Friday, September 25, 2015

Flimsy Friday

So tell me, does this fall in the modern quilt category?  Is it a baby quilt due to the size?  Maybe a wall hanging?  I'm not sure what it is other than bold.  
I had big plans for adding applique and more color in the borders.  You can see the border ideas here and here.   As the quilt came together my vision for the finished quilt changed.  There was even a thought of appliqued words in the borders.    But it all seemed just too over the top.  Now my thoughts are on the quilting.

I could quilt the leaves and words....maybe.  There so much quilting space for such a small quilt.  Definitely a quilting design challenge.  

Getting the print to show up in the pictures was almost impossible.  Photo editing to the rescue.

If you'd like to make this block you can find a very basic cutting tutorial here.  It's just for the block, not the entire quilt.

Thank you for all your suggestions on naming this quilt, you gals are so creative.  As I sit here typing up this post I came up with the name.
Moody Blooms

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  1. Lea Anne, this quilt is just beautiful. I love the simplicity of the design and the black pops throughout. I think keeping the quilting simple will keep the focus on the beautiful flowers. Love the name, too!!

  2. It has a very Art Deco/Stained Glass quality to it for me. It is lovely, the borders set it off nicely.

    I'd be tempted to print off a picture and then lay over some tracing paper and play with some quilting designs. At first I thought of curves and one I'm thinking of straight lines. If you have ever seen hand blown glass windows they sometimes have a ripple effect in them??? Maybe some straight line echo quilting around the blooms and diagonal lines in the setting triangles?

    Have fun making your choices.

  3. What a lovely quilt! I love the black and white theme, with the pops of color in the flowers.

  4. I would say more modern. Love it ... thanks for sharing

  5. I'm terrible at the actual quilting decisions. what about matchstick straight lines parallel to the diagonals formed by the black stems?
    I like the moody modern.

  6. Very graphic quilt. I really like the black sashing and the black in the corner squares.

  7. Love the block and the layout. Great job!

  8. Love this LeaAnne and I LOVE the name -- can't wait to see how you decide to quilt it...

  9. I just love what you did with the border. The graphic black and white really adds a modern touch. Beautiful!

  10. I love it. The black border adds the perfect accent. Those scrappy flowers make my heart sing, too. I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect quilting design as well.

  11. This quilt is just perfect. I love the look of it and think it was a smart move to keep it simple. Your quilting will shine and I can't wait to see it! :)

  12. This is so beautiful. Such a lovely and simple design. It seems that the simpler it looks, the more complex it is to piece.

  13. I think it falls very well into the modern quilt category lovely

  14. Lea Anne - this is such a lovely quilt! I love the contrast of the black! We featured you over on the FWFS blog today! Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

    -Lindsey FWFS


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