Sunday, December 27, 2015

Non quilty Mamma Update

      I wanted to write a separate post just for my loyal readers.    I can't thank you all enough for your kindness, support and prayers during this difficult time.  As you know the battle with cancer can change at any minute.  Let me tell you, it has.  There's been many set backs and changes in her treatments and diagnosis.    
Her last surgery was scheduled for the December 22nd.  They expected the tumor in her hip/pelvic area to be the size of a grapefruit instead it was cantaloupe size.  This caused some issues with blood pressure and clotting so the surgery was stopped then restarted 24 hrs later.  Being under sedation for that long really takes a toll on the body and it's much harder to wake up.  So we're waiting.  Each day she's a little more aware, but is still quite confused and incoherent.  

     Now remember I said things are constantly changing, sometimes for the good and yes, the bad.  With her blood pressure dropping so low the doctors decided they should take a closer look at mamma's heart.  The images showed a mass in the backside of her heart.  The good news is it could be a blood clot, the bad news is it might be a tumor.  They've decided better images are needed after she is fully awake.  Now what does this mean for her?  Well if its a blood clot, her cancer is still a stage 2 Leiomyoma Sarcoma.  Should it be a tumor, she's in stage 4.  The chances of it being a tumor are 1 in 10 million.  We like those odds, it may seem silly but that's good news.  They can treat a blood clot and she'll be fine.  A tumor doesn't have the same outcome, it's much trickier.  Should it be a clot mamma's recovery will still be long and painful.  The surgery on the 22nd took out the tumor along with some vital nerves needed for walking.  Months of in patient rehab will be needed to teach her to walk with out those nerves in her leg.  She'll also need another surgery to fix her colon and intestines, she currently has a temporary Colostomy. 

    I wanted to let each of you to know that mamma tells the doctors the reason she's doing so well is because there's quilters all over the world praying for her.  If I could hug each and everyone of you, I would.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.   We're basically strangers but still you care and that means so much at a time like this.  

Hugs and Blessings

~Lea Anne ~

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Podunk Pickin's # 16

Welcome to another week of Podunk Pickin's.   So what is Podunk Pickin's?  Well it's started out as a day of the week for me to share with my readers free quilt patterns I'd found while surfing the quilty internet world.  Then I thought it would be fun to let other bloggers link up quilting and sewing tips and tutorials from their own blogs and other social media.  After a few weeks I felt like it was only fair to open it up to all my readers.    You can link up as many as you like as long as it's quilting, sewing or crafty related.  It doesn't need to be a tutorial or tip anything you've been working on is welcome!
This week I want to share with you a free pattern from Lori Holt.  To be honest I had no idea this pattern was free until just this week.  It's her latest pattern for her new templates and fabric line Calico Days.   LOVE LOVE LOVE this line of fabric!

 The pattern is called "Bloom".  You can find the free pattern by clicking here.

Lori will also be hosting a Sew along using this pattern.  The details are in the free pattern download.    The pattern is easy to follow with awesome block images.

So now it's your turn to share what's been keeping you busy these past few days.  Anything is welcome as long as it's sewing related.  Of course we love to see tutorials old or new.  Link up as many as you like.  Don't forget to visit the other links and share the love.  You just might find a new and interesting blogger!
By clicking on the Podunk Pickin's image in the sidebar you can see all past Podunk Pickin's posts.  There's lots of fun and free projects shared by some very talented quilt bloggers.

~ Lea Anne ~

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Quilting Podunk Posy Quilt

 While everyone else is putting the final touches on their holiday festivities I'm working on UFO's in my spare time away from Mamma.  A big hug and a thank you to those that have contacted me in the last few days asking about Mamma.  She's doing as well as can be expected given the situation.  She'll have surgery this week to remove the tumor.   Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.  

Anyway.... back to the quilt.  Most of the time when I quilt there's tons of ruler work.  This time I'm trying to stay away from rulers because it takes a lot longer to finish a quilt.  The only ruler work on the borders are the scallops above the Posy and Butterfly.

You can find the free tutorials for this quilt (Podunk Posy) in the tutorial tab at the top of this page.  Later in the month, time permitting, I'll be adding tabs at the top of my blog for each free pattern offered on my blog.  I hope the change will make it easier for everyone to find my free patterns.

Merry Christmas to you all and God Bless!

~ Lea Anne ~
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Monday, December 21, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Strawberry Lemonade is her name!  Isn't she just delicious?  All that's left to do is sew the rows of blocks.  

Lets get in a little closer to see some of those 50 different prints in this quilt.

If you would like to make one for yourself, I made a very rude tutorial here.

I'm linking up today with all the blogs below.

~ Lea Anne ~
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

No time for quilting

No time to chat, Link up below for a chance to win secret bundle of fabric.  

Remember you can link up one tutorial or tip, new or old, just as long as it's sewing or quilting related.  By linking up your entered in the giveaway at the end of the month.  Each week  you link up is one entry.  There may be other ways to enter as the month progresses, so be sure to check back each week.  Make sure you check out at least one or two other links, everyone loves visitors to their blogs, and comments.   If you click on the Podunk Pickin's  picture in the sidebar, It'll take you to all past Podunk Pickin's Linky Parties.  Of course feel free to add this picture with a link to your blog sidebar...wink, pressure.

~ Lea Anne ~

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Sometimes you just gotta STRUT!

Come on in dear quilty friends, I'm so excited and recharged, ready for the day! So what's got me in such a good mood?  SEWING!!  You never really know how much you love something until it's not there.  Even though I'm not spending as much time sewing, there's plenty of time for ideas to run through my head.  So why not stitch up one of those ideas.  This one really has me excited.  It's going to be simple and a little out of my comfort zone.  Working with only two colors makes me feel like a modern quilter, so trendy.  Oh yes you cool cats I'm strutting my stuff, feeling a little groovy this morning, John Travolta ain't got nothing on this jive!

While we're in the groove let's strut on over to the quilter so you can dig my Podunk Posy quilt.  She's been hanging here for about 2 weeks waiting for some cool quilting ideas.  If you're digging this quilt, you can click on the tutorials tab at the top of the blog to find the far out free pattern.

It didn't take long to draw up some fab ideas, can you dig it?

Well I'm out here chicks, see you on the flip side!

Before you cats split, boogie on over to these groovy blogs where I'm strutting my stuff.  It's quilting to the max!  Be there or be square.

~ Lea Anne ~
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Podunk Pickin's #13(Stack and Whack Freebies)

Welcome back to another week of Podunk Pickin's!  Since my time in the sewing room is next to none these days, its a good time to share some interesting tutorials I've compiled over the years while surfing the internet.  This week the focus will be on the Improv version of Stack and Whack.  Also known as Stack and Slice or Stack and Slash the technique is great for a new quilter that only wants to focus on getting it done quickly.  There's almost no measuring required, expect to start out with several squares of the same size.   A quilter could even bypass cutting all the large squares and buy a layer cake. 

If you're a new quilter Layer Cakes might be a odd term for fabric so here's a quick lesson.   You can purchase them at most local quilt shops or online shops.  Layer Cakes are 10 inch precut squares of a fabric line.  Most have (42) squares of fabric, but be careful, not all Layer cakes have 42 squares. 
Of course you could always cut up your own squares from any fabric you like.  
Now onto the Stack and Whack techniques.

You can find the "Crazy Nine Patch Tutorial" at Jenny All Sorts.  This is a very basic Stack and Whack block, but still oh so cute!

A Stack and Whack Wonky block tutorial at The Blue Chair.  Love how Kati made the blocks look so different.

Deonn @ Quiltscapes takes the Stack and Whack a step farther by making it the low volume background then adding applique.  You can find her Stack, Slash, Switch and Stitch tutorial here.

JMDay has put together two tutorials for A Wonky Star.

Okay now it's your turn to share your quilting and sewing tutorials from your blogs or other social media sites. They can be old or new tips and tutorials as long as they are sewing or quilting related.  Remember only one link up per week.    Each week will be another entry for the giveaway when you link up.  I'll be updating this post later in the week with the giveaway BUNDLE.  So there's a clue to the giveaway, IT'S FABRIC!  Don't forget to visit other a few of the other links, everybody loves visitors.  And spread the word about the linky party.  If you write a post about the linky party or mention it in a post, just leave a comment and let me know and you'll get an extra entry in the giveaway.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Podunk Pickin's #12

Hey quilting buddies!  Thanks for stopping by for another week of Podunk Pickin's. This will be a quick post, today I've chicken broth to can in the pressure cooker and then hopefully a little sewing time.   It seems I'm only in the Studio long enough to make a mess these days.  So earlier in the week I was trying to organize and straighten up the mess.  Remember all the pinks squares I cut?  If not you can see them here.  And an iffy pattern tutorial for them here.  They were still everywhere due to my lack of design boards to put them on.  So I needed a way to keep the organized in the nice little sorted stacks.  Here is my solution.

 Good ole cheap adding machine paper  that can still be purchased at Wal-Mart.  I use the tape a lot when designing quilt border quilting. Here's a tutorial for using it when marking the dreaded crosshatching
My little stacks can be left separate, in order and neatly tucked away until I need them. 

Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I cleaned  up that mess, I made another.  So much to do and so little time.  One of the things on the to-do list is finish my design boards.   Another tip!  If you use cardboard for making design boards you can sew on the binding with a heavy duty jean needle.  I used the cardboard box that Mr. Podunk's new recliner was delivered in.  Good use for an old rotary cutting blade.

Gotta run, the chicken broth is ready!  Looking forward to seeing what you gals link up this week!  Remember you can link up one tutorial or tip, new or old, just as long as it's sewing or quilting related.  By linking up your entered in the giveaway at the end of the month.  Each week  you link up is one entry.  There may be other ways to enter as the month progresses, so be sure to check back each week.  Make sure you check out at least one or two other links, everyone loves visitors to their blogs, and comments.   If you click on the Podunk Pickin's  picture in the sidebar, It'll take you to all past Podunk Pickin's Linky Parties.  Of course feel free to add this picture with a link to your blog sidebar...wink, pressure.

~ Lea Anne ~

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday Wisdom(non quilty)

I wanted to take the time to day to stop in and thank the many followers of my blog, and big thank you to those of you who have sent your prayers, blessings and hugs to my mamma.  Its a very trying time, with stresses coming at every angle for every member of my family.  Mamma tells her many doctors that the reason she's doing so well is due to those quilty prayers from all over the world.  
 Even with our huge support system there are times when I feel it's hard to keep my feet firmly on the ground and mind free of negativity.  

Taking a walk around the property usually puts my thoughts back where they need to be, calm and serene. 

During my walk last I wanted to get some pictures of the fall colors before they completely disappeared.  When transferring my pictures to the computer I realized that they almost explained how I felt.  When I started my walk I took the picture above.  The beautiful trees and pond were hidden, kinda like the negative thoughts in my mind that were keeping me from my peaceful inner feelings.
As I walked along the and the weight on my heart started to lift, so did the scenery shown below.

A few more steps and couple sighs later....the view and my heart opened up once again.  My sewing room is my happy place, but cannot compare to the beauty and the wisdom of nature.

Thanks again to all who keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and know that your are in ours also.

~Lea Anne ~
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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pink Progress

 Last week I decided to take my sewing machine along with me to mamma's.  Between her upset stomach and Doctor appointments I managed to make a few blocks with my scrappy pinks.

After making a few of the blocks above I thought it might be a good idea to make a test block of the alternating block.

The best part was seeing how it was going to look with both blocks together.  I'm Lovin' It!

There's no time for a proper tutorial.  It's such an easy pattern I'm sure most of you don't need a tutorial.  So I'm going to give you the basics.
The pinks are scrappy so there's no way I can give yardage for them. 
3 yards of pale yellow background.
1 yard for the binding
5.5 yards for the backing
The quilt will finish at 72.50 x 84
Below is how many of each you will need to cut.

Linking up with the following blogs.  Click on the links below for quilting inspiration around the world.  Don't forget that most Linky Parties allow you to link from several types of Social Media.   So you don't need a blog to strut your stuff or find new online quilting friends!

Cynthia@Quiltingismorefunthanhousework for Oh Scrap!

Beth@CookingupQuilts for Main Crush Monday

Judy@PatchworkTimes for Design Wall Monday

~ Lea Anne ~
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Podunk Pickin's #11 and a Winner!

Thank you to all who entered the Podunk Pickin's Give Away.  And a great big thank you to Bev and Jen at 44th Street Fabrics for sponsoring the month of October.

The lucky winner of the Santa Express bundle is 
Kris from In the Emerald Woods Blog.  Congratulations! Kris I'll be sending you an email shortly!

Don't forget everyone can still enter to win Bev's give away on Instagram, 4 Moda charm packs of Hello Darling by Bonnie and Camille.  Her Instagram account is 44thstreetfabric.  <---click over there. Hop over to find out how to enter to win.

So what is Podunk Pickin's?  It's a place to link up your quilting and sewing tutorials and tips.  They can be new or old blog posts that you'd like to revive.  The Inlinkz allows other social media to link up also so you don't need a blog.   On November 28th(or close to it) I'll announce a winner of this months give away.  The give away for this month is still up in the air.  I'll know more by next week.  Be sure to link up every Sunday this month
(only one link up per week, please)
each time you link up you'll get another entry in the giveaway.   

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday "In the Pink" Series Quilt #2

Every Thursday Krista@KristaQuilts hosts the Linky party Throwback Thursdays.  It's a fun to link up old post or write a new post about a quilt from our past.  Last week I started a my throwback series of all the cancer awareness quilts I've made over the years.  If  I had to pick one that was the most memorable it would be my "Soaring into the Pink" quilt.

The pattern is one that I had seen online line, I'm unsure of the name.  All I remember is that the original quilt was made in black, white and red.  With the help of EQ I drafted a pattern of my own.  This quilt is so memorable because of its recipient.  While making the quilt there was no real plan on what to do with it.  I don't have a pink room in my house.  Anyway....once the quilt top was together I was anxious to show it off.  So I stopped my moms work(beauty shop) to show off my new creation.  Mom was busy so I had to hang around awhile.  Well in walks a client named Cheryl.  I've know her since I was a little girl.  She's a cancer survivor, not once but three times she has battle this horrible disease.

During Cheryl's first battle with cancer and chemo treatments she had asked my mom to shave her head.  Mom didn't own a set of clippers.  So mom called me because she knew I used clippers to cut my sons hair.  Nervously I agreed to shave Cheryl's hair.  My nerves were soon calmed by Cheryl.  She was so happy go lucky.  At a time when I wanted to cry and thought that she should be crying this lady was cracking jokes.  You would have never known she had cancer.     I hadn't seen Cheryl in about 4 yrs when she walked into the beauty shop the day I was showing off this quilt. She was very interested in what my plans were for the quilt.  She offered up advice about donating it to a raffle or cancer patient.  I took this as a sign.  It had been 4 yrs since I last saw her, and the day I show up with this pink quilt there she is!
While driving home the decision was made to give the quilt to Cheryl. 

 I quilted it up as quickly as I could and presented it to her.  We both fought back the tears.   I told her how she deserved this quilt more than anyone.  And how she inspired me the day I shaved her head.   She wasn't just an inspiration to me but I know she had to touch the lives of other cancer patients.  I learned from Cheryl that attitude can get you through even the toughest battles.  The quilt was hers to do as she pleased.  She could donate it or keep the choice was hers.  She still has the quilt.  We'll always have a special unspoken connection.  Love you Cheryl!

~ Lea Anne ~

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Something to Crow About

Good Monday Morning quilty Buddies!  This weekend was a very productive quilty marathon.  After cutting 1652 pink squares, ( you can read about it here. ) I needed a little sit down time.  The pink quilt still isn't ready for the sewing machine so a quick dig through the UFO bin....and look what was found hiding way down in the bottom.  What a wonderful surprise!  These blocks had been totally forgotten.  How did this happen?  The star blocks were done and the green chain blocks were about halfway done.   It didn't take long to finish piecing the blocks.  Maybe I need more UFO's laying around for that instant quilty fix!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the prints!  The orange and navy blue are both from the vintage stash.  That orange is just sweeter than pumpkin pie!(you must say that using your very best Steel Magnolia southern draw)  They just don't make'em like this anymore.  Calico's....simple and sweet, reminds me of being a little girl and Momma making most of my cloths.  Calico shirts and big ole floppy Culottes(coolots).  Momma was doing her best and it was the style, but to a little chubby, redheaded, freckled face girl....Culottes were not groovy.  Funny how the things we disliked as a child are fond memories as an adult.  It would be even better had mom kept the hideous things.

Yep I'm liking this UFO busting.  Maybe I should do this more often....yeah right!  We all say that but we know the real truth.  The likelihood of this staying a UFO is more probable than me finishing it and working on another.  Oh but a girl needs to dream.  While I'm at it I'll dream up a little quilting fairy to help with the mountain of UFO's.  She's a cute little pudgy gal...wearing Culottes!

Alright enough daydreaming, that's the reason why I've so many UFO's in the first place.
The original plan for this quilt was to add some applique.  So what do you think?  Applique or more blocks?

Before I leave let's link up today's post with some very fine blogging gals.  Hop on over, be inspired, join the fun and link up!


~ Lea Anne ~
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Podunk Pickins #10

Hellos sweet friends!  I'm running a little late today with Podunk Pickin's.  For some reason I thought today was Saturday.  OOOPS!   My distraction was 
1652 pink 2 x 2 squares.  Scraps!  I'll be linking up today's post at Quilting is more fun than Housework for the week OH SCRAP Linky party.

If I counted correctly there's about 50  different prints.  The plan is to clear out those scrap bins by making a scrap quilt of each color.  Well after cutting all of these I still have enough pink for a couple more quilts.  Not sure I'll be able to keep up with this bright idea.

The pattern is a basic Irish chain quilt.  Here's the layout and my cutting notes.  It took a day and half to cut the pink, the butter background shouldn't take nearly as long.

Now let's get to Podunk Pickin's link up.  

This will be the last week you can enter to win the super sweet Santa Express Bundle below from this months sponsor Bev at 44th Street Fabrics.  

There's been several ways to enter the drawing during the month of October.  If you're new to Podunk Pickin's  you can still enter the previous weeks by clicking on the Podunk Pickin's Logo in my blog side bar. 

This week you can enter by linking up a quilting/sewing tip or tutorial from your blog or other social media sites.  For this week all who link up will get 10 entries in the drawing.  It can be a new or old post that you want to revive, as long as it's new to Podunk Pickin's link up.  Please only one link up a week.

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