Monday, June 19, 2017

I Love Home FREE Block of the Month

Who can resist free?  I know I can't especially when it's so cute.  I wanted to share Jacquelynne Steves new Block of the Month that will Start in August called "I love Home".   I saw the sneak peak of this quilt being designed a few weeks ago and was anxious for it to begin.  Much to my surprise as I waited for the big reveal and launch of the pattern Jacquelynne contacted me asking if I would be willing to be one of the featured bloggers in the sew along...Well of course I would!  What an honor, Thank you Jacquelynne!

To participate you need to sign up to receive the free patterns in your email as soon as they are released.  Isn't that wonderful?  You'll never miss a month with the blocks coming directly to your email.   And If your not a fan of applique like me, there's an embroidery option or a plain pieced block option.   To sign up click here.  

The fun doesn't stop at a free quilt pattern.  If you participate and share your blocks along the way there's several giveaways.  One of which will be right here on my blog.  So hop over to quickly sign up and find out more about the amazing sponsors and giveaways.  Click here to sign up I'm looking forward to seeing your version of this fun free quilt.

~ Lea Anne ~

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Monday, June 12, 2017

The Race is On

With so many things to do in Podunk it feels like I'm racing around trying to get it all done.  Sadly quilting takes a back seat to my other chores.  But yesterday I took the day off from chores so I could do a little sewing.

I'm pushing for a 4th of July finish.  It's almost a completed top.  Just need to put the finishing touch of invisible machine applique.  Can you see my stitches on the blue?  It's invisible!  MonoPoly Thread by Superior Threads is some amazing stuff. I can't boast about it enough.

Maybe in a couple more days I'll have a quilt top to share.  For now there's things to be done.  Next chore is to can 50 pounds of peaches!  We picked up these sweeties from The Peach Truck.  If you would like some fresh from the farm peaches you can look at their website to see if they will be visiting your area. Unfortunately they only visit a handful of states. 

~ Lea Anne ~
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Friday, June 2, 2017

Monkey Butter and More

 Not a stitch has been made in the last couple of days.   One day was spent working hard in the garden and yesterday was spent canning Strawberry Jam and Monkey Butter.  Monkey Butter?  What on earth is that?!  I assure you no monkeys are in this tasty spread.  It's nothing more than bananas, pineapple and coconut.  This is my first time canning Monkey butter but not my last! YUMMY!  

Now let me say that the FDA says bananas cannot be safely home canned.  Well the FDA says a lot of things I don't think are quite true.  Millions of home canners all over the world preserve bananas and none of them have spent anytime in the ER or the bathroom for days on end.  As long as you follow the instructions you'll be fine.  So if you're still interested in trying your hand at something new and living on the wild side you can find the recipe I used by CLICKING HERE. 

Yesterday while at the grocery store I found pineapples on sale for .98 cents and 5 lbs. of carrots for $3.  So today I'll be canning pineapple chunks and pineapple jelly from the scraps.  Then last years leftover blackberries and black raspberries will become jam.  And the carrots... I can't decide if I want to drag out the pressure canner or just freeze them.  We'll see how I feel after preserving the fruit.

~ Lea Anne ~
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Adding a little WOW

Designing quilts is a passion of mine.  Sometimes the ideas flow in in like rain and I can't get them on paper fast enough.  Watching a quilt take shape is always a surprise.

The quilt design is never set in stone.   The original design is always subject to change.  The quilty wheels in my head are always in examination mode.

By my drawn pattern this quilt would be ready to quilt...but something could be done to take the pattern over the top a bit.  

Oh yes, you all know me well, we gotta add just a tad bit of applique.  Now it feels complete with a little WOW.   For now the bias strip is just pinned in place so I can figure out the placement.  Next I'll glue it in place with Roxanne's basting glue so I can stitch it in place.

The blue fabric is bias strips of fabric cut at 2.5 inches, then sewing in half.  If you youtube bias applique strips you'll find tons of videos.  Most videos call for bias pressing bars.  They don't make pressing bars wide enough for this project.  I  made mine by eyeballing pressing the seam to the back.  You can see my seam at the bottom of the picture above.  No fancy tools needed, just a little patience and time.

~ Lea Anne ~

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