Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sugar Pop Posies

It feels so good to finally have this one finished.  These little quilts aren't any quicker to make than the bigger ones.  Sometimes I think they take longer.  The little squares finish at a half inch and the quilt is 22" square.  The quilting was done on my domestic machine.  
You can read more about the making of this quilt here, here and here.

This picture below shows the real colors.  LOVE IT!   Coming up with a name was really hard.   So I thought what the heck lets do the Posies again...
Sugar Pop Posies.

Adding my little quilt to a linky over at
Hop on over for inspiration and to share your scrap projects.

~ Lea Anne ~

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fave Quilts, its all about free!

   The other day while looking for quilt inspiration my google search landed me at Fave quilts

 Wow!  This site is packed full of free projects.  Everything from mug rugs to king size quilts.  They make it easy to search different sizes and style of projects with a long list of categories.  

After spending more time than I should've browsing I noticed that bloggers can submit a project.  Well you know I did!  The forms were easy to fill and submit.  And within a couple of days I received a confirmation email that my projects had been added to their list of projects.  What a great way to reach more quilty friends.  Guess what else I found?  Monthly Giveaways!  
You better hurry this bundle of Peppered Cotton fat quarters will be gone soon the giveaway ends on the 24th.

And the all About strips book giveaway ends on the 31st.  

Have fun browsing the projects and Good luck in the giveaways!

~ Lea Anne ~

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Itty Bitty Change

Does it surprise you that I've made a few changes to my little quilt plan?  I didn't think so.  Earlier in the week I attached a white border to the center panel of my itty bitty block. you can see it here.  It wasn't tickling my fancy.  A few quick flicks with the seam ripper and a new design idea and TADA....Oh so cute!   

I often design on the fly, not really knowing how a quilt will look.  A general idea is born, then I just let the creativity and playing take over.  This type of designing can produce a few more scraps than having a set in stone plan.   It can also produce many UFO's and WIP's .    I couldn't remember when I started this little project so I did a little digging through my blog and found the original post in August of last year.    Hey that's not too bad!  Not even a year has passed.

Here's sneak peek at the quilting.  I'm at the halfway point.  I'll see you in a day or two for the big reveal of my Itty Bitty Quilt.

Need more inspiration before then?  Well I've just what you need.  Hop on over to these Linky Parties, there's always ton's of it just a click away.

Confessions of a fabric Addict

Richard and Tanya Quilts

A Quilting Readers Garden

~ Lea Anne ~
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Throwback Thursday

The last couple of days have been full of everything but quilting.  Gardening has taken over my life.  Just when I think I'm caught up, something else pops up, usually more weeds.  Yesterday mom'ma needed  chauffeured around two counties to doctors appointments.  I'm not complaining, these times will become fond memories someday.  While waiting for mom'ma to gather her things I spied a new picture sitting on her kitchen desk.  Well the picture is new to the desk but old as far as date taken. 

This is mom'ma's dad and Step Mom.   I can't remember my Grandparents being this young.  And although she was my Step grandmother in my heart she was just  Granny.  She loved me as one of her own and never made me feel less than any other grandchild.   Every break from school was spent with her.  They lived a simple life with no TV,  only gospel music and sermons on the radio, and church several times a week.  When gramps was gone granny would sneak and play old country music on the HI-FI, her favorite was Dolly Parton's "Coat of many colors".  I loved every minute of time with her and would dread the day I had to go home.  

As I grew up and started having children we would talk on the phone several times a week for hours.   She's been gone for almost 20 yrs and I can still hear her laugh, and say "COME ON BIG SIXES" while playing the much frowned upon (by Gramps) game of Yahtzee.... I miss those times.   Seeing this picture reminded me just how precious every moment is with our elders.  Granny was mom'ma's age when she passed.  I looked at mom'ma with a new set of eyes, for a brief moment.  While she can be difficult and ornery I love her and want those precious memories.  This may require a pair of rose color glasses.

~ Lea Anne ~ 
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