Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back Porch Blooms Linky Party and Giveaway

 I'm giving 'er all I've got Captain!  Some of you might recognize that quote and if you do your showing your age or you might be a Trekkie.   That's how I feel, giving all I got and it's not enough.   All we can do is our best by giving it all we have to give.  With all I had behind this project I'm still falling short of my self made deadline.  It's the same ole sad story, sickness and care giving.  So we'll continue on as best we can with the linky party and hope for a quilt top finish and pattern by this weekend.  I could give you the pattern now but I'm my own pattern tester.  I write the pattern and then make it from my directions in order to  make sure my measurements are correct.  The quilt top is close to being complete, all the blocks are made.  Now to put it all together.   Below is the borders and binding strips for my Moon Flower Magic quilt.
Cutting out all the scrappy pieces for this quilt took f-o-r-e-v-e-r because I don't like to stack and cut.  It was one fat quarter at a time.  Doesn't sound all that bad until I tell you it was 70 fat quarters!  I know what your thinking, why not stack and cut when your cutting the same size pieces.  Well I've done that in the past and had some bad results.  Examples...the ruler slips and cutting the wrong size.  I'd rather have one mistake than several stacked mistakes.  And yes there were a few miscuts and slips while cutting for this quilt. 
So below is how my design wall looks right now.  I'm hoping for a few minutes every evening this week to complete the top.
It's not to late to join in this linky party and giveaways.  There will be link ups in September and October also.  Please only link up projects made using my Back Porch Blooms pattern.  They are several FREE patterns in the tutorials tab at the top of this blog.  You can also click on the Back Porch Blooms image in the sidebar to be taken to all post about this quilt along.  The patterns provided are merely suggestions on using this block.  I encourage you to inspire us all by designing your own project and linking up.  The only requirement for linking up is it must be a post about your progress making any project using the Back Porch Blooms block, all other post will be deleted.  Finished projects that were linked up in the previous Back Porch Blooms Linky Parties are welcome in this link up also. 
Once you link up your Back Porch Blooms project from your blog or other social media you will automatically be entered to win this Windmere Jolly Bar along with a few other surprises.   

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  1. So neat! Love the flower block! Thanks for posting!

  2. This pattern is my favorite using the Back Porch Bloom block. Even if you didn't get it done, you made a lot of progress.

  3. I'm a closet Trekkie. :) And we are all human, so sometimes, some things just have to give. But thank goodness quilters are some of the most gracious people around. They understand. Your quilt fabrics for this quilt are really yummy!

  4. Love your flower blocks. This is going to be a pretty quilt.


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