Sunday, October 19, 2014

Slow Stitching Sunday

She's off the frame for good this time!  Finally! WooHoo...I'm kicking up my heels  hillbilly style.  Me doing the Happy Hillbilly Hoedown isn't nearly as pretty as the quilt, but I'm sure both would make you smile!   The 36 yo-yo's have been glue basted and ready are for hand stitching.  As soon as I machine stitch  the binding to the front of the quilt I'll start the hand stitching marathon.  
Stitching the binding to a quilt is the only time I sit and watch TV all day while sewing.  Since this is a fairly large quilt, about 88 x 100, it's going to take a few hours.  With the yo-yo's maybe 2 days!  
I can't wait to show you the entire quilt, She's a cutie!

I'm linking up today with Kathy@KathyQuilts for Slow Stitching Sunday.  These gals do some amazing hand piecing and quilting.  Great inspiration.  I joined Kathy's linky hoping that it would keep me inspired to get my handwork UFO's finished.  Not only has it helped(so far) to keep me on track but it's also rekindle my interest in learning to hand quilt.  

~ Lea Anne ~

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Doodle Bird

How about a little sneak peak from my kitchen window that overlooks the studio.  This is the view standing at my kitchen sink.  The previous owner of the house needed more living space so he converted what we think was a carport into living space.  Kinda an odd layout but I like it, I can do dishes and do the quilt stare at the same time.  
Since I'm almost finished with the one on the frame I'm already thinking about the next one to go on the frame.   I picked out one a couple of weeks ago but it's not talking to me so I decided to pull them all out and see which one started talking first.
 By nature I'm drawn to the ones with brighter fabrics, but they aren't talking right now.  And the darker ones below have even less to say...sigh...seems I'm in a quilty funk.  I did some quilting design doodles yesterday hoping that it would help...NOPE.  Which one would you quilt next?   
Below is my doodle pad that I keep handy at all times.  This is where I write down ideas as they pop in my head.  When quilting I listen to the TV or radio.  Rarely do I watch the TV during the day, so the programming needs to be something I don't need to watch, like Unsolved Crimes, Political news and Cooking shows.  Lately it's been cooking shows, so I keep my doodle pad handy for recipes.  Last night I was sitting on the couch doing some hand stitching when my baby boy called, of course I had my doodle pad handy.  As you can see  by the Doodle bird we talked for quite awhile.  My baby boy has new job, a new apartment and loving life.  I've no idea where or how this bird fit into our conversation, it's what my doodle brain decided to draw.   Maybe it's the crazy hen pecking momma bird that wants to tell him how to live his life.   
So do you doodle?  A couple of years ago I found an interesting video by T.E.D on why doodling is good for everyone.  If you've never watched T.E.D videos they are addictive, well that's just my humble opinion.  

~ Lea Anne ~

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Give Away Party!

When I saw that Vicki from Field Trips in Fiber blog was having a week long give away linky party I had to join the fun.  What clever idea!    Vicki will be having a give away everyday this week and hosting a linky so you can link up your blog and give away.  Click HERE for the details at her blog. 
This is a great way to meet new bloggers and increase your blog traffic and followers.  Of course it's not all about your blog stats.  It's about fun and sharing your love of quilting and crafts.  You can just grab one or two lovelies from your stash and give it away!  It doesn't need to be fabric, it can be sewing notions, mug rugs, a small quilt, anything!  Just give something!
Doesn't it sound like fun?  Who doesn't love fun?
I know I do.  Everyday should be filled with laughter and happiness.  I try to laugh even when times are tough.  It's been a goal of mine to make sure my kids learn this valuable lesson of laughter that can get you through any part of life's struggles.  Of course they take it to extreme sometimes.  Here's a couple pictures of my boys when they were teenagers.  We were in Kohl's shopping for school cloths and I couldn't find them.  They were in disguise!  Both of them had put on hats and Suit coats, I walked right past them several times, those little boogers!  Now I need to say this, we weren't buying cloths because their pants were so holey, they would cut holes in their brand new pants to make them look awful...KIDS!  Glad they grew out of that phase.

They've had good role models along the way, my brother being one of them.  This is Greg (he's bald) modeling one of my moms wigs(on the right), he looks like a chubby Rod Stewart!  And I had to show you how handsome he was with out the wig.
Let's not forget gramps...everytime we tried to get a picture he would make this silly face!  I guess silliness is a good thing to inherit.
So when I was in the LQS last week and spied this LOL charm pack I knew it was perfect for Vicki's Linky party
LOL by Me and My Sister Designs, just look at the gorgeous colors.  I love these gals and their fabrics.  
Barb and Mary are always having a good time.  And that giggle spirit comes out in their fabrics and patterns. 
To be enter in my giveaway for the LOL charm pack by Me and My Sister Designs you can do one or all of the following.  You'll need a separate comment for each one completed.
  1. Visit Vicki's blog, follow or subscribe to her blog and comment here on this that you did so.  
  2. Join the linky party at Vicki's blog and have a give away on your blog.  Leave a comment here on this post telling me you've linked up on Vicki's linky here.
  3. Be a follower of my blog and comment on this post how you follow.
  4. Leave a comment on this post telling me who's your favorite comedian.  Mine's Robin Williams, he could make anyone laugh from the smallest child to oldest adult.

I'll announce the winner of the charm pack next Wednesday, October 22, 2014.  

Good Luck!

~ Lea Anne ~


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Monday, October 13, 2014

Messy Design Wall Monday

Is everyone this messy when they work?  As you can see not much has changed in the Studio.  My real design wall has collected even more dust.  It's peaking out of the upper right corner of this picture.  The entire weekend was spent cooking and working towards getting the birds off my work table.
It took all day Saturday to make templates for the center block.  My stash of different templar products ran out and I had to make a few triple layered freezer paper templates.  
 In order to trace on the white templar I had to use the table light Mr. Podunk put in my work table a couple of years ago.  
 Most of my quilts are fairly easy to assemble and take just a little snippet of time out of my life.  This one is a big CHUNK.  With so much effort I feel like taking the time to make sure it sticks around awhile is probably a good idea.   I'm no expert quilter by a long shot but I do like to take the advice of those that I feel  fall in that category.  So somewhere I read that using Sew Secure on the inner point of turned applique will help with any fraying that might occur over it's lifetime.  If I were better at these inner corners maybe I wouldn't need this but for now I'm not taking any chances.  It's better to be safe than sorry, it would be a shame to do all this work only to have a gazillion little frays after the first few washes.
 It does make the fabric a little stiff and harder to handstitch  but it's worth it in my book.  Using it sparingly is the trick.  Just a itty bitty dot at the top of her neck, can you see it?
 It's so hard to see on the bird so here's the itty bitty dot on my finger.  After I make the dot in the inner point I kinda smear it into the area.   To test this stuff  I've washed unsewn pieces of fabric with one edge treated with the product.  Low and behold they don't fray even when completely exposed.    
Well these birds are going to be on the table a bit longer, I'm quilting on the frame today.
 Three years ago I started this project, can you believe I still don't have a fabric for the vase!

~ Lea Anne ~

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Busy as a Bee

 It's been a busy week in Podunk.  I've been buzzing around like a bee from one project to another.  Last night I finally buzzed back over to the design table and started pre-assembling some posies with glue. 
 Glue basting makes the applique process so much easier.  But that bottle!  I'm using a Roxanne's basting glue bottle that has been refilled with washable school glue, it's cheaper and isn't as stiff as the original glue.  Occasionally I get a little messy and the glue to close to the edge, this means hand stitching through glue.  With the cheap Dollar Store washable school glue it's not an issue.  However that little tip still wants to clog.  Rinsing out the nozzle with water would stop this from happening but I'm tired of running to the kitchen everytime I want to stop.   So I made this little do-wicky from some wire Mr. Podunk had in the garage.  I'm not sure what kind of wire, all I know is he said he used to tie bolts together when he was an airplane mechanic.  Whatever it is, it works like a charm, no more clogs!  When I'm done I just put this in the nozzle and go!
 Maybe I should get more creative and make a posy or a butterfly for the handle at the top...some other time, there's to many other things to do.
 The tulip quilt is nearing the end, just a little more border quilting and she'll be ready for binding and the big reveal.  I could get more done if I'd quit playing around with the cute applique!

~ Lea Anne ~

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Drunkards Path Quilt Along

There's a new quilt along!  It started on October 3rd and runs until December 26th.  So there's plenty of time to join in the fun.  This would be a great way to learn curved piecing and have some support along the way.  Vicki Welsh from Field Trips in Fiber is the generous host of the Cross the Drunkard's Path Quilt Along.  You can find more information and join in the fun here.  
I'm always impressed by how much this gal can get done in a days time.  The master of efficiently managing her time.  No down time in this gals life!  In between dyeing fabrics for her Etsy shop and Longarming she's found the time to host 2 blogging events.  Starting October 13 she'll also host
Everyday next week she'll be giving away goodies and invites you to do the same with a linky party!  Who doesn't love party's with free stuff?  Of course you don't need to give away something everyday to join the party.  You can find all the details here on her blog.  This would be a great way to build traffic on your blog and meet new bloggers.
Well I let myself get all worked up and excited about both of these events and after doing some digging I found these.  Purchased about 4 or 5 yrs ago and never used.  You can find them at Elsa's Backporch Designs in various sizes.  
While looking for the link for the templates I had to look at the patterns, right?  Happy and Bright!  Temptation overload!  

For now I'm telling that little devil on my shoulder NO! we'll not start another quilt.  However I'll be joining in for the fun for the Fall Festival give away!  
Yep, keep a look out next week for something a little sweet here on my blog.  
Anyone else going to join in on the fun over at Vicki's blog?  Hope to see you there!  And here!

~ Lea Anne ~

If you need free drunkards path templates here ya go! 

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Tulip Quilting

These Monday mornings just keep getting here faster.   I wasn't going to post for Design Wall Monday because my wall is pretty much the same.   Other things have been whispering "PICK ME!"  Okay they scream at me.  The one that has been screaming the loudest gets the attention.  So at the last minute this morning the decision was made to take a picture with poor lighting.   Most of my time has been spent quilting one of my favorite quilts.
Here's a picture of the quilt taken when the top was finished.  The pattern is of my own design using Lori Holts tulip block.
 The yo-yo's and inner scalloped border really give this quilt a little extra kick.  You can find the tutorial for the inner scalloped border here.   

And since this is Design Wall Monday here's my dusty design wall.  I wish you could see how bright and cheery it is in here when the sun is shining.   So much color everywhere!  LOVE IT!  
I've also hung up this quilt top(I forgot I made)  with hopes of quilting inspiration.  So far there's none.  The plan was to offer this one as a free tutorial but LIFE stepped in and changed my plans.  Hopefully I can find my notes and finish the tutorial soon.

~ Lea Anne ~

today's freebie from Trish@ Notes of Sincerity 

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