Thursday, July 16, 2015

What a Week

This week has been full of canning and freezing produce from the garden.  I've not been able to get in quilting time for two days.  Well I did manage to do some cutting of fabric, only to realize that I had cut them all the wrong size.  140 squares that were a half inch too small.  DRATS!  What kick in the quilty mojo.  So when this unexpected package arrived in the mail it was just what I needed to recharge my mojo.  Thanks again to Kris for the sweetest fabrics.

With all the cooking and canning caught up, now I can do some catching up in the Studio.   Last night I cut right amount of squares at just the right size.  It's time to put the pedal to the metal and do some speed piecing!  YIPPEE!    These little vintage cuties will stitch up quite nice with a little vintage 50's and 60's malt shop oldies playing in the Studio.  Right now Earth Angel is playing.  How many of you are fans of the Oldies?  Do you have a favorite blast from the past?  I'd  love to hear what gets you up and doing the Mash Potato or Peppermint Twist!

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. i post mine right after you. we play a oldies station all day at our house

  2. h no cutting al, the squares too small, you must have been pretty cross with yourself but no doubt you will be able to make good use of them. Love the geometric fabric you have there. I listen to Barbara Streisland, Leonard Cohen, Chalres Aznavour, Katie Melua but top of my list is Chris de Burgh, in the 60`s was a massive fan of Gene Pitney, so sad when he died whilst here in the UK.

  3. Hi Lea Anne - I listen to "Sirius XM Radio - 50's on 5 " in my car and I just love it! Puts me right back in the 8th & 9 th grade and I still remember the words to all those songs! Wish my short- term memory were that good! Kathy in Florida.

  4. I like samba music most... am most productive when it plays especially old 60's Brazillian bossonova. Or songs I can sing along to. DH just got me a subscription to Serius so I can hear 1940's jazz all day! Ha! LeeAnna

  5. I love the oldies!!! I love visiting old fashioned diners too.

  6. I'm afraid of my pressure canner, so I try to freeze things. I hear ya on mis-cutting, looks like you recovered though! I listen to NOAA Weather radio or the emergency channel scanner in my sewing room. I have no idea why I do but I do.


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