Friday, June 5, 2020

~ Nifty Notions #7 ~ Mini Stash 'n Store REVIEW ~

Today's Nifty Notion is a little item I received in a monthly quilting subscription box a few months ago.  The It's So Emma's Mini Stash 'n Store.

To be honest this is one of those things I would never buy since I tend to lean toward being cheap, practical and more of re-purpose kind of gal.  So it was quickly tucked away in a drawer.  Earlier this week while searching for another forgotten item I stumbled upon The Mini Stash 'n Store  and thought it was time put this little gal to work.  With quick grab of a few items for a photo shoot I was loving how well it held the notions.

Where will I use and what will it replace?   Here's my current little container beside my sewing machine, it holds everything I need and there's room for more.  This green container was a 50 cent thrift store find.  Functional, cute and cheap that's how I roll.

Now I don't have to tell you that all these items are not going to fit in to the Mini Stash 'n Store.  But lets give it a go anyway just for giggles.

To my surprise all but one item fit.  There's even enough room left for a few more items.

The Stash 'n Store seemed a little top heavy so I pushed it a little farther back on the table so it would be supported by the basket.

Sigh....And then this happened when trying to remove the tweezers.  Ugg...This isn't a good fit for the Stash 'n Store.

My next thought was " It can't fall on the floor if it's inside the basket".  I've just the place that she might be of use.  Below is a basket at the end of my cutting table.  At the end of the basket is a coffee mug filled with a little bit of everything. Yes, there are multiples of several items and that is intentional.  If I lose a pen or pencil while designing and taking notes, I just grab another until I clear off the table and expose the other or others.

I think I could make all of this fit in all the little holes of the Stash 'n Store but with each additional item it would over load it and make the items to hard to remove.  It would also make it harder to put the item back in the Stash 'n Store.  I would need to dramatically reduce the amount of items to make the Mini Stash 'n Store work in my basket.  Well that's not going to happen.  Anyway, I really love the yellow coffee mug.  It's another thrift store find for about 50 cents.

Maybe a larger Stash store would better but honestly I think it would take up far more space than my yellow mug and not be as efficient, effective and convenient.   Then I thought maybe this Stash 'n Store is more for looks, a display piece instead of being functional.   It would be really cute in a more modern sewing room on a shelf with some cute little notions that are rarely used sticking out of it.
 I suppose it could be nice to set on the end table when I'm doing hand sewing.  It could hold a small pair of scissors, needles(maybe) and a small spool of thread(not likely).  Nah, it's just not functional in my world.  I like my little bowl with a lid that can be tossed in the end table drawer when not in use. 

As I removed the items from the Stash 'n Store the darn thing came apart!  Is this a design flaw or does it need to come apart for some unknown reason?  Now that it's apart maybe a piece of lead in the bottom would help make it a little more stable.  It's easier and cheaper to stick with my cute little thrift store finds.  This little gal is going to a new home this week.  Maybe my best quilting buddy, Bev, will find it more useful than I.  If not she can pass it along to someone else.


 At about $8 each it seems a little over priced to me since it doesn't really do much.  But remember I'm cheap.  

2. Ease of use
Yes it was easy to use.  Just stick whatever will fit in it and hope you can get it out without picking up the whole thing.

 3. Efficiency
No, I feel like this item made reaching for a tool more difficult.
It held the items well, almost to well.  Some items came out fine and others would stick and I would need to use both hands to remove them from the Stash 'n Store.  

Now in defense of this product and any product reviewed here on this blog or anywhere, please take the time to google the product and read other reviews.  This is just one person opinion.  I've many notions and quilting items in my Studio that other quilters find to be inferior but I love them.   

If you would like to see more product reviews here on my blog just click the image below or in the sidebar of this blog to be taken to all Nifty Notions reviews.

Just a little reminder that you can still gt 20% off you entire purchase at The Purple Hobbies website using the code PodunkPrettiesJan20 at checkout.  

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Danette said...

Loved the review. It gave me a chuckle. Especially since mine is, also, still in the box and never been used. In reality, when I received it in the Sew Sampler, I suspected it would sit there for quite a while not seeing the light of day. I probably will put mine in the "to be given away" bin.

Darlene said...

Over the last couple of years I've wondered about that particular item. I'm a mug, bowl, basket girl. Thank you for your awesome review. I'll keep using my 'found' items.

Mary-Kay said...

I have the Mini Stash and Store and I really like it. I use it beside my machine for the marking pencils, mini scissors. seam ripper, snips, tweezers, lay-down tool(wood skewer) and the 2 little screw drivers for my machine. It fits perfectly in front of my Bernina. I used to just have all my tools laying under the acrylic extension table and there was always something rolling on the floor or tucked under something else. Now they are right there beside my machine. I have a little trick when I need one of the tools. I just push down on the tool I don't want while I pull out the tool I need. No problems, just something I have gotten used to doing.

Cindy Quilts said...

Thank you for your review. I keep looking at these thinking they are a neat little item, but wasn't sure if I would really use it. A few of my quilting buddies have them and like them. Like you, I tend to re-purpose containers and like the set up I have now.

I think it is suppose to come apart so it can be cleaned.

Gretchen Weaver said...

I wasn't impressed when I saw these at the stores. My friend made me a cute basket and that is what I use by my sewing machine. If it works, why change it? Happy stitching!

sue keida said...

I have one too. It's definitely not a must have but I use mine. I have that little bloc loc ruler in it that I use a lot and was constantly searching for, also some snips, etc.
I laughed when you wrote "remember I'm cheap" lol
Thanks for the review!

QuiltGranma said...

Perhaps the empty bottom is ment for storage of some kind?

Linda in Calif. said...

I've been needing something for my little notions. I was considering the bigger one - but I wasn't sure if it would really work for me. But when I saw your green catch all, I knew that's it. I need something like that. Perfect! (I'm sitting here thinking - Why didn't I think of that!?)

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