My Quilts

This is a cheater panel, my first quilt off of my quilt frame!

Made for a breast cancer survivor

Christmas tree skirt

Christmas quilt quicky to get the snowman fabric out of my stash

Made for my momma for Valetines in 2012

Monkeying Around

Spinning Daisies

My attempt at a Manly quilt

Modabakeshop pattern

My first attempt at designing and raw edge applique

Made for my aunt in her favorite colors

Another modabakeshop pattern for the 4th of July 2011

Special cerimonial quilt for my dad
Summer Romance

Sweet Pickins

Cherry on Top

Quilty Barn Along
block design by Lori Holt
quilt layout by ME

Miss Kelly
designed by Erin Russek

Antiqued scrap doll quilt

Grannies Star Variation
My design

designed by ME

Nostalgic Christmas
Designed by Lynn Wilder

Chemo quilt

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  1. These are exceptional quilts! I'd be standing in line with my hand out, too!
    I can get blocks together fairly well, and am just attempting to do machine quilting on my latest one.

  2. Beautiful quilts. Where do I sign up to be adopted?

  3. Beautiful quilts and quilting,I was on Youtube and seen your video on modifying your Bailey's machine,I too have a Baileys and was wondering how you like the stitch regulator?Does it stop like most regulators or slow down? I was going to buy one but I couldn't find any answers to these questions.Thank you for your time and keep up the great work.

    1. The SR for the Baileys doesn't come to a complete stop. You can lower the base speed to get it to almost stop. I've learn to just have my finger on the button ready to make it stop

  4. Your quilts are lovely, I especially love your Grannies Stars Variation. Great quilting too.

  5. I think all of the quilts are beautiful, great job :)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous ... I would buy a couple of patterns when you make them (or if) available. Congratulations. Such talent and thank you for sharing with us.

  7. Can I get information about the 3-D scalloped inner border?

  8. Loved seeing your quilts!! Thanks for sharing with us! Love your layout on the Barns quilt, love your Nostalgic Christmas designed by Lynn Wilder (have you gotten to meet her? She's a wonderful person!). Your Cherries on Top is beautiful, is it your own design? And your Summer Romance is stunning: do you do your own quilting? If so, wow!! Beautiful job!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg


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