Monday, December 5, 2016

Breaking out of my Comfort Zone

I know by the looks of this first picture my loyal followers are thinking everything looks normal, what is this gal talking about.  She's pulled a bunch of happy bright fabrics that are well within her comfort zone.  

Now let's get to the uncomfortable part of this fabric pull.  It's for the Bonnie Hunter En Provence Mystery quilt.  That's right my loyal quilting buddies I've decided to jump on the board the mystery train!  It's a first for me.  Typically I don't do mysteries for fear of not liking the pattern.  To be honest I've never seen a Bonnie quilt I disliked, so why not make one?!  It works into my very busy schedule right now.  I mean she does all the quilty math and its FREE!  But I must admit I can't jump completely on board this train.  The paint chips below are Bonnie's color pallet for this quilt.  You all know the problem, right?  PURPLE!  I don't do purple very often, so I'm changing it to a more Podunk friendly pallet.

The purples will be replaced with these lovely blues.

And that magenta Bonnie chose as the focus fabric, well it's not sitting right with me either.  So with the wave of my quilty wand it was changed it to red.  By the way I had to order the red.  After digging through my stash I found one little piece of it and decided it was the perfect shade of red, but it's from an older line of fabric.  After a long search on the internet I found the Tasha Noel print at MixFabrics.  It was reasonably priced and arrived quickly.

The green and the yellow fabrics below are just a pull.  I'm sure some of them will not make it into the quilt.

I've already started weeding out the low volume fabrics.  Below is what I plan to use, but plans can change quickly in Podunk.

These little cuties were the first to make the cut.  I felt the print was too large or too bold on each of these.

 So the mystery has begun with this cute little 3.5 block.  It's clue #2....yes I've already fallen behind.  But I've a couple of days of free time to catch up.

 So how many of you are doing the mystery?  Are you at least saving the free patterns?  Bonnie makes it very easy to save them, she has them available in PDF format.  If all this is news to you and your curiosity is up, why not head over to Bonnie's blog right now to find out what all the hub-bub is about.  There's hundreds...maybe thousands of quilters making this quilt.  Today is the linky party for clue #2.  Just click right here to be inspired by so many quilters making the En Provence Mystery Quilt.  If you want the clues to this quilt you need to go to the top of her page in the link I provided.  You'll see a tab at the top that says En Provence, click it!  Hope to see some of you there!

~ Lea Anne ~

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Inspired Christmas trees and trucks

 Hi-diddly-o quilty friends!  I'm so glad you stopped by today.  I've missed hanging out in blogland.  Occasionally I get a chance to pop in and see what you've been stitching up on your blogs and instagram.  However there's not been much time for sewing here in Podunk.  I've managed to sneak in a few hours here and there.  Most of my time is spent away from home and my studio. By taking my laptop along I get my quilty fix designing quilts in EQ7.  This quilt was inspired by the Vintage Christmas quilt pattern I made earlier in the month.

The pieced part of the 24 inch blocks are made using a cream jelly roll, the blocks go together super fast.  The jelly roll used was custom cut for me by Claranna @ Coffee Cup Quilting, a local quilt shop near Podunk.  The red and green fabric also came from the same shop.  They're leftovers from the fat quarters used in my last quilt top, Vintage Christmas by Erica Arndt.    Hopefully I can get some pictures later today.  You can read more about it here.

Of course you all know I love applique but don't like to do handwork so my applique is done by machine using Superior Threads Monopoly thread and a tiny  blanket stitch.  Once it's washed you need to be super close to see that its not hand stitched.

The original plan for this quilt was 6 truck blocks.  That was far too much applique for my limited time.  The trees are much easier to make and stitch into place.

The background for the trees were also from the same jelly roll. 

Here's a shot of my Studio floor....

...and here's what it should look like....eventually.  If you have any suggestions for the name of this quilt I'd love to hear them.  

~ Lea Anne ~
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Quilt by numbers FREE editable, printable

Good Monday Morning quilting friends!  I'm excited to share my newest freebie with you this morning.  This weekend while cutting the pieces for the Vintage Christmas quilt I realized I needed to label the many pieces.   So why not make the labels cute.  Sure I could have quickly written them out by hand but they would have been tossed in the trash.  By making them cute they would always be on hand when I needed them.  It took very little time to work up a cute design.

Well why not share them with my friends!  If you would like to print out your own Quilt by Numbers sheet click RIGHT HERE.  This is a Microsoft Word 10 document.  It should open in all Microsoft Word 10 and newer.  When you open it this is what you'll see.

You can add more numbers and letters or change the font.  Just click inside the little scalloped circle.

I printed mine onto card stock.  You know the cheap stuff from Walmart.  I keep it on hand for making quilt templates.  And because my black ink cartridge was low I changed my font color to green.
After printing out your letters you'll need to cut them apart.  

*TIP....change out the blade on your rotary cutter with an old one so you don't dull your new blade on the paper.

After I cut them vertically I skooched the rows back together to make the horizontal cuts.

An empty pin box is their new home. 

 ~ Lea Anne ~

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Vintage Christmas Quilt

Since the very first quilt I  made I've always drafted my own patterns.  Occasionally buying magazines or books for inspiration.  Since my quilting time has become so limited, drafting quilt patterns and quilty math is not something I want to waste precious time doing.  Well when I saw this little cutie on Instagram I knew it was a must make. Below is the fabric pull(purchase) for this adorable quilt.

Of course I can't help but see so many different options for this quilt.  My quilters eye is seeing several different changes I could make.  Maybe a snowman or two, a little reindeer hiding in the trees, Christmas packages in the back of one of the trucks or some Christmas tree decor.  Fussy cutting little elf or Santa driving the truck.  The possibilities are endless!
Vintage Christmas was designed my Erica Arndt.  Not a well known quilter but I see a bright quilt future for this amazing Home Schooling mom.  

Below is her Vintage Christmas quilt.  You can find the pattern and fabric requirements on her blog Confessionsofahomeschooler.   Hop on over and give her some quilty love!

~  Lea Anne ~
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