Thursday, February 5, 2015

Out with the old

The time has come to replace my rotary cutter that was given to me over 20 yrs ago.  I've put it off long enough, it's becoming dangerous to use.    My old one has been dropped on the tile floor one to many times, it has more dents and scratches than a Walmart shopping cart wheel.  Even with a new blade she was stiff.  I've tried cleaning, oiling and even used graphite powder to help make her smooth rolling, but no such luck.   The overall design of the Olfa rotary cutter has pretty much stayed the same, but the new colors are much more appealing.  And let me tell you the new one rolls and cuts SO NICE.  
I've had a couple other brands of rotary cutters over the years.  They too were gifts, and then re-gifted because they just didn't feel right in my hand even though they were sold as more ergonomically correct.

The sewing box above was a given to me when I was 18, that was a few years ago, it's older than my rotary cutter.  
Well inside is the free label that came with one of the old Olfa rotary cutters.  It's been pinned there since the day I got it.  I thought it was ugly, and didn't see a reason to put any type of label on my quilts.  Funny how things change.  These days almost every quilt I make gets a label or at least signed with a sharpie pen.

Even though my old Olfa is no longer being used she'll still have a place in my sewing box.  We've made a lot of memories together.
Do you have a favorite tool that you just can bare to replace?

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. My Fiskars rotary cutter is at least that old, too. I hope I dont have to ever replace it, lol! We've cut many miles together.

  2. I put the date on my old rotary cutters to keep track of the blade age. They were purchased in 1998. Every time I think about getting another one, the price just makes me go "nah". Wish I had an old sewing box. That's cool!

  3. I guess that tool would be my sewing machine. It was my mom's and then my sis had it for a while and now I've got it. I learned on it... we've got history and a cabinet! I wouldn't let the movers touch it... didn't want help moving it. I don't share it's use right now, but hoping to teach the grandgirls how to use it.

  4. It's hard to move on to a new tool when the old one fits your hand so well. You'll just have to keep it around to use for wrapping paper and things you would never cut with your "good" one.

  5. I have a pair of stork embroidery scissors which my son gave me as a birthday present when he was seven (he is 32 now!) So very precious and full of wonderful memories.

  6. The new ones are so much prettier, but my old one is still working. Guess I will hang onto it until it dies on me.

  7. Yes LeeAnn I have my mother's pinking shears...That is what she called them.. I was only 10 years old when she passed away,,,But I have used them many a time......

  8. My Olfa rotary cutter will have to crash and burn before I give it up. I love it too much.


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