone else designed.  Something that wouldn't require a lot of time.  When I found this video tutorial it was apparent this quilt fit my needs.  The large 18.5 x 14.5 blocks have 8 pieces in them so you can make a big quilt quick.  Here's a link to the video tutorial I used.

The tutorial called for less blocks and a different sashing layout.  If  I can get permission from the designer I'll share my measurement adjustments when the quilt is finished. (Friday)

The cutting for this quilt started on Saturday around noon.   By Sunday around 1pm I had a completed quilt top!  WOOHOO!  That's quick!  No cooking, no cleaning, and I kinda threw hygiene out the window.  A quick brush of my teeth and I was ready to power sew in my jammies.

My hopes was to have it finished, quilted and bound by midnight Sunday.  After all the power sewing I pooped out after a few technical difficulties with my quilting.  But I'm back on track and things are progressing quickly again.  What a fun challenge and change of pace.  Do you ever push yourself just to see if you can do it?

See you soon with the finish! 

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~ Lea Anne ~

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Save the Bees!

It's been so hard keeping this adorable new BOM a secret.  Once again I'll be a featured blogger for Jacquelynne and her creative idea.  Thanks Jacquelynne for this amazing opportunity!  
Buzz on over to her blog and sign up to have the block delivered right to your email so you'll never miss the free block.  They don't stay free forever!

Here's a little teaser of the quilt. As always Jacquelynne gives several ideas for finishing the blocks. 
*pieced blocks
*applique blocks
*embroidered blocks 
So whatever your quilty style she has it covered.  

Kits are also available, but they are limited, so Buzz over for this honey of a deal!

See you soon with my fabric pull for this quilt.

~ Lea Anne ~
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Friday, May 18, 2018

***Patriotic Picnic and PDF SALE!***

Hey! Happy Quilters!  I'm so excited to finally share this quilt.  It was one of those quilts designed a few years ago with no intentions of writing a pattern.  But after several request for a it is, all 95 inches of Patriotic Picnic!

The name came about because of the red gingham in the quilt.  Perfect for those summer holidays.  Yes, I can imagine me sitting on this with a picnic basket full goodies as Mr. Podunk and I OOH and AHH at a colorful display of fireworks, while sipping on a sweet glass of Strawberry Lemonade.  Speaking of Mr. Podunk, he rarely says anything about my quilts.  But while helping with the photo shoot of this quilt he said "this is a nice quilt, can I have it?" do you tell your sweetie absolutely not, I love it too?  You don't.  My quick thinking swooped in and promptly told him he needed to adjust his end of the quilt...shew that was a close one!

Don't let the name of this quilt fool you.  It looks great in every colorway.  Here's a few EQ drawings for inspiration.

I'm loving this blue and yellow!  Another quilt might be in my future.  With these over sized blocks the quilt comes together quickly.  Hmmm...what about a Christmas version in red, green with a little gold.

It's a perfect quilt for using up scraps.  This 95" x 95" monster would make a big dent in the scrap bins.  Are you digging through those scraps?  Well let me tempt you a little more.

From now until Monday May 21, 2018, this pattern as well as all my other PDF quilt patterns are  20% off in my Etsy shop.  I've changed the prices instead of using a discount code.  It makes it so much easier for you.  The price you see is the price you pay.   You can also purchase most of my patterns as a mailed pattern.  The best thing about the mailed pattern for this quilt is the large applique placement sheet, it's one large piece of paper.  No taping or gluing paper together.  Both versions of the pattern include a quilt coloring page and the separate applique templates sheet.  The template sheet is great for fusible applique.  You can print it from your computer onto the fusible webbing sheet or freezer paper if you choose to do turned edge applique.

Well it's time to put this big beauty to good use in my guest bedroom.  Sorry Mr. Podunk!

~ Lea Anne ~
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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Quilt till you Wilt!

Happy Hump Day sweet friends!  It's quilt till you wilt time.  I'm working hard to finish up this by the weekend.

Some of you may remember this quilt from a couple years ago.  I named her Patriotic Picnic. You can see more of the quilt here.  

The applique on this quilt is quite large but was really quick and easy using invisible machine applique.  You can see more about how I did the machine applique here. 

Finding the backing fabric for this quilt was a two week ordeal but was so worth the hours of searching.  I wanted a wide backing but after being let down with the wrong size or color I found this super cute little bird fabric at Donna's Lavender Nest Etsy Shop.  Bet you can guess the manufacturer....yep....Lakehouse Drygoods!  Of course there wasn't enough of this one either but I'm in love with it so I must have it!  I pulled 2 more fabrics from the stash to add with the cute little birdies for a scrappy backing.

Time to get back to quilting.

See you in a few!

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~ Lea Anne ~
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