Wednesday, February 12, 2020

~ A little of This and That ~

Hello Happy Quilting Friends!  I've been working hard in the studio this week.  With all the hard work you would think I'd be posting everyday.  I wanted to but you know how it is, things don't always go as planned. So today I'm going to give you a sneak peak at the different on going projects.  Instead of saving the best for last lets start out with the best first.  Below is a small test block I made yesterday using one flower and 2 leaves from Block 1 of the Home Again BOM by Erin Russek.  You can find all the information about this FREE BOM over at Erin's blog One Piece at a Time.  It may be out of my color pallet but I still love it.  Very Mary Engelbreit-ish, don't you think?

The black background is a little out of my comfort zone.  I'll share with you later in the week why I choose the black.  This little block was made for a tutorial and product review that will be posted on Friday as part of my Nifty Notions series found in the right hand side of this blog.  If you're new to my blog or haven't stopped by in awhile Nifty Notions is where I review new or new to me quilting notion reviews.  When you click on the image in the sidebar it will take you to all Nifty Notions posts from oldest to newest.  This weeks product review on Friday will be Aleene's Ok to Wash It glue.

Earlier in the week I also used Aleene's Ok to Wash It glue for a binding video tutorial.  I wasn't happy with the video when finished.  So I'm debating if I should share the awful thing or not.

Since the binding tutorial didn't go well I decided to make another video for the flower block in the first picture.  And once again I was unhappy with the video.  In both of the failed videos this week I stumble around my words, bumped the camera and can't seem to keep my project in the video.  So if you don't mind poor quality I can share them anyway.  There have been many set backs this week  but that's just a part of quilting and blogging.  Playing in my smallest bits of scrap stash kept the frustration at bay.  I love playing with fabric!  No big surprise there, huh?!  HA!

Taking a break from those frustrating moments in life is one of the keys to happiness.  No matter what is going wrong it's important to let go, find something to take your mind off of the hardship.  Laughter and smiling is the best thing when things go wrong.  If you can't laugh at your problem at least find something to make you smile.  This week I've found great joy in a new internet viral sensation.  A BALANCING BROOM!  Of course it's because the planets are lined up perfectly or the Earth is tilted differently(eye roll)🙄.   Yes it gave me a chuckle.  Who knew a broom could balance on its own?  At first when a friend of mine posted on Facebook his broom standing up like this.  I thought it was another one of his corny magic tricks.  Nope!  I started seeing them everywhere.  People (and by people I mean quilters) balancing their brooms.  So I had to give it try with my broom.  TADA!  I no longer need a kickstand for my ride!

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barbara woods said...

love that black dot

kupton52 said...

VERY Mary Engelbreit-ish and very lovely. In fact, I may "borrow" this idea....I was going to use a pastel as my background for Erin's BOM but I'm lovin' your version. Thanks for the inspiration.

Bonnie said...

I agree your colors look like they came out of a Mary Engelbeit poster I have in my house. And, thanks for the heads up on Erin Russek's BOM. Your black polka dots remind me I have a hunk of white polka dots on soft red that ,ignited make a perfect background. On to Erin's blog.

Susan said...

Love your little flower block, especially on the black dot fabric - looks stunning!

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