Friday, November 16, 2018

~ Snow on the Farm ~

Hold onto your hats, you're about to be blown away!  Yes you're at the right blog.  Nope, no one has taken over my Studio.  I'm not sure what fueled my sudden desire to work with black.  With every finished project I state "This will be the last, time to get back to my pretty bright fabrics!"  Well let me tell you, I'm as stuck on black as a cow in mud!  Why try to fight it, just roll with it until it runs it course.

The Christmas Tree blocks are from my quilt pattern Christmas Memories Truck.  And after seeing this photo my little black fetish may need a snowflake or two.  Hmmm....that little tree with the heart is inspiring also.  Oh my, I've got it bad.  

The new quilt pattern in black and white seen in the background of the first picture will be published tomorrow.  I've named it Snow on the Farm. It was delayed due to an small ice storm here in Podunk and the fact that I won't drive on ice.  The quilt pattern covers are ready at the printers but I don't like driving on ice.

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Friday, November 9, 2018

~ Friday Freebies for Christmas ~

Christmas is slowing creeping up on us.  And it seems like time is speeding up!  So if your needing a few quick quilt ideas for the holiday season I have just what you need today.  These three simple cute patterns could be used for any season of the year just by changing the fabrics.  This is my kind of go to patterns.   Who doesn't have memories of a simple pieced quilt from their childhood.  More often than not is was these simple quilts that started us on our own quilty journeys.  

The first pattern is from Andy of A Bright Corner blog.

The next quilt is from Karen Walker of the Laugh Yourself Into Stitches blog. 

The last quilt is called Wintersweet by Nicola Dodd of CakeStand Quilts blog. 

 Hop on over to these lovely blogs and give them a big thank you for sharing their talents during this busy time of year.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

~ Klaiber's Quilt Shop Road Trip ~

Who doesn't love a road trip in the fall?  For that matter anytime the seasons change.  After several months of hot and rainy days, these cooler colorful days are a blessing.  Soon the colors will be gone and we'll be anxiously awaiting the first snowfall to paint the browned landscape with a glistening blanket of white.  I can hardly wait.  But for now I'm enjoying the scenic views of Autumn.

What makes a road trip even better is sharing it with good company.  Yesterday it was my youngest child Trever.  This 25 yr. old is full of life and exciting stories of adventure.  When he heard I'd be near his home shopping he immediately wanted to ride along with momma.  To be honest I was kind of leery of letting him tag along.  What 25 yr. male wants to spend the day with momma shopping for quilt supplies and home goods?  My son!  As we walked into Hobby Lobby he said he and his girlfriend made a pack to never shop here again because they both spend way to much money.  I was a woman on a mission for the same reason, looking around is dangerous, but he was like a kid in a candy store.   Every 5 feet he would say "Hey Momma, LOOK AT THIS!"  I don't know how I did it but I managed to leave the store with only the things on my list.  Our trip to Tuesday Mornings was just as eventful.  We looked at EVERYTHING.  What a great shopping buddy.  Our last stop was Klaiber's Sewing Center.  Again I was a woman on a mission, just a couple of parts for my Bailey Home Quilter and leave.

 Oh my goodness.....color heaven!  So much fabric they didn't have enough shelf space.  This is my kind of store.  Oodles of bright fabrics.  Immediately my eyes went to the much needed blues for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt, Good Fortune.  I could feel my heart rate rise and a warm feeling flow over my head....oh I'm in trouble!  I wondered if it was noticeable to the others in the store that I was in Textile overload.  Who Cares!  How could they not be as giddy as I?

As I tried my best to keep the squeals under control I spotted some sweet little prints that screamed "YOU NEED ME!".  Oh you shameful temptresses!  I'm here for machine parts....... what is taking that repair guy so long?  Doesn't he know I'm slowly loosing control out here?  Well sure he does. 

  My son at this point has wandered off looking at sewing machines.  I must find him, if I stay with him and focus I can get out of here without damaging my budget.  But let me tell you....those fabrics ganged up on me, I could hear them, some with whispers affection, and others with demanding statements of love.  "If you love me you will take me with you!", "You want me, I know you do.", "Come on just a fat quarter bundle, it'll make you feel good."   Please lord give me the strength to not fall under their spell.    Finally my son spots this transformed sewing machine.  He was so taken by this little cutie...I imagine it was whispering to him as well.  As he looked it over he said "You know Momma, I think I can make one, I gonna make one!"  He began taking pictures as the serviceman came out with my sewing machine parts.  

Without hesitation I paid for the parts and headed towards the door.  Have you ever noticed in most quilt shops the register is in the middle of the store?   This is not by accident.  We continued our fight toward the exit, it was just a few feet away.  With each step the whispers became louder, and as the door closed behind us we could here the load screams......YOU'LL BE BACK....YOU CAN'T STAY AWAY.....WE'LL BE HERE WAITING....YOU LOVE US....WE LOVE YOU!  
The door closed and we were free!  No more whispers, no more screams. feels good to defeat them.  I did it!  I left with exactly what was on my list.  Why do I feel so bad?....Yes, I'll be back for you lovely ladies, until then if you find another that will love you as much as I, by all means, GO WITH THEM!

We had a great day, why was I so leery?

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

~ Harvest Star Tutorial ~

Hey Quilty Friends!  Here in Indiana harvest time is rolling to a close.  Most of the crops have been harvested and the fields are bare.  However the trees are in full color.  Autumn came about 2 weeks late this year due to the crazy spring/winter weather.  It's been an very wet year so the grass is still green and all the rain has made the leaves on the trees extra bright.  To bring Autumn to a close here on the blog I thought it would be nice to share a cute little star tutorial.  Harvest Star is tiny, measuring 6.5".

It was was a test block for my Farmhouse Pumpkins quilt pattern.  The block turned out great and I really like it but I thought the colors would take away from what I originally envisioned for this quilt.

My quilty mind thinks this star block would look even cuter with orange pumpkins in the Farmhouse Pumpkins pattern.  The pattern for the quilt can be found in my Etsy and Craftsy shops.  Links are at the top of the blog.

All arrows show pressing directions

Assemble (2) 1" x 2.5" Brown with (1) 2.5" x 2.5" Orange. Press.  Assemble (2) 1" x 3" to the top and bottom.  Press.

Draw a line from corner to corner on all (4) 2 3/8" x 2 3/8" Teal.  Layer (2) Teal squares in opposite corners of (1) 4.25" x 4.25" White.  Stitch 1/4" away on both sides of the drawn line.

Cut on the drawn line.  Press.

Assemble (1) 2 3/8" x 2 3/8" Teal with each unit.  Stitch 1/4" away on both sides of the drawn line.  Cut on the drawn line.  I forgot to put pressing arrows on the this PRESS TOWARDS THE TEAL.  Then trim away the wings.  

Assemble the block in rows using (4) 2" x 2" White.

If you make these little blocks I'd love to see them!  On social media use #harveststarquiltblock  or you can send an email

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