Monday, February 9, 2015

My Tweets center block

At last!  The last block is ready to be hand stitched.  It may sound like the end is near but when making a mental list of what still needs to be done before the quilt is complete it seems the light at the tunnel is still very small.  Hopefully by the time this last block is complete the block setting and borders idea will be set in stone.  It would be easier to just follow the pattern. 

Erin gave 3 different finishing instructions, all of which are great but....I just want mine to be different.  Following the quilt making instructions 100%, NEVER, ever... that I can recall. 

I fell in love with the quilt pattern at first sight over 3 years ago.  So much so that  I've made a couple different projects from single blocks.  This blue one hangs in the spare bedroom.  

Another one made for my mom'ma using block 2 of the series.  You can find the pattern for the entire set of quilt blocks here.   A tutorial for the border on the quilt below can be found on Erin's blog here.

Since this post seems to be all about Erin Russek, have you seen her new 
FREE BOM called Happy Dance?  The picture below is from her blog,  Onepieceatatime
 If your not a big fan of applique she's also giving instructions for pieced blocks that will surround the center applique.   I hadn't planned on doing this years BOM but I just couldn't say no to that cute watering can.  It's not to late to join in the fun!   All you need to do is purchase the center block, and the rest is free!  

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. This is one of my favorite of Erin's patterns! It is definitely on my list of To Dos!
    You done a lovely job on your blocks. I really like the way your takes on the blocks, just beautiful! I especially like the blue and yellow version! Inspiring, all of them!

  2. Your center block is just gorgeous! I enjoy seeing your "take" on the patterns and always like your changes. Your other two projects are just beautiful, too. Happy stitching!!

  3. I love this design too, and your version is looking great so far. I am quite envious of your fabrics -- I need to find more nice blenders like this. Onwards!

  4. You're making such wonderful progress. And it is so gorgeous!

  5. I can see why you like this block. It's gorgeous and you do a wonderful job with the applique. I really like the blue one!

  6. Your blocks are turning out so nice! I love applique.

  7. The center block is gorgeous. It's going to be a stunning quilt no matter the setting.


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