Friday, October 24, 2014

Promenading Tulips Finished!

Come on in and join me in a rug cuttin happy dance!  It's so exciting to finally have this finished.  The idea for the quilt started well over a year ago.  The tulips are from Lori Holt's book Quilty Fun.  However I started this quilt before her book was published.  She originally gave the pattern on her blog for free during a row along.  So I saved it.  Of course I bought her book anyway with the intentions of making one of her patterns.  But you know me...I can't stick to a pattern.  In the book it calls for one tulip as a block.   Using 4 tulips and some math I came up with the Promenading Tulips block.
(not my tree, its Charles front yard)
When I get an idea for a quilt it's just idea.  The details are always changing and morphing.   You can read more about how I came up with the different elements of this quilt here and here.
 Planning the quilting is another hurdle.  The same technique is used in this process which means I do the quilt stare and keep my eyes open when surfing the web.  With the inner scalloped border I knew I wanted the quilting to be dense enough to make the 3D effect really stand up, but I didn't want a quilt that was a stiff as board with that quilted to death feel.  Finding that balance somewhere in the middle.  The decision was made to leave some "poofy" areas towards the center of the quilt.
 Now I bet you all are wondering about this truck.  Ain't she a beauty!  There's a story behind her too.  A few months ago I was on my way to momma's, of course I always take the long way, windy through the country roads and enjoying the scenery.   My meandering takes me through a small town of Providence.  It's one of those 4 way stop towns with a church and a few houses.  Well I spot this truck (not for sale at the time), how could you not see the bright yellow paint and orange wheel rims.  I told myself should I ever drive by and see the owner outside I'd stop and ask permission to use his truck as a quilt prop.  Well low and behold about a month later Charles and his wife were standing there just waiting on me!  I whipped my ole hunk of junk up in the drive and introduced myself.  You never know if people are going to welcome you or not when it comes to country folk, some live out here because they don't like people.  But Charles and his wife were the good kind of country folk, telling me to feel free to use the old truck whenever I wanted.  They've recently put it up for sale, and I love to take it home but....all I can do is wish and dream.  Thanks Charles for letting me drool all over your girl!
 Okay let's get back to the quilt.
 You've gotta have crosshatching and feathers in every quilt, right?  I love the traditional look from the simple crosshatched blocks.   The yo-yo placement was marked with blue water soluble pen before quilting.   After the quilt was quilted the yo-yo's were stitched in place with a few tack stitches.  I wanted to the the 3D effect on those also.  
The backing is vintage baby prints from my stash.  Might as well make the whole quilt scrappy!
Thanks for stopping by and dancing with me today!

~ Lea Anne ~

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Picking out embedded threads tutorial

I clip, check and recheck and still these stray little frays happen.  And of course they're never seen until it's too late.   I've shown this method of picking out embedded threads before but thought it was a good tip to show again.
No need crying over spilled milk if you have one these handy little tools.  It's not a tool used often but I'm sure glad I have it when I need it.  
Soft Touch Thread Pic is a lifesaver if your like me and worry about the occasionally embedded fray showing through on a finished quilt.
Insert the fine tip close to the stray thread or fray.  There's no fear of it ripping or damaging the fabric, it's super tiny hook slides right between the weave of the fabric.  The trick is to go slowly with the hook facing you when inserting, being careful not to grab the batting.  Ideally keeping the hook in the space between the top fabric and the batting and when you get to the thread push the batting down out of the way and grab the thread.
 I wasn't so lucky this time.  There's a small amount of batting in my hook so I removed the hook leaving just a small portion of the thread exposed. 
 Grab the thread and pull it out.  Super simple!  Clipping the thread and the small little poof of batting.
 A quick little rub with the finger and the fabric weave distortion is fixed.
All that's left to do is soak this quilt in cold water to get rid of the water soluble blue quilting marks.  I'm so excited to finally have this one finished.  I think it's my new favorite.  See you tomorrow for the big reveal.

~ Lea Anne ~

Today's freebie from Samelia's Mum

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Binding and a winner!

The binding is my favorite part of the quilting adventure.  It means that a finish is finally here, which in my case can take forever due to my project hopping.  I've tried several different methods for attaching the binding and I always go back to the the old stand by of machine stitched to the front and hand sewn to the back.  But even after all these years the last seam always gives me trouble.  You know the one I'm talking about, with the two tails sticking out.    If I had a dollar for everytime I had to take out the last seam and restitch I could buy a fat quarter bundle.  For some reason it always ends up to short or to long on the first try.  
So anytime a different tutorial crosses my path for bindings it gets my full attention.   You never know when someone is going to come up with yet another great idea.  While surfing (at 2 A.M.) this morning I stumbled across a new to me blog,  Baltimore Garden Quilts.  Lots of eye candy! And another really good tutorial for binding with a few tips I'll be trying out on the next quilt.
I want to thank everyone who entered the Fall Festival Giveaway.  There were so many responses I couldn't reply to them all.   But I did read them all and I could tell by the responses that most quilters have a great sense of humor.
The winner of the LOL charm pack is
BARBARA WOODS from Wont-to-beQuilter !
Congrats Barbara!, I've sent you an e-mail.

~ Lea Anne ~

Today's freebie from Amanda@JediCraftgirl

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pretty Messy and Give Away Reminder

While standing at my cutting table squaring up the backing fabric for the next quilt, I took a moment to enjoy the view.  Don't you just love pretty messes?  
I also wanted to remind you there's still time to enter my giveaway for the Fall Festival Giveaway hosted by Vicki Welsh over at Field Trips in Fiber.  Don't forget to hop over to Vicki's and enter her giveaways.  She's also hosting a linky for other bloggers to share their giveaways.  Several chances to win some lovely prizes!
I'll be announcing the winner from my giveaway first thing tomorrow morning.  So you have until then to enter!

~Lea Anne ~

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Slow Stitching Sunday

She's off the frame for good this time!  Finally! WooHoo...I'm kicking up my heels  hillbilly style.  Me doing the Happy Hillbilly Hoedown isn't nearly as pretty as the quilt, but I'm sure both would make you smile!   The 36 yo-yo's have been glue basted and ready are for hand stitching.  As soon as I machine stitch  the binding to the front of the quilt I'll start the hand stitching marathon.  
Stitching the binding to a quilt is the only time I sit and watch TV all day while sewing.  Since this is a fairly large quilt, about 88 x 100, it's going to take a few hours.  With the yo-yo's maybe 2 days!  
I can't wait to show you the entire quilt, She's a cutie!

I'm linking up today with Kathy@KathyQuilts for Slow Stitching Sunday.  These gals do some amazing hand piecing and quilting.  Great inspiration.  I joined Kathy's linky hoping that it would keep me inspired to get my handwork UFO's finished.  Not only has it helped(so far) to keep me on track but it's also rekindle my interest in learning to hand quilt.  

~ Lea Anne ~

today's freebie from A Bright Corner

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Doodle Bird

How about a little sneak peak from my kitchen window that overlooks the studio.  This is the view standing at my kitchen sink.  The previous owner of the house needed more living space so he converted what we think was a carport into living space.  Kinda an odd layout but I like it, I can do dishes and do the quilt stare at the same time.  
Since I'm almost finished with the one on the frame I'm already thinking about the next one to go on the frame.   I picked out one a couple of weeks ago but it's not talking to me so I decided to pull them all out and see which one started talking first.
 By nature I'm drawn to the ones with brighter fabrics, but they aren't talking right now.  And the darker ones below have even less to say...sigh...seems I'm in a quilty funk.  I did some quilting design doodles yesterday hoping that it would help...NOPE.  Which one would you quilt next?   
Below is my doodle pad that I keep handy at all times.  This is where I write down ideas as they pop in my head.  When quilting I listen to the TV or radio.  Rarely do I watch the TV during the day, so the programming needs to be something I don't need to watch, like Unsolved Crimes, Political news and Cooking shows.  Lately it's been cooking shows, so I keep my doodle pad handy for recipes.  Last night I was sitting on the couch doing some hand stitching when my baby boy called, of course I had my doodle pad handy.  As you can see  by the Doodle bird we talked for quite awhile.  My baby boy has new job, a new apartment and loving life.  I've no idea where or how this bird fit into our conversation, it's what my doodle brain decided to draw.   Maybe it's the crazy hen pecking momma bird that wants to tell him how to live his life.   
So do you doodle?  A couple of years ago I found an interesting video by T.E.D on why doodling is good for everyone.  If you've never watched T.E.D videos they are addictive, well that's just my humble opinion.  

~ Lea Anne ~

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Give Away Party!

When I saw that Vicki from Field Trips in Fiber blog was having a week long give away linky party I had to join the fun.  What clever idea!    Vicki will be having a give away everyday this week and hosting a linky so you can link up your blog and give away.  Click HERE for the details at her blog. 
This is a great way to meet new bloggers and increase your blog traffic and followers.  Of course it's not all about your blog stats.  It's about fun and sharing your love of quilting and crafts.  You can just grab one or two lovelies from your stash and give it away!  It doesn't need to be fabric, it can be sewing notions, mug rugs, a small quilt, anything!  Just give something!
Doesn't it sound like fun?  Who doesn't love fun?
I know I do.  Everyday should be filled with laughter and happiness.  I try to laugh even when times are tough.  It's been a goal of mine to make sure my kids learn this valuable lesson of laughter that can get you through any part of life's struggles.  Of course they take it to extreme sometimes.  Here's a couple pictures of my boys when they were teenagers.  We were in Kohl's shopping for school cloths and I couldn't find them.  They were in disguise!  Both of them had put on hats and Suit coats, I walked right past them several times, those little boogers!  Now I need to say this, we weren't buying cloths because their pants were so holey, they would cut holes in their brand new pants to make them look awful...KIDS!  Glad they grew out of that phase.

They've had good role models along the way, my brother being one of them.  This is Greg (he's bald) modeling one of my moms wigs(on the right), he looks like a chubby Rod Stewart!  And I had to show you how handsome he was with out the wig.
Let's not forget gramps...everytime we tried to get a picture he would make this silly face!  I guess silliness is a good thing to inherit.
So when I was in the LQS last week and spied this LOL charm pack I knew it was perfect for Vicki's Linky party
LOL by Me and My Sister Designs, just look at the gorgeous colors.  I love these gals and their fabrics.  
Barb and Mary are always having a good time.  And that giggle spirit comes out in their fabrics and patterns. 
To be enter in my giveaway for the LOL charm pack by Me and My Sister Designs you can do one or all of the following.  You'll need a separate comment for each one completed.
  1. Visit Vicki's blog, follow or subscribe to her blog and comment here on this that you did so.  
  2. Join the linky party at Vicki's blog and have a give away on your blog.  Leave a comment here on this post telling me you've linked up on Vicki's linky here.
  3. Be a follower of my blog and comment on this post how you follow.
  4. Leave a comment on this post telling me who's your favorite comedian.  Mine's Robin Williams, he could make anyone laugh from the smallest child to oldest adult.

I'll announce the winner of the charm pack next Wednesday, October 22, 2014.  

Good Luck!
This giveaway is closed. 

~ Lea Anne ~


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