Monday, January 29, 2018

~Design Wall Monday ~ and a peek ~

Hello sweet friends! This past week has been a new adventure of learning to share my quilting space. I can admit I'm quite the selfish quilter.  My space, my tools, my fabric, and working on my schedule.   But my darling 4 yr old grand daughter has a way of melting my heart.  

And to be honest, letting her play with my scrap basket and design wall kept her busy while I did some quilting.  Of course as with any 4 yr old she chatted away as she played.  Chatting is the wrong word.  She asked question after question after question.  Why is this piece an oval?  How did you cut it like this grandma?  Isn't this the longest piece ever!?  Why do you have so many dot fabric?  Do you like dot fabric?  What's your fabric piece?  Are you going to cut more pieces for me to play with?  Can I cut some?  Can I take this piece home?  Can mommy have some?  Do you like fabric, grandma?  Why do you like fabric grandma?  Can I have fabric when I get big?  When can I sew? 

Grandma look!  Isn't this pretty!?  Grandma can I have ladder so I can put pieces up high?

Believe it or not I did manage to get something done besides answer questions.  

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. Yes, that age of questions unlimited. She has an eye for design though!

  2. Hi Lea Anne,
    Oh, those questions just bring a BIG smile to my face. Why grandma? Oh boy, it's going to be quiet when she goes home. I can't wait to hear all those questions from my Dominic . . . he's just about 5 months. But he can chat your ears off sometimes already. {{Hugs}} What a fun post! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I keep my 3YO grandson entertained the same way while I sew

  4. How wonderful to have your granddaughter so close. (Mine is 1/2 the continent away in CA) She seems to be telling a story on your design wall. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. How precious! Mine (8 YO) has become interested in sewing. She has used charms I've had sitting in my stash for a long time (and some new cuts!) and made all four of her AG dolls "blankets" and scarves for them and her out of an old scrap of fleece! She had fun and made some good memories as has your granddaughter! Enjoy her while you can - they grow up SO quickly! Some of my favorite childhood memories was learning to sew with my grandmother. I love the "sneak peek" - beautiful!

  6. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

  7. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much.


  8. Your quilting is gorgeous! Your granddaughter is adorable. The constant questions can be tiresome but so adorable. I think your granddaughter's creation would be cute as a long thin wall hanging for her room. It looks like a garden scene to me.

  9. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.



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